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Now, the recruits must spend countless hours studying everything from ethics to investigative techniques, learning about Bureau operations, gaining experience in conducting intelligence-led investigations, fine-tuning their computer skills, and pushing their bodies to their physical limits. As part of the preparation for potential deadly force encounters, all new agent trainees currently receive training with a Bureau-issued pistol, carbine, and shotgun.

The FBI s basic law enforcement firearms training curriculum is grounded in the fundamentals of marksmanship and includes instruction on firearms safety, weapons orientations, weapon handling skills, and live fire training emphasizing marksmanship and practical shooting techniques. To demonstrate proficiency, trainees must successfully qualify with both the pistol and carbine, and participate in live-fire familiarization with the shotgun.

The present firearms curriculum is comprised of 28 sessions totaling 110 hours of instruction, and includes approximately 5,000 rounds of ammunition. Physical Training. You ve got to be in great shape and be able to withstand the physical rigors of the job to be a special agent. As a result, agent trainees get a variety of fitness training and must pass a standardized physical fitness test PFT.

To pass the test, trainees must achieve a minimum cumulative score of 12 points with at least one point in each of four areas sit-ups in one minute, timed 300-meter sprint, push-ups untimedand timed 1. New Agent Training. See the FBI Jobs website for the scoring scales in each event and protocols for the PFT. Students learn how to manage and run counterterrorism, counterintelligence, weapons of mass destruction, cyber, and criminal investigations so they are flexible, well rounded, and able to handle any case upon graduation.

Agent trainees study a broad range of subjects that grounds them in the fundamentals of law, ethics, behavioral science, interviewing and report writing, basic and advanced investigative and intelligence techniques, interrogation, and forensic science. As part of their ethics training, students tour the U. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.

to learn what can happen when law enforcement loses its core values. Students also visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington to gain perspective on civil equality. Operational Skills. Safe driving techniques are provided at the Academy s Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations Center. Defensive tactics training focuses on boxing and grappling, handcuffing, control holds, searches of subjects, weapon retention, and disarming techniques. This concentration includes everything from defensive tactics to surveillance, from physical fitness to tactical driving.

Trainees also receive more than 90 hours of instruction and practical exercises focused on tactics, operations planning, operation of cooperating witnesses and informants, physical and electronic surveillance, undercover operations, and the development and dissemination of intelligence. At Hogan s Alley, trainees conduct interviews, plan and carry out an arrest, perform daytime and nighttime surveillance, and practice street survival techniques taught by their instructors.

Real-life exercises include a bank robbery, a kidnapping, an assault on a federal officer, and both compliant and armed and dangerous arrest scenarios. Trainees use paint guns to test their tactical skills. Case Exercises. We use case exercises to test the trainees mettle in real-life situations and mirror what they will experience in the field.

For example, the students are given an integrated case scenario that starts with a tip and culminates in the arrests of multiple subjects. The investigation plays out on the streets of Hogan s Alley, our mock town at the Academy that features hired actors playing criminals and terrorists. Another practical exercise called Capstone uses culturally diverse role players in a terrorism and intelligence-driven scenario.

Trainees also get the chance to present evidence in a moot court. Class Leadership and Instructors. A rotating pair of special agents from our field offices called field counselors are present at the Academy with the new agent trainees, providing advice, counsel, and support. A select group of supervisory special agents from the Training Division serve as class supervisors for a given session. The students are trained by full-time instructors from the Training Division and by experts in counterterrorism, intelligence, forensics, and other areas from across the Bureau.

After the trainees successfully complete the training program and are judged to be models of the FBI s core values, they are ready to graduate. Over the course of the session, our New Agents Training Unit evaluates the trainees to make sure that they are ready to become FBI special agents. At a special ceremony attended by the students family and friends, the FBI Director or his representative swears in the new agents and presents them with their badges and credentials.

The class spokesperson, chosen by classmates, addresses the recruits and their families on the challenges faced and obstacles overcome during the training. As they leave the Academy, the new agents pick up their firearms and ammunition. They are now ready to head out to their first office of assignment and begin work as FBI special agents. They will return to the Academy often for specialized training and refresher courses throughout their careers.

One new agent is selected by his or her peers and staff to receive the Director s Leadership Award, and honors are also handed out for top achievers in academics, firearms, and physical fitness. Services and supports provided by OPWDD or our service providers can help you live in the home of your choice; find employment and other meaningful activities in which to participate; build relationships in the community, and experience health and wellness.

Interim Guidance on Home Visits, Community Outings, Day Services. OPWDD holds quarterly public meetings to share new information about services and supports, and to provide the people we support, their family members and the people who support them the opportunity to provide feedback. Providing quality supports and services is the goal of OPWDD s service providers, care coordination organizations, family care providers and care managers.

Information, tips, tools, regulations and guidance are available for providers to help ensure consistency in services across the state. Promote inclusion in your community and help people with developmental disabilities find employment, ease their transition from school into community living, invite them to your place of worship, or take a person into your home and care for them as a Family Care Provider. To ensure that the people you support understand and participate accurately in the Census, we are providing fact sheets and handouts.

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trading online consigli. investimenti sicuri e redditizi. Market Punter provides a new and exciting way to trade the world†s financial markets free of commission and with strictly limited risk on a fair, transparent. What does this privacy notice cover. Privacy Notice. Your privacy is a top priority at ownerIQ. This privacy notice governs and details the main privacy principles we apply to the data we collect through our ad tech services. To access our privacy notice governing our corporate website only, please scroll down to the Website Privacy Notice paragraph or.

About ownerIQ s services. At ownerIQ, we collect data about the products and services that people own, use or have shown interest in, and use that data to help advertisers and publishers websites and mobile apps that provide products, services, content and media provide relevant advertising and content to those people as they browse the internet or utilize an app on a mobile device. For example, if you visit and browse on Website mobile application A, on a subsequent online visit to Website mobile application B, you may see ads personalized by your browsing history on Website mobile application A.

