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By extracting inferences from current and past data sets and making decisions based on trends and patterns. Predictive analytics are vital to making educated business decisions surrounding both strategy and operations. Predictive analytics might be used when deciding how to staff a project based on seasonal patterns in purchasing. Understanding how to leverage predictive analytics is essential for brokerages and landlords looking to allocate resources effectively and edge out their competition.

Product Tiers. A product that is segmented into tiers provides different levels of feature access at different price points. Real Estate Agility. Real Estate Dashboard. In the SpaceIQ system, the real estate dashboard is the user interface that allows access to the real estate-focused parts of the program. In tech terms, a dashboard is a graphical user interface GUI that allows a user to navigate around the various features and tools in a program, ideally providing a system so straightforward and intuitive that minimal education is required for use.

Real Estate Forecasting. Effective real estate forecasting allows facilities managers to leverage data and arrive at an informed estimate for future real estate needs. Real estate forecasting usually requires the use of data such as projected future growth rates and total workplace capacity to determine when the organization may need to expand into a larger office space in the future. Specialized projection tools can make this process much easier and more accurate.

Real Estate Projections. Real estate projections use growth and facility capacity data to project future occupancy rates. See real estate forecasting. Remote Work. Sensor technology allows for the automation of various data collection efforts. There are two primary sensor types of relevancy for facility management infrastructure sensors and occupants-related sensors. Infrastructure sensors focus on utilities, making it possible to collect information or control usage for equipment, power lines, and other infrastructural facility components.

Occupants-related sensors focus on the comfort and productivity of the people who inhabit a facility i.climate control, security, lighting, etc. Smart sensors can help eliminate waste by automatically turning lights off when a room is empty or adjusting HVAC settings based on ambient temperature. Many occupants-related sensors have motion-detection capabilities to enhance automation and reduce waste. Shared Desk. A shared desk is a workspace that s assigned to multiple employees who work at different times.

Unlike hot deskingshared desks are dedicated to specific individuals who use the space during scheduled times. The configuration allows employers to maximize space for employees on staggered or flexible schedules. Smart Building. Smart Workplace. Space as a Service. Just as software as a service SAAS is revolutionizing the way businesses use software programs, space as a service has the potential to change the way we think about office space.

The space as a service model dovetails with the coworking concept in that it sees workstations, desks, conference rooms, and other elements of a workplace being moved to a centralized model of shared space. Individuals and organizations alike can rent space on an as-needed basis without taking on the full burden of facilities responsibility that comes with office leases or ownership.

These responsibilities, such as maintenance concerns, fall under the purview of the space as a service provider rather than the tenant. Space as a service doesn t necessarily apply only to coworking spaces in which people from different organizations share the same office. It can also be seen as a sort of property management concept in which a space as a service provider takes over facilities needs for an organization and transforms the way its spaces function.

Space Fusion. Space Management. Space Management is another granular subset of the broader FM concept. Rather than managing the big-picture of the workplace as a whole, Space Management has to do with specific details such as which desks are occupied and by whom, what parts of your building are under or over utilized, how many open conference rooms there are at a given time and even details like the total number of rolling desk chairs in the office space.

Proper Space Management can keep you on top of the changing space needs in your office that come with personnel changes and expansions. Whether it s an additional desk or an entirely new office facility, Space Management allows you to track and anticipate shifts in your allocation and inventory needs. Space Optimization. Space Planning. Space Planning deals with the coordination and allocation of available office space as defined by your available floor plan.

An incredibly broad subject, Space Planning handles everything from real estate needs, including size, type and purpose, down to office layout and seating assignments. it can cover the scope of an entire multi-story building or a single room with a dozen desks. The process of Space Planning allows for the optimization of departmental placement. For example, the decision to seat a web design team directly next to the copywriting department can be an efficient choice for intra-departmental collaboration and consultation.

These concerns are at the core of space planning and they can evolve over the course of an organization s growth and operações binárias iq option. Space Utilization. Stack Planning. Facility managers can use stack planning as an efficient way of assigning seats to entire departments rather than seating one employee at a time.

The stack in stack planning refers to a stacked view of multiple floors in a building. The major benefit of this space planning approach is the efficiency provided by a high-level view that forgoes fine details like individual seats and people in favor of a broader approach that makes seat assignments move much more quickly. This technique also makes it easy to group departments or teams together in a way that facilitates efficient collaboration. System of Record SOR.