This is called Interest Based Advertising. Generally speaking, we collect, use and share data to recognize consumers across different channels and platforms over time for the purpose of facilitating tailored advertising, analytics, attribution, ad fraud detection, and reporting. For more information on how it works, please click here. With our service, you should receive advertisements that are more relevant to you, based on current browsing and buying behavior, than the standard advertising you would receive otherwise.

Services like ours also enable your favorite blogs for free, and keep your favorite stores in business, including small businesses who have small advertising budgets that need to be efficient and reach the right potential customers. Data Collection and Use. We collect and use browsing and purchase data to serve online ads. The data we use in delivering the tailored online ad is tied to a specific device, but does not, by itself, identify a specific individual.

We focus on using data that indicates products and services that people own, use or have shown an interest in. We identify specific events that occur prior to a consumer purchase or taking a desired action on an advertiser s ad campaign. We use such data to focus an ad campaign on consumers who browse in similar patterns online. The data we collect is used to increase the relevancy of the ads being displayed to your device, along with analytics, attribution and reporting purposes, to give our customers and partners more information about the performance of their advertising campaign and to improve performance over time.

We use browsing and purchase data. To serve relevant ads, we single out patterns of general purchase behavior but we do not willingly use data that would identify a particular individual such as name, phone number, address, etc. in delivering the online ad. We also collect and use mobile advertising identifiers such as Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID, also known as Google Advertising ID. Through our pixel on our customers websites, we collect and use data related to your device s browsing activity, through cookies and statistical identifiers.

Through our technology, we record. Events related to your device s activity on our customers websites such as the number of pages viewed, the products viewed, date and time of browsing, products purchased optional. Information related to your device browser type, device type, operating system, version, IP address. Events related to our ad serving activity such as the number of ads displayed to your device, and ads clicked.

The above list is referred to as device-identified information DII. It identifies a particular device but not a particular individual. DII is sometimes described as pseudonymous data. Note In compliance with industry standards, we use full IP addresses. For fraud detection purposes to help alert us to situations which could not have been caused by human behavior, such as a massive amount of clicking in a limited period of time; or To extract geographical information.

For that purpose, we process and store. Technical IDs of our advertising partners, and or a hashed version of your CRM ID, your email address, or your phone number. We use a hashing method to turn your email address CRM ID phone number into a series of characters that does not identify you individually. We may also collect technical identifiers from our advertising partners for the purpose of linking browsers ID syncing.

For example, a hash of jsmith example. com would be 765D64036CC8EC496F31DD0C242DBECA. Mobile advertising IDs such as Apple IDFA or Google Ad ID which are specific technical data created by mobile manufactures to allow personalization and customer analytics in a secure and non-identifying way for users. Mobile advertising IDs are resettable and or limited by the Limit Ad Tracking option in the device settings.

POS data is used after it is transformed into DII e.tied to a cookie ID. Optionally, our customers can provide purchase data from their point of sale systems POS. It is then used to inform tailored advertising, analytics, and ad delivery and reporting. We may use a combination of basic, publicly available demographic data points to place device IDs into pre-defined market segments, such as middle-income renters without children or middle-income, middle-aged homeowners and renters with children.

Data from trusted partners. These segments consist of groups of households with similar demographic and life-stage characteristics. We may also receive device-identified information from other sources. For example, we might receive data from a third party that indicates that in a geographic area, a certain model of car is popular and therefore people located in that general area might be interested in an ad for similar cars. We combine this information with the information we collect directly.

Audience Matched Advertising. As discussed in the section above, some of our customers may contribute personally identified information PII from their Customer Relationship Management CRM software, such as name, address, email address, phone number, and associated transactional information. CRM data may reflect online or offline interactions with a particular advertiser, publisher or retailer.

We use a combination of our technology and LiveRamp s technology to convert the PII to a device identified identifier before being used in providing advertising to your device. Our customers acquire and use this data on our platform to understand which kinds of households or individuals are likely to be interested in their products and services, to deliver online ads to those customers and prospects, and to further refine and improve their advertising campaigns or the advertising campaigns of the brands which sell through their retail stores.

This is also called Audience-Matched Advertising, which is the practice of using data linked, or previously linked, to Personally-Identified Information address, phone number for the purpose of tailoring advertising on one or more unaffiliated websites or mobile applications, or on devices, based on preferences or interests known or inferred from such data. We use and may disclose CRM data along with information such as purchase data in order to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and for other reporting and analytic purposes.

Data we do not collect or use. We do not collect hardware-based identifiers such as universal device identifier UDID or Mac address. You can review our standard health segments here. Our pixel platform is set to not collect personal data from devices which appear to be physically located in the European Economic Area EEA. In other words, if your device appears to be located in the EEA, our technology will not place an interest-based advertising cookie ID or other similar identifier.

We do not create segments to specifically target children under 16 years old. We do not use sensitive data such as sensitive health information generally regarded by most people as sensitivecertain aspects of a user s personal life or financial situation such as credit, insurance or employment eligibilityor use of, or interest in pornographic or otherwise obscene adult products or services for interest based advertising. We may create aggregated data. For more information about LiveRamp s services, you can visit the LiveRamp Privacy Policy.

We aggregate general consumer data and disclose such information to advertisers and other third parties for marketing, promotional, and other purposes. We also disclose aggregated user statistics for example, the general browsing behavior we see online shows 15 purchased TVs during the holiday season in order to describe our services to prospective customers and partners, and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes.

The Technology - How We Collect Data. ownerIQ collects data via technical cookies placed on your computer browser and mobile advertising IDs such as Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID, also known as Google Advertising ID in environments that do not support tailored advertising cookies, such as mobile apps. Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Tailored Ad Technologies. Visitors tagged by us are given a technical ID a random string of numbers and letters. We tag visitors to websites which have our pixel embedded with browser cookies.

We do not store or use personally identified information, such as name or address, in the cookie or with the technical identifier used to deliver the online ad. The browser cookies track the products viewed by the visitor and the page visit of the advertiser for whom we are delivering ads. Pixels are used to transfer browsing and purchase data from visitors of the websites with our pixel to our servers.

A cookie is a small text file that contain a string of characters and uniquely identifies a browser. Cookies are used by websites to recognize a computer they have encountered before. Most of the websites you visit use cookies to enhance the user experience on those sites. A pixel tag also commonly known as a web beacon, transparent GIFs, or web bugs is an often-transparent graphic image that is placed on a website that allows tracking of general user traffic patterns.

Pixel tags are used in combination with cookies. Mobile Advertising Identifiers e.Apple s IDFA or Google s Ad ID are unique IDs that are associated with an individual mobile device and do not reveal your real world identity. They are user-resettable and or limited by the Limit Ad Tracking function in the mobile settings. Statistical identifiers sometimes referred to as non-cookie technologies are created via an algorithm using pseudonymous information about your computer or device, including the operating system, user-agent string, IP address, Internet browser, and similar information.

These statistical identifiers are not 100 accurate. Our customers advertisements are displayed on websites, also known as publishers, which usually provide free or low cost services, content and media. These publishers may also place cookies on your browser. These cookies are there so the publishers recognize that we have placed a tailored advertisement available for your browser. We work with ad exchange platforms to buy ad placements through auctions.

Before the auction, we link our ID with the ad exchange platform and then participate in the auction by sending the bid price and the banner code to display. We may place ads on websites that are part of the Google Display Network. Based on your visits to these websites, Google uses an advertising cookie from DoubleClick to associate your browser with interest and demographic categories.

Google then uses these categories for tailored advertising on these websites. To learn more about this and your choices from Google, please click here. Cross-device mapping is the process of making inferences that certain devices are related to each other, i. This information makes your computer or device distinct enough for systems to determine within a reasonable probability that they are encountering the same computer or device, including in environments where our cookies are not supported.

they belong to the same user or household. This is done using either statistical or deterministic methods or a combination. Statistical refers to using mathematical techniques to make intelligent guesses that certain devices are related. Deterministic means using known relationships, for example logins that use the same email address or other personal information, to link multiple devices to a single user. When this method is used, companies typically mask the actual email address e.

For tailored advertising, and ad delivery and reporting, we use a combination of our own cross-device mapping technology and Tapad s cross-device technology. This means we try to identify when a consumer has seen our tailored ad on one device and then purchases the item or service from the ad on another device. This also means that information about your online browsing data on one device may be combined with data from your other devices.

Tapad may use this information to improve its products and services. Tapad may share information with other companies regarding the connections among your devices. For more information about how Tapad uses cross-device information, please visit the Tapad Privacy Policy. As described in the previous section, our customers may also provide their CRM data via secured transfers e.

User Choices.SFTP method or hashed identifiers. If you do not want to receive ads displayed by ownerIQ based on your browsing, you can opt out as described below. European Economic Area Please note we do not place cookies, or other persistent device identifiers, on devices which appear to be physically located in the European Economic Area. You do not need to opt out your device is not in our systems. If you click Opt Out, you may receive an error message due to your device not being recognized by our systems.Apple browser Due to Apple s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature, please opt out via NAI industry opt out platform NOT the link below.

To opt out and or check your opt out status please click here. Online web browser environment. When you select Opt Outwe will place a blank or blocking cookie on your browser. We must maintain the opt out cookie on your browser in order to recognize you as having opted out from our service. You must opt out again if you clear that cookie from a browser, or use a new device or browser to access the internet. Selecting Opt Out means the advertising you receive from ownerIQ will not be personalized, i.not based on your device s browsing activity.

You will still see advertising everywhere you normally would. It will also not impact cookies or tracking which may be on your browser from other sites. Please note that if you are using an ad-blocker, you may have to pause blocking or whitelist our website. The Ghostery browser extension is also a good tool to see a list of all third-party cookies on each website you visit and allows you to selectively opt out.

You can opt out of ownerIQ through the Ghostery browser extension. You can also opt out through industry opt out platforms NAI opt out platform, DAA opt out platform, or DAAC Canada opt out platform. The industry opt out platforms offer one place to review and opt out of any or all of its members. Note The industry opt out platforms are not additional steps for opting out of ownerIQ; just additional ways to opt out. As described above, we elected to provide mechanisms of choice through our opt out and through industry platforms and do not respond to web browser do not track signals.

Mobile app environment. Within a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, the web browser environment and in-app environment are separate. If you do not want to receive ownerIQ personalized ads whatever environment browsed, you must disable our services for both the online web browser as in the previous section and mobile app environments.

For personalized ads in the mobile app environment, you can opt out by clicking on the opt out button accessible through the AdChoices icon integrated into our ads. You can also opt out by downloading DAA AppChoices mobile app Google Play Store or Apple App Store and selecting ownerIQ. Please note The procedures described above will only opt out of interest-based ads that are displayed by ownerIQ. If you want to disable other services, please refer to your operating system settings, or follow instructions below.

You can typically opt out at the mobile platform level by the limit ad tracking within the settings function, as described below. To use the opt-out of interest-based advertising option, follow the instructions provided by Google here Google Play Help. Once this data is onboarded to an online identifier, the online identifier interacts with the adtech ecosystem with cookies and mobile ad IDs, as we ve described.

Please note that this is a device setting and will disable interest-based ads from all providers, and not just for ownerIQ. iOS users version 6 and above. To use the Limit Ad-Tracking option, follow the instructions provided by Apple here Apple Support Center. Please note that this is a device setting and will disable interest-based ads from all providers, not just for ownerIQ. As described above in Data Collection and Use, we use a combination of our own technology and Tapad s technology to link devices in a non-personally identifying way.

To learn more, please visit Tapad s Privacy Policy. NAI also provides additional guidance on all your opt out options. Data Sharing. As described in The Technology - How We Collect Data, our technology interacts with several other companies to perform services to deliver online ad campaigns. Below are the categories of recipients which data may be shared. Our ads are placed on websites and mobile apps which have ad space available for programmatic auction.

This is often called Real Time Bidding. To do this, we must synchronize the identifiers we use with those used by these auctions in order to participate in the auction by sending our bid and the advertising we wish to display. This means we must send the identifier we use to recognize your device to these the companies involved in these auctions.