A System of Record, overall, is the source of current and historical data within an organization. A source where not only current data can be found, extracted and shared, but historical data can be stored as well. in Facility Management, a CAFM program requires a lot of data collection and analysis, and now static spreadsheets or pen pen and paper are no longer being used to track your FM usage and planning activities, you need somewhere to store and organize all that data.

That s what a System of Record SOR is. If your company uses Customer Relationship Management CRM or practice management software, you re using a different kind of SOR. Modern businesses use SOR programs for a range of different applications. These programs make it much easier to deal with a high volume of data inputs and provide the synthesizing power you need to really track and analyze your activities.

In a Facility Management context, SOR programs can help you keep tabs on which parts of your facilities are being used and when. SpaceIQ has the added benefit of giving you employee tracking and profile storage so you can incorporate HR needs into your SOR. As SpaceIQ shows, a SOR program can be much more than just a digital filing cabinet where you store information. It can be a multifaceted program that you use to plan, track, manage and analyze not only data but the functions connected to that data at a higher level.

The SOR function of a program like SpaceIQ is just one of the essential features that makes this CAFM software so useful and vital in a successful and well-managed work environment. System for Cross-Domain Identity Management SCIM. System for Cross-Domain Identity Management SCIM is an Information Technology IT standard that relates to user management for an organization s tech systems. SCIM makes the process of on-boarding incoming employees and off-boarding outgoing employees much smoother.

With today s connected offices, hiring and firing or saying goodbye to employees who leave voluntarily is no longer a simple matter of updating some files. New employees need to gain access to internal systems so they can use all the tech tools their coworkers use. Departing employees need to have those access permissions revoked or downgraded so the company s information stays private and accessible only to those who are currently members of your team.

SpaceIQ includes SCIM functionality to make the on-boarding process a lot easier. On the first day, you can create a new employee profile in the program so everyone in the office stays plugged into functions like workspace checkouts and employee location tracking. Having the ability to use these services, to find a supervisor or learn the ropes of how shared workspaces are allotted, can be an essential part of making a new employee feel comfortable on his or her first day in a new office.

When an employee leaves, it s simple to remove their profile from active status so you don t end up bogged down in old information for people who are no longer active members of your team. Tech Determinism. A ticketing system allows users to report problems with a specific system. In a facility management context, ticketing generally refers to facility maintenance issues such as malfunctioning building equipment or janitorial requests.

Each issue report is referred to as a ticket. See work order. Unassigned Seating. Visitor Management. Wayfinding technology guides users through a physical environment, providing point-to-point navigation with a virtual representation of the space. This technology is particularly beneficial in complex built environments, such as university campuses and transportation hubs, in which there are multiple buildings and dispersed points of interest.

Workplace Consultant. Workplace experience is the culture at a company s working space that unites and drives its employees. Workplace experience is an important factor in increasing employee and overall company productivity. The physical workplace impacts the employee experience. When the workplace experience is positive, employees are engaged and the workplace is built on teamwork and a shared vision of the company s goals.

An ideal environment eliminates friction that prevents productivity; employee work isn t hindered by spatial issues like working at their desks, finding collaborative spaces or booking a meeting room. A workplace that meets employee needs allows for greater productivity and more engaged employees. Workplace Management falls under the FM umbrella, but it is its own entity with special considerations and processes. As part of FM, Workplace Management zeros in on efficiency and productivity in the office, and its scope of work can extend beyond mere space allocation operações binárias iq option focus instead on everything from health and safety protocol to the financial analysis of workplace utilization.

Logistics such as security, custodial services, optimal space utilization, and new employee workstation assignments can fall under the purview of workplace management. Workplace Real Estate. Workplace real estate comprises a company s property holding s used for office, retail or other physical working spaces. Effectively understanding and managing a company s workplace real estate includes a comprehensive overview of several factors including lease management, revenue and location productivity, occupancy and space utilization.

Data about workplace real estate allows facilities managers and real estate portfolio managers to benchmark current data, make changes and observe trends in real time. Utilizing workplace real estate data can offer major cost savings with tools for data-driven decisions and effective future planning, saving time and resources by removing guesswork. Work can be categorized as assigned or shared work seats. Assigned work seats are assigned to be used by a specific person; shared seats are those which a group of people have the right to use.