Some advertisers use data platforms e. These communications require the synchronization of the identifiers we use with those used by this platform.Data Management Platforms which facilitates the implementation of audience segmentation and communicates it to online advertising industry companies like us. Demand Side Platforms. Some advertisers use our audience segments on other demand side platforms DSP to bid and deliver ads in the RTB system.

This requires us to synch our identifier with those DSPs to send the audience segments for use in the advertisers ad campaigns. Companies allowing us to match several identifiers. In order to more effectively associate our identifiers e.cookie ID, mobile ad IDwe may need to transfer the identifier we have assigned to your browser. This combination of our identifiers allows us to offer you a consistent experience regardless of the environment you are browsing, as well being able to provide more accurate reporting to advertisers on how many devices saw the ad and resulted in a view or purchase.

We also may transfer CRM data as described in the section above to facilitate the identity matching. Companies allowing us to fight fraud. We provide limited data to anti-fraud companies to enable them to effectively detect and report fraudulent activity to us. Companies allowing us to locate your device generally. We may transmit your IP address to companies which can deduct from it information that is not specific to your exact coordinates but the general area country, region, city, over 500m.

Other companies our customers have retained. Some of our customers may ask us to exchange some data with other companies they ve retained through the ads we serve for the purposes compatible with the purpose of delivering personalized advertisements measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Our parent corporation and affiliates. We may transfer data to our parent corporation and affiliates for processing in accordance with this notice for the purposes of our services. In addition, we reserve the right to disclose all or part of its data in the event of a merger, acquisition, dissolution or sale of all or part of its assets.

You will then be informed by email and or by a message on our website of any change in ownership or regarding the use of your data and the rights you will have over them. We may share data with our service providers who process it on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. This may include, for example, providers in tech support, operations, web or data hosting, billing, accounting, security, marketing, data management, validation, enhancement or hygiene, or otherwise assisting us to provide, develop, maintain and improve our services.

If you do not want to receive ads displayed by us based on your browsing and purchasing behavior, you can opt out as described below. Any recipient necessary to comply with legal, regulatory, judicial or administrative obligations. In some situations, we may disclose data in response to legal requests from authorities, such as to comply with a subpoena or other legal process or if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, your safety or the safety of others, investigate a case of fraud or respond to a request from the government.

To opt out of Audience Matched Advertising with an email address, please click here.Apple browser and Firefox Apple s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature and browser settings in Firefox may prevent the opt out from functioning properly. To opt out of Audience Matched Advertising with a phone number, please click here. If you do not want to receive ownerIQ tailored ads whatever environment browsed, you must disable our services for both the online web browser as in the previous section and mobile app environments.

For tailored ads in the mobile app environment, you can opt out by clicking on the opt out button accessible through the AdChoices icon integrated into our ads. Please note The procedures described above will only opt out of tailored ads that are displayed by ownerIQ. While opting out on one device may opt out of all devices we have connected to our identifier, our device mapping is not 100. Therefore, to ensure opt out all of your connected devices, you must follow the opt out instructions for each device.

As described above in Data Collection and Use, our technology sometimes uses previously linked Personally Identified Information and connects to an online identifier. To opt out of the use of your email address as an onboarded PII, please click here and select ownerIQ from the industry opt-out platform and follow the instructions.

To opt out of the use of your phone number as an onboarded PII, please click here and follow the instructions. CALIFORNIA RIGHTS AND CHOICES. This section supplements the information in this Privacy Notice and applies solely to California residents as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 CCPA. Personal Information is broadly defined under CCPA as information that identifies, relates to, describes, references, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular person or device.

Applied to ownerIQ, this means our device identified information is also included in CCPA s definition of personal information. Our collection, use, purpose, and sharing of personal information under CCPA are described in other parts of this Privacy Notice. The CCPA provides California residents with specific rights regarding their personal information. This section describes your CCPA rights and explains how to exercise those rights. You may only make a verifiable consumer request for access or deletion twice within a 12-month period.

RIGHT TO OPT OF SALE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. The CCPA broadly defines what constitutes as a sale including making available a wide variety of information in exchange for valuable consideration, which is not limited to monetary consideration. California residents may opt out of the sale of their personal information. Depending on what information we have about you, and whether we have included any of it in our products and services, we may have sold as defined by the CCPA certain categories of information about you in the last 12 months.

RIGHT TO DELETION. California residents have the right to request deletion of personal information we have collected from you and retained. Please note that this is different from your right to opt out of us selling your personal information, which is described above. Once we receive and confirm your verifiable consumer request, we will delete and direct our service providers to delete, as applicable your personal information from our records, unless an exception applies.

Also note we do not generally collect personal information directly from consumers. We may retain personal information for certain important purposes, such as a to protect our business, systems, and users from fraudulent activity, b to address technical issues that impair existing functionality such as de-bugging purposesc as necessary for us, or others, to exercise their free speech or other rights, d to comply with law enforcement requests pursuant to lawful process, e for scientific or historical research, f for our own internal purposes reasonably related to your relationship with us, or g to comply with legal obligations.

RIGHT TO ACCESS. California residents have the right to request we disclose what categories of personal information we collect, use, disclose or sell. You may also request the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you. If we are able to verify your identity and provide back personal information as requested, we may withhold some personal information where the risk to you or our business is too great to disclose the information.

If we are unable to verify your identity, we will inform you we cannot verify your identity and we will not disclose any specific pieces of personal information to you. EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS. California residents may exercise their CCPA rights by. If you would like to opt out of the sale of your personal information, you may do so through the DAA CCPA Opt Out Tools. You can opt out via both website and mobile app as described in the DAA CCPA Opt Out Tools.

For deletion and access requests, click on this link to generate the ownerIQ identifier connected to your device, and then fill out this form, including the ownerIQ identifier. You can also contact us at 844-392-1073. For security purposes and as required iq option vai acabar the CCPAwe will verify your identity when you request to exercise your right to access or deletion. Once we have verified your identity, we will respond to your request as appropriate. Where you have requested the categories of personal information we have collected about you, we will provide a list of those categories.