Work seats are typically found in connection to a desk, forming a workstation with or without separations from others in the form of walls, dividers and file storage space. Work orders are the result of tickets submitted through a ticketing system. In other words, when an issue is reported through a ticketing system, it s a work order notifying the appropriate professionals of the problem and their need to take action to fix that problem. Workplace or Work Environment.

Workplace or Work Environment is a platform that comprises of the physical office workspace and other locations including furniture, amendments and services; technologies and resources used for work; as well as the social environment that include colleagues, teams, bosses, agreements, rules and policies that enable a person to perform their work. Work Seats function as a person s primary work seat.

SPSS Simple Linear Regression Tutorial. Company X had 10 employees take an IQ and job performance test. Research Question and Data. The resulting data -part of which are shown below- are in simple-linear-regression. The main thing Company X wants to figure out is does IQ predict job performance. And -if so- how. We ll answer these questions by running a simple linear regression analysis in SPSS.

Create Scatterplot with Fit Line. A great starting point for our analysis is a scatterplot. This will tell us if the IQ and performance scores and their relation -if any- make any sense in the first place. We ll create our chart from G raphs L egacy Dialogs S catter Dot and we ll then follow the screenshots below. I personally like to throw in. a title that says what my audience are basically looking at and a subtitle that says which respondents or observations are shown and how many.

Walking through the dialogs resulted in the syntax below. So let s run it. SPSS Scatterplot with Titles Syntax. So first off, we don t see anything weird in our scatterplot. There seems to be a moderate correlation between IQ and performance on average, respondents with higher IQ scores seem to be perform better. This relation looks roughly linear. Let s now add a regression line to our scatterplot. Right -clicking it and selecting Edit c o ntent In Separate W indow opens up a Chart Editor window.

Here we simply click the Add Fit Line at Total icon as shown below. By default, SPSS now adds a linear regression line to our scatterplot. We now have some first basic answers to our research questions. 403 indicates that IQ accounts for some 40. 3 of the variance in performance scores. That is, IQ predicts performance fairly well in this sample. But how can we best predict job performance from IQ.

Well, in our scatterplot y is performance shown on the y-axis and x is IQ shown operações binárias iq option the x-axis. So that ll be performance 34. So for a job applicant with an IQ score of 115, we ll predict 34. 86 as his her most likely future performance score. Right, so that gives us a basic idea about the relation between IQ and performance and presents it visually. However, a lot of information -statistical significance and confidence intervals- is still missing.

So let s go and get it. SPSS Linear Regression Dialogs. Rerunning our minimal regression analysis from A nalyze R egression L inear gives us much more detailed output. The screenshots below show how we ll proceed. Selecting these options results in the syntax below. SPSS Simple Linear Regression Syntax. SPSS Regression Output I - Coefficients. Unfortunately, SPSS gives us much more regression output than we need.

We can safely ignore most of it. However, a table of major importance is the coefficients table shown below. This table shows the B-coefficients we already saw in our scatterplot. As indicated, these imply the linear regression equation that best estimates job performance from IQ in our sample. Second, remember that we usually reject the null hypothesis if p. SPSS Regression Output II - Model Summary. Apart from the coefficients table, we also need the Model Summary table for reporting our results.

R is the correlation between the regression predicted values and the actual values. For simple regression, R is equal to the correlation between the predictor and dependent variable. R Square -the squared correlation- indicates the proportion of variance in the dependent variable that s accounted for by the predictor s in our sample data. Adjusted R-square estimates R-square when applying our sample based regression equation to the entire population.

Adjusted r-square gives a more realistic estimate of predictive accuracy than simply r-square. In our example, the large difference between them -generally referred to as shrinkage- is due to our very minimal sample size of only N 10. In any case, this is bad news for Company X IQ doesn t really predict job performance so nicely after all. Evaluating the Regression Assumptions. The main assumptions for regression are. Independent observations ; Normality errors must follow a normal distribution in population; Linearity the relation between each predictor and the dependent variable is linear; Homoscedasticity errors must have constant variance over all levels of predicted value.

If each case row of cells in data view in SPSS represents a separate person, we usually assume that these are independent observations. Next, assumptions 2-4 are best evaluated by inspecting the regression plots in our output. If normality holds, then our regression residuals should be roughly normally distributed. The histogram below doesn t show a clear departure from normality.

The regression procedure can add these residuals as a new variable to your data. By doing so, you could run a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality on them. For the tiny sample at hand, however, this test will hardly have any statistical power. So let s skip it. linearity and 4. homoscedasticity assumptions are best evaluated from a residual plot. This is a scatterplot with predicted values in the x-axis and residuals on the y-axis as shown below.