Where you have requested specific pieces of personal information, we will provide the information you have requested, to the extent required under the CCPA and provided we do not believe there is an overriding privacy or security concern in doing so. Where you have requested we delete personal information we have collected from you, we will seek to confirm whether your request is for an opt out of sale or a deletion. This is because opt out of sale rights enable us to maintain your information for suppression purposes prevent us from selling information about you in the future.

This is what many consumers requesting deletion actually desire to occur. We explain this in order to ensure we are meeting consumers preferences. In addition, deletion rights only apply to information we have collected from consumers iq option vai acabar does not apply to much of the information in our databases. Upon completion of the above process, we will send you a notice that explains the categories of personal information we were able to locate about you, and whether we 1 deleted, 2 de-identified, or 3 retained the information we collected from you.

Certain information may be exempt from such requests under applicable law. If we are unable to complete your requests fully for any of the reasons above, we will provide you with additional information about the reasons we could not comply with your request. Note about Authorized Agents You may also designate an agent to make requests to exercise your rights under the CCPA as described above.

We will take steps both to verify your identity as the consumerand to verify that your agent has been authorized to make a request on your behalf through providing us with a signed written authorization or a copy of a power of attorney. We cannot provide you with personal information if we cannot verify your identity or authority to make the request and confirm the personal information relates to you or the California resident whose identity has also been verified.

We support transparency and control for consumers. ownerIQ Commitments and Adherence. We are members of the following privacy organizations. ownerIQ adheres to industry guidelines, including the Codes and Principles promulgated by the organizations listed above, with respect to your privacy, and continues to review these guidelines in relation to our posted privacy notice in order to ensure the protection of consumer information. Our membership in the privacy organizations listed above represents our commitment to adherence to their privacy principles and standards.

Each of the organizations listed above provide industry opt out platforms which you can access by clicking on their names. Data Security and Retention. We have implemented reasonable security measures to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure alteration or destruction. Our cookies are set to expire after 5 years after last encounter with our pixel. Our security systems include authenticated access to internal databases, audits of procedures, and regular reviews of overall web security.

The cookie is updated based on your device s visit to a website that has our pixel. ownerIQ Corporate Website Privacy. The ownerIQ corporate website www. com provides general information about us. It collects and uses device-identified information DII and voluntarily provided personally identified information PII. You can browse the Site without providing any PII. You may choose to provide PII to us voluntarily if you interact with the Site in certain ways, such as apply for employment with us or using one of our contact forms.

Aggregate reports generated from such data may be retained for a longer period, as ad delivery and reporting. We may collect PII on individuals or companies who are inquiring about doing business with us in some capacity. We maintain this information for the purpose of assessing working relationships with the individuals or companies who have submitted information. For example, if an individual submitted their email address and asked for information regarding one of our products, we will maintain that information for the purposes of assessing the opportunity and potentially contacting that individual and or company with a response to the inquiry.

None of the PII that may be collect will be used for any other purpose except as may be required by law. We do not disclose PII to third parties except third party service providers, such as operational services. We may also collect device-identified information DIIthrough the use of technologies such as cookies, as explained in the Data Collection and Use, The Technology How We Collect Data, Data Sharing, and California Rights and Choices sections above, on the Site.

We may use this DII for purposes including enhancement of our services; marketing, interest-based advertising, and to more effectively match our website content to your interest. Our website may contain links to other websites. We may partner with third parties who collect information from the Site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites.

Users should be aware of this when they leave our site and review the privacy statements of each website they visit that collects information, or visit www. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may disclose PII at any time regarding a particular individual and any other information collected to third parties if we are required to do so by law, warrant, subpoena, regulation or court order.

info to learn more about interest-based advertising and to see your opt-out choices from other participating companies that may be collecting and using data on the Site. This Privacy Notice applies solely to the information collected by ownerIQ. Our Site may include social media features such as the Facebook Like button. These features, which are either hosted by a third party or directly on our site, may collect your IP address and the URL for the page you are visiting on our site.

Our website is not intentionally directed at children under the age of 16. In order to function properly, the features set a cookie. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy notice of the company that provides them. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 16. Site Visitors from outside the United States.

ownerIQ and its servers are located in the United States and are subject to the applicable state and federal laws of the United States. We have implemented technical controls to prevent the placement of interest-based advertising cookies and other similar pseudonymous identifiers on devices which appear to be physically located in the European Economic Area. By email privacy owneriq.

com By mail Inmar-OIQ, LLC. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Attn Privacy Officer for ownerIQ. Business Transfers We are always seeking to improve our sites and our business. If all or part of ownerIQ is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, our technology, DII and PII may be transferred as part of that transaction.

In these circumstances, we will require that information to be used by our successor in a manner that is consistent with our Privacy Notice in effect at the time we receive the information. Please note we may update or change this privacy notice. If we revise our privacy notice, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, and to other places we deem appropriate, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

For any questions on this privacy notice. If we make material changes, we will notify you by means of a notice on this site prior to the change becoming effective. Effective Date March 9, 2020. If all or part of ownerIQ is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, our technology, Non-PII and PII may be transferred as part of that transaction. The page you re looking for doesn t exist anymore. Or search for something new.

Google Translate Disclaimer. The Department of Motor Vehicles DMV website uses Google Translate to provide automatic translation of its web pages. The DMV is unable to guarantee the accuracy of any translation provided by Google Translate and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the formatting of the pages resulting from the use of the translation application tool. The web pages currently in English on the DMV website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the DMV provides.

Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. This translation application tool is provided for purposes of information and convenience only. If any questions arise related to the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the English version.

The following pages provided on the DMV website cannot be translated using Google Translate. Forms Publications Field Office Locations Online Applications. Please install the Google Toolbar. Google Translate is not support in your browser. To translate this page, please install the Google Toolbar opens in new window. Google Translate is a free third-party service, which is not controlled by the DMV.

IQ Moisture Analyzer. Panametrics moisture. Overview Description Documents Accessories. Measures trace moisture, pressure and temperature Up to 6 channels 0. 5 C accuracy Pressure ranges up to 5000 psi Pressure accuracy 1 of full scale Built-in data logging Rack, bench, and panel versions available Touch screen display of six or twelve parameters simultaneously Available with two optional module bays.

The Panametrics moisture. IQ moisture analyzer is a multichannel, multifunction flagship model in the IQ Series of Panametrics aluminum oxide-based moisture analyzers. The moisture. IQ measures trace moisture, pressure and temperature in non-aqueous liquids and gases. It accepts inputs from electrochemical sensors for measuring oxygen concentrations in gases. The auxiliary inputs can accept analog inputs from any transmitter with 0 4 to 20 mA or -1 to 4 V output, including a variety of process control instruments, this feature makes the moisture.

IQ a true multifunction analyzer, providing cost savings through system integration. Each can accept a 1-channel or 3-channel module. IQ is available with two module bays. With up to six sets of sensors coming to one set of electronics, customers can signicantly reduce their cost per measurement point. Designed with an industrial touch screen display, the graphical user interface is intuitive enough to negate the need for a user s manual although one will be provided.

Six or twelve measurements can be displayed at one time. Multiple display pages can be set up for easy scrolling. Color coded status gives you measurement alarm information at a glance. IQ Moisture Analyzer Datasheet PDF 730 KB Panametrics Moisture. IQ Moisture Analyzer Spanish Datasheet PDF 728 KB. IQ Moisture Analyzer Manual PDF 9. 9 MB Panametrics Moisture. By Panametrics. IQ Moisture Analyzer Spanish Manual PDF 10.

Delta F Oxygen cell, pressure rating 1. MISP2 aluminum oxide probe for use with Panametrics moisture. IQ and PM880 moisture analyzers. Aluminum oxide moisture probe for use with all Panametrics Infrastructure Sensing moisture analyzers. Trace moisture sensor recalibrations for M2, TF, MISP2, HYGRORTE, IQPROBE, and VERIDRI probes. 2830 sample cell for use with 3 4-16 straight UNF threaded trace moisture sensors in general purpose or intrinsically safe installations.

Multichannel, multifunction aluminum oxide-based moisture analyzer, measures trace moisture, pressure and temperature. Call a Calibration Engineer at 1-800-884-4967. Fraude électorale et truquage de concept avec un voleur portant un chandail à capuchon, masque de ski et gants en cuir est le bulletin de vote bourrant une boîte de vote électorale, isolée sur blanc avec une découpe de chemin d accès du clip - Image Libre de Droit.

Royaume-Uni, Voter, Corruption en entreprise, Élection, Urne électorale. Election fraud and vote rigging concept with a thief wearing a hoodie, ski mask and leather gloves is ballot stuffing an electoral voting box, isolated on white with a clipping path cutout. com forex forum binary options trade New Category Forex News - Youtube forex video, binary options, bitcoin Por que NÃO opero OPÇÃO BINÁRIA IQ OPTION.

Por que NÃO opero OPÇÃO BINÁRIA IQ OPTION. Started by admin, Jun 02, 2020, 12 56 pm. 634 seconds with 22 queries. 317 seconds with 22 queries. anyoption non paga. practise share trading. geld schnell online verdienen. The Guinness share-trading fraud was a major British business scandal of the 1980s. It involved the manipulation of the stock market to inflate the price of Guinness.

What is paper trading practice and why it is required. Paper trading Practice for successful day trading in Indian share market without using actual money. trade futures online. Definition Insider trading is defined as a malpractice wherein trade of a company s securities is undertaken by people who by virtue of their.

Interactive trading courses are the best time saving learning method around. Find out how you can get educated today. Excessive trading by a broker in a client s account largely to generate commissions. Churning is an illegal and unethical practice that violates SEC rules. wie verdient man mit aktien geld. inwestowanie w waluty forex libra. bdswiss 60 sekunden handelszeiten. Important sad notice Due to the high license fees charged by the London Stock Exchange we have decided to close the BullBearings trading.

Features included in the IU enterprise license. Premium add-on features available in Qualtrics at IU. SMS buckets cost 500 for 50,000 SMS messages, and each bucket must be allocated to a specific user. Because SMS bucket purchases require three to four weeks of processing, at minimum, UITS recommends that you submit your requests as early as possible. Features available by request.

To enable Stats iQ for your Qualtrics account, complete the Qualtrics Stats iQ License Request form. Advanced statistical analysis Stats iQ. For information about having the following features enabled for your account and or division, send email to qualtric iu. Automation and integration with third-party software platforms Salesforce integration Tableau integration.

Features available for purchase. License periods for all of the following run from October 1-September 30; costs will be prorated for orders after October 1 of each year. Advanced survey functionality and distribution options Qualtrics Ticketing Automation and integration with third-party software platforms Adobe Analytics integration Marketo integration Slack integration Products billed separately For the following products, costs will vary based on the size of the unit.

Employee Engagement XM Directory Qualtrics 360 Site Intercept Target Audience Vocalize. This is document anmu in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on 2020-08-11 13 44 37. Features billed through the Research Suite The following features are available at an annual cost of 2,500 per user. SMS distribution requires each user to complete and sign the Request to Use SMS Functionality agreement and to purchase an initial allotment of SMS messages referred to as an SMS bucket directly from Qualtrics.

By continuing to use our services on or after January 1, 2020, you are agreeing to the updated Privacy Policy below. Effective from January 1, 2020. Your trust is important to us and we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Our privacy and data teams are committed to protecting the personal information we collect and helping to ensure that personal information is handled properly.

This information is used to provide you with a great shopping experience. This Privacy Policy explains how Quotient Technology Inc.formerly known as Coupons. com Incorporated together with our subsidiaries, Quotientwe or ourcollects, uses, and shares your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to the websites, services, and mobile and software applications we own or control the Servicesincluding emails and designated portions of third-party websites and applications that link to or reference this Privacy Policy.

By using any of the Services, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use into which it is incorporated. If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via email at email protectedor in writing at the following address. Thank you for using our Services. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you should not use any of the Services or provide to us any of your personal information.