Both variables have been standardized but this doesn t affect the shape of the pattern of dots. Honestly, the residual plot shows strong curvilinearity. I manually drew the curve that I think fits best the overall pattern. Assuming a curvilinear relation probably resolves the heteroscedasticity too but things are getting way too technical now. The basic point is simply that some assumptions don t hold.

The most common solutions for these problems -from worst to best- are. ignoring these assumptions altogether; lying that the regression plots don t indicate any violations of the model assumptions; a non linear transformation -such as logarithmic- to the dependent variable; fitting a curvilinear model -which we ll give a shot in a minute. APA Guidelines for Reporting Regression. The figure below is -quite literally- a textbook illustration for reporting regression in APA format. Creating this exact table from the SPSS output is a real pain in the ass.

Editing it goes easier in Excel than in WORD so that may save you a at least some trouble. Alternatively, try to get away with copy-pasting the unedited SPSS output and pretend to be unaware of the exact APA format. Non Linear Regression Experiment. Our sample size is too small to really fit anything beyond a linear model. But we did so anyway -just curiosity. The easiest option in SPSS is under A nalyze R egression C urve Estimation. We re not going to discuss the dialogs but we pasted the syntax below.

SPSS Non Linear Regression Syntax. Again, our sample is way too small to conclude anything serious. However, the results do kinda suggest that a curvilinear model fits our data much better than the linear one. We won t explore this any further but we did want to mention it; we feel that curvilinear models are routinely overlooked by social scientists. THIS TUTORIAL HAS 5 COMMENTS. By Abdullahi Aden on March 12th, 2019. Very excellent Presentation on data analysis. By MUHAMMED TAHIR MUHAMMED on April 12th, 2019.

Thanks for this great knowledge. It was useful. By Emmy charles on July 21st, 2019. this knowledge is very helpful for me. i get something from this. By Omer on August 30th, 2019. What about F value in reporting. Isn t Beta and P value has same meaning so is it necessary to report both value in table. By Ruben Geert van den Berg on August 30th, 2019. It only tells whether the entire regression model accounts for any variance at all.

Not interesting. The F-value reported by SPSS regression is pretty worthless. Beta and p Sig. are totally different. Beta says how strong a predictor predicts the outcome variable. P for any predictor indicates how likely it is that it doesn t account for any unique variance at all. These are different but complementary pieces of information. We therefore usually report both and some other statistics too. Do you live in one of the most expensive towns in America.

Will Biden s Proposed Changes to 401 k Tax Rules Affect Your Retirement Plan. There are no good choices. Current Refinance Rates, September 14, 2020 Rate retreats. Refinance rates were mixed, but one key rate slid lower. See what that means for your chances of scoring a killer refi rate. Dow rises about 300 points as stocks bounce back from last week s selloff, amid vaccine hopes, deal-making.

stocks climb at the start of Monday operações binárias iq option session amid a flurry of potential and announced deals over the weekend, including reports that Oracle may be forging a partnership with TikTok, the popular China-owned social media platform. Selling Investments at a Profit. This Tax Strategy Could Save You a Ton of Money. Uber Borrowing 500 Million in Junk Market s Refinancing Frenzy.

Latest Lockdowns Sink Europe s Hopes for Air-Travel Recovery. Europe s air-travel rebound has abruptly shifted into reverse, according to the agency that oversees the region s skies, which warned that a failure to coordinate between countries is undermining passenger confidence and hurting a vital industry. Could You Give Up These 7 Expenses to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year. Nikola calls fraud claims false, doesn t deny its truck wasn t driving itself.

Airtable wants to become your everything platform. With a suite of new features and 185 million in new funding the popular workplace tool is betting that the future of work is more collaborative and open. 5 things to know before the stock market opens Monday. 4 ways to improve virtual onboarding for new hires.

Deprioritizing the onboarding process can have serious long-term effects on employee retention and engagement, so you have to get it right. The best smart home devices for your Google Home. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are all working hard with partners to expand their smart home ecosystems and bring digital assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon s Alexa, and Apple s Siri into the home.

Most Android fans have chosen Google Home as their go-to smart home system, and for good reason. It integrates well with other Google products, can be easily set up and controlled from your smartphone, and allows for a more uniform experience with the Google Assistant. That includes all kinds of smart home products from smart light bulbs to smart locks, and so on. With the release of the Google Home came the launch of a new ecosystem of products that the Google Assistant can talk to whenever you say Hey Google.

In other words, through Google Home, you can talk to your Google Assistant to turn on and off lights, lock doors, control security cameras, and more. With all the different smart home products out there, it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we ve done the work to figure out which products are worth buying so you don t have to. Here s what we ve found. Here are the best Google Home devices you can buy.

Best smart light bulbs Philips Hue Best smart thermostat Nest Learning Thermostat Best security camera Nest Cam IQ Best power switch Belkin Wemo Mini Best non-dimmable light switch Belkin Wemo light switch Best dimmable light switch Belkin Wemo dimmable switch. Read on in the slides below to check out all of our top picks and learn why they re the best. The best light bulbs that work with Google Home.

There are plenty of great smart light bulbs, but we ve found that Philips Hue bulbs are generally easier to use and more reliable. There are a few great smart light bulb makers out there including Philips, LIFX, and so on. Philips has been in the smart bulb game for some time. In our testing, however, Philips Hue has risen above the rest when it comes to reliability, cost-effectiveness, and overall ease-of-use. At first glance, it might seem like one of the other bulb manufacturers is a better choice.

Well, because you have to buy a Philips hub with your bulbs and the initial cost can be a little higher than some other smart bulbs. In our testing, however, the result of that hub seems to be much improved reliability, which is incredibly important for smart lights. When you ask Google Assistant to turn off the lights, the reliable Philips Hue bulbs will almost immediately actually turn off. Bulbs without a hub might never get the signal or experience an awkward delay.

Once you do have the hub, we ve found that Philips Hue bulbs tend to be relatively inexpensive, which is good news for those of you who are looking to outfit your home with smart bulbs and light strips. The bulbs come in a range of shapes, styles, and colors. There are some downsides to smart light bulbs in general. For example, when you accidentally turn the light switch off, you can t communicate with your bulbs.

That s why some prefer smart switches over bulbs, but if you re good at remembering to use your smart home devices rather than the light switches, it may not matter to you. Pros Relatively inexpensive, easy to use, easy to install. Cons Requires a hub, useless if you use switches. Buy the Philips Hue starter kit with four white bulbs on Amazon for 92. 99 originally 99. Read our full guide to the best smart light bulbs you can buy. The best smart thermostat that works with Google Home.

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers an easy-to-use app, great smart features, and you can control the temperature of your home with a simple voice command. The Nest Learning Thermostat was arguably the first real smart thermostat, but since its launch years ago, it has retained its status as the best. That has only continued over the years since Google acquired Nest. All Nest products are closely integrated with Google s smart home product lineup, including the Google Home.

By talking to the Google Assistant, you ll be able to change the target temperature on the thermostat, turn the heater and air conditioner on and off, and more. The Nest Learning Thermostat is on its fourth generation, and it does a whole lot more than just interact with Google Assistant. The thermostat is built to learn your routine, so it can heat or cool the house before you even ask it to.

Using Nest is a total breeze. The app is well-designed, and the interface on the thermostat itself takes little time to learn. So what are the downsides here. Well, the main one is that Nest still doesn t really work with external sensors. That s about it as far as downsides go, though. Pros Easy to use, stylish design, well-designed app. Cons No external sensor support. Buy the Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon for 189 originally 249. Read our full guide to the best smart thermostats you can buy.

The best security camera that works with Google Home. The Nest Cam IQ can turn on and off automatically, detect faces when someone s home, and even has Google Assistant built right into it. Nest doesn t just make thermostats, it also builds some excellent home security devices. Like, for example, the Nest Cam IQ. The Nest Cam IQ works perfectly with the Nest app, is easy to control, offers good quality video, and works well with Google Assistant.

Using the Google Assistant, you ll be able to play a camera s feed on a Chromecast-enabled device, making it easy to see what s going on. In the near future, the Nest Cam IQ will get an update with Assistant itself. That means that you ll be able to speak directly to the Cam IQ to get information and control other smart devices in the home. Apart from those cool smart features, the Nest Cam IQ allows you to intelligently monitor your home. It can turn on and off when operações binárias iq option get home or leave, so you won t have to worry about it watching you when you don t want it to.