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U. Mountain View, CA 94043 Attn Privacy. Our Services may include links to third-party websites, applications and services, and embedded third-party tools and widgets. Any third-party collection and use of your information are governed by the privacy policies of the respective third parties. We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices.

We encourage you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties. If we make any material changes, including changes to how we share personal information, we will notify you by email or by providing notice on or through the Services prior to the change becoming effective. If you create any type of account, download software, or participate in certain activities on the Services such as surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotionswe may ask you to provide us with personal information that can be used to specifically identify, locate, or contact you, such as your name, email address, postal mailing address, or telephone number.

What Information Do We Collect And Use. You may also have the option of providing us with other information about yourself or your household that may be associated with information that identifies you, such as, but not limited to, PayPal account information, ACH routing number and account number, retailer loyalty ID number, age or date of birth, gender, interests, product purchase information or receipts, zip code, and product or content preferences including saved offers and content favorites.

It will always be your decision whether to directly provide to us your personal information. a Information You Provide. In some cases, if you decline to share personal information with us, then we may not be able to provide you with certain Services, and you may not be eligible for certain sweepstakes, contests, or other promotions. For example, in order to use our Cash Back Offers, you must provide your retailer loyalty ID number and PayPal account information, in addition to other requirements.

For information about how we handle user-submitted content, see Section 8. When you use or interact with the Services in any way, we may use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, log files, local storage, and other similar mechanisms to automatically collect information, including. b Information Automatically Collected As You Access and Use the Services.

Your activity on the Services such as pages viewed, searches performed, and features accessed ; Operating system, web browser information, and device attributes; Inbound-referral and outbound websites; Your internet protocol IP address, from which we may infer your geographic location, and other information; How you interact with coupons, advertisements and other content available on or through the Services, such as whether you print a coupon or load a coupon to your loyalty ID; The dates and times that you visited or used the Services, or requested certain services or transactions; Location information see Location Services in Section 3.

An identifier or personal information may be associated with the information collected using cookies and or similar technologies. If you are accessing the Services from a mobile device, see Section 3. e for additional automatically collected information. Device Information and Identifier. e below ; and Device or advertising identifier associated with your device. When you use our Services or install on your computer or other device our coupon printing software or other applications, we may collect and store information about that device that helps us manage our products and services, deliver a more customized experience for you including enabling the delivery of more advertising on and off our Sitesand detect and prevent fraud.

This identifier is used primarily to prevent fraud. If you download the coupon printing software, a device identifier remains associated with that device even after uninstalling the software. If you use our Services on your device, we will create an identifier for your activity, and a persistent identifier will be associated with any device you authenticate using your phone number. A cookie is a small text file or identifier.

When you visit a Site, we may store one or more cookies or other similar information on your device. We use cookies for the purposes described in Section 4, including for advertising. Our Cookie Policy provides additional resources on cookies, and information about how to opt-out from certain interest-based advertisements.

A persistent cookie remains after you close your browser and may be used by your browser on subsequent website visits. These persistent cookies can be removed, but each web browser is different. Please review your browser s settings to learn how to manage your cookies. Our Services may also use web beacons also known as clear gifs or pixel tagswhich are tiny graphics with unique identifiers that are placed in the code of a webpage or email. Third-Party Cookies and Similar Technologies. We allow third-party companies to use cookies, pixels or other similar technologies on our Services to collect and use information such as hashed data, click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over, content viewed, search terms, location of the device, a cookie identifier, communication type broadband or dial-upand browser-related properties.

These third parties include advertisers, service providers, advertising partners, affiliate-marketing networks and other companies with whom we partner to provide certain offers, promotions or features available on or through our Services or third-party properties, or to display advertising on the Services or third-party properties. Such third parties may use cookies to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you, to track off-Site transactions and to assist us in providing, evaluating, and improving the Services and our other products and services.

Further, such third parties may use information they directly collect from you in combination with information we provide as described in Section 5 or information they collect from another source. In some cases, we may not have access to or control of the third-party tracking technology. We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. To learn more about interest-based advertising and your choices regarding third-party cookies, click here. As is true of most websites, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files.

Log Files and Local Storage HTML5 Flash Cookies. We use this information to manage and operate our products and services, to offer you more personalized content and advertising, and for the other purposes described in Section 4 below. This information may include IP addresses, browser type, internet service provider ISPreferring exit pages, operating system, date and time stamp, clickstream data and other data.

Certain Services may use local shared objects, such as Flash cookies, and local storage, such as, but not limited to, HTML5, to store content information and preferences. Third parties may also use Flash cookies, HTML5 or other technology to collect and store information. Various browsers may offer their own management tools for removing HTML5. To manage Flash cookies, please click here. We may use our own and third-party tracking and analytics tools to better understand who is using our Services and how they are using them.

These tools may use cookies and page tags to collect information such as time of visit, pages visited, time spent on each page of the website, IP address, and type of operating system used. One of the analytics tools we may use is Google Analytics. You can learn how to opt-out of the Google Analytics tracking software here. c Information From Third Parties. We may receive information from third parties including service providers, retailers, data partners and other business partners about you, including personal information, cookies and other identifiers, information about in-store and online transactions, and demographic and household data.

We may use this information to administer the applicable program or service, to offer you more personalized content and advertising including by our customers and other third partiesand for the other purposes described in Section 4 below. d Information You Provide About a Third Party. If you choose to use any of our referral services to tell someone else about our Services, or to email a promotion, we will ask you for that person s name and email address.

We will use the information you provide to automatically send to that person the referral, such as an email inviting him or her to the Services you recommended. We do not share this email with any third party, other than those third-party service providers used to transmit the referral. e Information From Use Of Our Mobile Websites and Applications.

In addition to other information described above, when you download or use one of our mobile applications, or access the Services through a mobile device, we may automatically collect information about your location and your mobile device, including, but not limited to, your operating system, device type, device and advertising identifier. We may also request access to the device storage, camera, microphone and other features, and permission to send you push notifications.

You may decline to provide location information, storage, camera and microphone access, and push notification permission at any time using your mobile device s system settings. Please consult your mobile device s instruction manual for additional information about controlling system and application settings.