It even boasts facial recognition, so if it does detect someone unexpectedly, it can tell you who it is assuming it s seen them before. The downsides to the device. Mainly that it s a little expensive at 300. However, it is smarter than your average security camera. Pros Super smart, good video quality, great app. Buy the Nest Cam IQ from Home Depot for 299. Read our full buying guide to the best security cameras. The best smart switch that works with Google Home.

The Belkin Wemo Mini is well-designed and easy to use, and it allows you to easily turn your appliances on and off your with Google Assistant. Belkin makes many great smart switches and plugs, including the Wemo Mini smart plug, which can turn most powered home appliances into smart devices. There are a few reasons why we like Wemo s switch best. While the app isn t the best-designed app ever, it is still usable, and with Google Assistant integration, you might never need to open the app anyway.

Unlike some other smart switches, the Belkin Wemo Mini is small enough to allow for two switches on outlets with two plugs, which is great for those of you who intend to connect your entire home. The Wemo Mini switch works with a range of smart home systems, too not just Google Home. You can use it with Apple s HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and more. The only real downside to the switches, as we ve mentioned, is the somewhat lackluster app.

Pros Easy to use, compatible with range of systems. Cons Lackluster app. Buy the Belkin Wemo Mini on Amazon for 29. 97 originally 34. The best smart light switch that works with Google Home. Belkin s Wemo light switches are easy to use and stylish in the home, plus, you can control them with your voice. Belkin also makes light switches, and we really like them, too.

The switches come in two forms a dimmable switch and a simple on off switch. The light switches are easy to use and well-designed, but as with the power switch from Belkin, the app could use a little work. The smart home is on the rise, and there are a growing number of awesome smart home devices that will help you live like the Jetsons. Still, that s an updateable issue that Belkin could fix at some point.

On top of that, the switches are compatible with a range of smart home systems, including the Google Home line. For starters, wiring the switches up requires a neutral wire, and if you re not familiar with replacing light switches, you should probably enlist the help of an electrician. There are a few downsides to consider here. On top of that, the switches do get expensive if you want to replace lots of them. You can also ask Assistant what the temperature is, and it will check your Nest Thermostat to find out.

The standard switch is 40- 50, while the dimmable version is as expensive as 80. Pros Stylish design, dimmable and non-dimmable form factors. Cons Slightly expensive. Buy the Belkin Wemo light switch on Amazon for 39. 99 originally 49. Buy the Belkin Wemo dimmer switch on Amazon for 64. 99 originally 79. Which smart speaker should I buy The Google Home, Mini, or Max.

The Google Home is the best option for most people, but the Mini is great for those on a budget, and the Max is best for audiophiles. If you don t have a Google Home smart speaker yet, you can take your pick between the original Google Home, the Mini, or the Max. The only differences are size, design, sound quality, and price. The Google Home sits in the middle, making it the best for most people. All three are powered by the Google Assistant and offer identical functionality. It is on the smaller size, but audio quality is decent.

You can choose a fabric or metal base in a variety of colors. The speaker has a white touch-sensitive top that lights up when you say, Hey Google or okay Google. The Mini and the Max look more like normal speakers with a soft cloth cover that comes in different colors. The Mini is a small pebble shape, while the Max is a large oblong speaker.

The Mini has the weakest sound quality, but it is very affordable. The Max offers the best sound quality, but it is also the most expensive option. Since Home uses Google s search graph to answer you, the entire knowledge of the internet is open to you. No matter which one you choose, the Google Assistant has lots of smart features, including the ability to read you a daily briefing, give you a recap of the day s news from NPR and BBC World News, and answer your questions on just about any topic.

Ask about weather, traffic, stocks, or trivia, and Google will know the answer. The Google Assistant works with a variety of smart home devices, too, so you can use it to turn off your Phillips Hue light bulbs, control your Nest thermostat, or stream media to your Chromecast. If you have any of these devices in your smart home, the Google Home, Mini, and Max are all great options.

You can read our full buying guide to smart speakers here. You should also check out the full list of devices and all the apps and services that work with Google Home. Pros Sound quality is decent, fun designs, different sizes, Google Assistant is very smart, wide smart home compatibility. Cons Max is pricey, Mini has lesser sound quality. Buy the Google Home from Best Buy for 69. Buy the Google Mini from Best Buy for 25. Buy the Google Max from Best Buy for 249. Read our full buying guide to the best smart speakers here.

Disclosure This post is brought to you by the Insider Picks team. Email us at email protected. Shereen Lehman, MS, is a healthcare journalist and fact checker. Yellow Dog Productions Getty Images. What to Consider Before Testing Your Child for Giftedness. She has co-authored two books for the popular Dummies Series as Shereen Jegtvig. Before testing a potentially gifted child, parents should take a number of factors into consideration.

Doing so will help you be empowered in your child s education and also avoid the pitfalls that are all too common when there is not a clear reason for testing. Let s look at the top reasons to get children tested for giftedness, the types of tests to use, the best time to test, and the questions you should ask in order to make the best decision for your child. Reasons to Test Gifted Children. If you suspect your child is gifted, testing will allow you to understand their specific learning needs, including strengths and weaknesses.

By identifying giftedness early on, it s more likely that your child s giftedness will be developed into talents. Testing may also help your child get placed into a gifted program, where they can develop their strengths further and learn to manage or improve their weaknesses. Giftedness can be isolated to one area, and testing gifted children may lead to the identification of learning disabilities that require intervention and special accommodations from schools.

Without testing, these weaknesses are often overlooked in a child who excels in other areas. This information can help parents serve as educational advocates for their children. When to Test Kids for Giftedness. It is sometimes easy to recognize the characteristics of a gifted child at a very young age. But according to the National Association for Gifted Children, it s best to wait until your child is at least 6 years old for gifted testing.

That s because IQ testing isn t accurate for children younger than 6 years. However, it may be possible to use various developmental milestones to predict future IQ test results. Instead of testing, parents should look at ways to keep young children challenged without being pushy. There are many options to keep gifted toddlers and preschoolers stimulated at home. These include working with letters and reading with verbally gifted children, working with numbers and math for the mathematically gifted, visiting science museums and nature preserves for the scientifically gifted, and arts and crafts galore for the child gifted in art.

Music programs for young children explore music at a time when the window for learning by ear is wide open. Music education appears to help with other learning, such as math, down the line. Types of Tests for Giftedness. The two primary types of tests for gifted children are IQ tests and achievement tests. Both types of tests have pros and cons.

Speak with school officials to get a better sense of the test that s most suitable for your child. A combination of both IQ tests and achievement tests are often required for admission to a gifted program. IQ tests measure ability. Schools often give group IQ tests, such as the Otis-Lemmon. Independent IQ tests, such as the WISC-IV, Stanford-Binet, and Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children are more accurate for gifted children.

An IQ test of 85-114 is average. A test between 115 and 129 is referred to as mild giftedness, 130-144 moderate giftedness, and 145 to 159 high giftedness. Scores higher than these are considered exceptionally or profoundly gifted. A genius IQ test has historically been defined as an IQ over 160. Achievement tests measure what a child already knows.

Gifted children aren t necessarily high achievers based on grades in school but traditionally do well on standardized tests, with scores between 95 and 99. In addition to these tests, children may also be evaluated to see if they have exceptional talent for example, highly advanced reading skills and intrinsic motivation. Inaccuracies in testing can be caused by several factors, including test ceilings, perfectionism, and underachievement.

It s also important to note that giftedness is dynamic and changes over time. If you feel that may be the case with your child, find out if the school is willing to conduct testing as well as use portfolios of your child s work and other measures to assess giftedness. Who Should Conduct Tests. Giftedness testing should be performed by someone who has experience in working with gifted children. Otherwise, test results may not be accurate. For example, some testers may begin by asking the child the easiest questions and continue asking until the child misses a certain consecutive number of questions.

An experienced tester will know to start with more difficult questions, so the child won t get tired or bored, which can cause the child to make mistakes. This can, in turn, lead to a low and inaccurate score. Costs of Gifted Testing. When you start to investigate testing for your child, you will probably find that prices vary substantially. Testing can cost anywhere from 200 to 700. The average rate is between 500 and 600 and generally includes both IQ and achievement tests.

The cost is the same whether or not the tester has experience with gifted children or not, so be sure to ask any prospective tester about their experience. Graduate students in psychology may do testing for a couple hundred dollars. However, they may not have experience with gifted children. Testing for giftedness in children can open doors by helping a child develop those gifts into talents. But timing is important.

Testing can be inaccurate before the age of 6, and it is unlikely parents could do anything differently if their child indeed tested as gifted. Parents of all children, gifted or not, should provide the opportunity for young children to explore their interests and learn. If you do decide to have your child tested, make sure to find a tester who has experience working with gifted children. Such a person may also be a good resource if it appears your child is gifted. Tests and assessments.

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