Location Services. Our mobile applications App may incorporate software from, and interact with, Foursquare Labs, Inc. for the App to provide certain location services and exchange data with Foursquare. If you have location services enabled on your device for our App, Foursquare may provide your location to our service providers so we can provide you tailored offers and ads. Foursquare may also collect and use other information, such as your device type, advertising identifier on your device and device usage information for example, a date time stamp and your location when the App communicates with Foursquare.

All such information is used by Foursquare for its own purposes in accordance with Foursquare s privacy policy, as updated from time to time. Mobile Analytics. We use mobile analytics software to allow us to better understand the usage and performance of our mobile software on your phone. This software may record information such as how often you use the application, the events that occur within the application, usage, performance data, and where the application was downloaded from.

We may link the information collected by the analytics software to either an account identifier, or a device advertising identifier. We may use information that we collect for the following purposes. Provide Services to you; Operate, maintain, protect, improve, and optimize the Services and our other products and services; Communicate with you about coupons, advertisements, promotional offerings, and other content found on and off our Services, including through emails; Process and facilitate coupon printing, loading, and redemption activity; Payment of rewards or rebates; Manage and store shopping lists; Send you support messages, updates, security alerts, and account notifications; Detect and prevent fraud and other harmful activity; Conduct security investigations and risk assessments; Invite you to events and relevant opportunities; Monitor, measure, conduct analytics on, and improve marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns and efforts; Provide you with a personalized experience on and off the Services, including targeted advertisements and promotions of our customers, partners and other third parties, which are distributed by or through us or our advertising partners, that may be of interest to you based on your preferences, demographic data, purchase history, and activities; Enable the distribution of promotions, marketing and advertising content; Advertising, including personalized advertising, through social media platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest; Anonymize and aggregate information for different purposes, such as website traffic flow analysis, usage analysis, product development, market analysis, case studies, reports, insights, and marketing; For administrative purposes, such as sweepstakes administration or responding to your inquiries; Provide customer service; Comply with local, national and international laws; Comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements and policies; and Share information as described in this Privacy Policy.

We make inferences about you based on this combined information, such as product preferences and interests. We and our advertising and measurements partners use the combined information and inferences to help our customers, partners and other third parties deliver and measure tailored promotions and advertising whether on our Services or elsewhere.

We retain all information we collect about you for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. When We Share Information. a We may share personal information and other information collected or obtained about you with our affiliates subsidiaries or other companies owned or controlled by Quotient.

In all cases, the affiliates will only be able to use the information as set forth in Section 4 above. b We may work with other companies to operate, maintain and deliver the Services and the content, services and features available on and off the Services, including to provide personalized promotions and advertisements, for contests and sweepstakes, and to communicate with you by email, SMS text message, or push notification.

In such circumstances, those companies will have access to the information needed, including personal information, to provide the applicable service, content or feature on our behalf, but they will not be permitted to use the information for any other purpose, except for the aggregation and other purposes set forth in Section 5. For instance, if you provide to us a retailer loyalty ID number in order to load a coupon to your loyalty account, we will provide the retailer with the loyalty ID number and other information necessary to fulfill your load request.

The retailer may then match this information with other information in its possession. c We may share personal information with other companies with your consent or as part of a specific program or feature provided in partnership with a third party. If you choose to participate in such program or feature, we authorize those third parties to use your personal information.

For example, we offer coupons on or through our Services that require you to fill out an advertiser survey in order to receive the coupon. You may also be given the option to sign up for promotional emails from a third party. In order to fulfill your request, we will provide your email address to the applicable third party. In addition, we may share your personal information with third parties to obtain associated iq option vai acabar, including cookies and other identifiers that do not personally identify you, and for marketing on our behalf.

d We may share cookies or other identifiers such as a cryptographic hash of an email address, certain cookies, age, gender, household income, interests, zip code, state, coupon activation and redemption data, purchase data, and other automatically collected information and inferences drawn from information we collect with third parties for advertising and promotional use. A third party may match such information with information you have previously provided to that party, or other information that party has obtained.

In such cases, the third party would be restricted from using your personal information for other purposes not associated with our Services. If you choose to participate in the survey, then we will share the information you provide with the advertiser who provided the survey. We also may share cookies or other identifiers with third parties that use cookies or other similar technologies on our Sites so that they can tailor advertisements to your apparent interests and deliver those advertisements to you while you are either using our Services or on third-party websites.

For example, if you print pet food coupons, then we may conclude that you have a pet and show you a pet care supply advertisement instead of a random advertisement. For additional information about interest-based advertising and how to opt out of certain types of advertising, click here. e We may aggregate personal information excluding personal information that specifically identifies an individual, or that can be used to contact or locate a specific individual or de-identify personal information, and share such aggregated or de-identified information with third parties; we may also share such aggregated or de-identified information publicly to provide information about general use of our Services.

In addition, we may permit our third-party service providers and vendors that collect personal information in connection with performing functions or providing Services on our behalf to aggregate that personal information excluding personal information that specifically identifies an individual, or that can be used to contact or locate a specific individual or de-identify that personal information, to improve their own products and services or for their internal business and research purposes and we may permit such third parties to share such aggregated or de-identified information publicly to provide information about their services.

f In the event that we are acquired by or merged with a third-party entity, we reserve the right, to transfer or assign the information we have collected from you as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control. You will be notified by email or a prominent notice on our Services of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal information. g We may share information about you if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with local, state, or federal laws or to respond to a court order, judicial or other governmental subpoena or warrant, or in the event of bankruptcy proceedings.

For example, where required by law, we will publicly disclose information about the winners of sweepstakes and contests. We also reserve the right to share information when we believe, in good faith, it is appropriate or necessary to protect us or the third parties we work with from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses, investigate and defend ourselves against any third-party claims or allegations, assist government enforcement agencies, protect the security or integrity of the Services, and to protect our rights, property, or safety and those of the third parties we work with.

Please contact us using this form to determine whether we control any personal information that is associated with your email address. If Quotient receives information about you from a third party, you will need to contact that third party directly to manage your information. Site Accounts. If you registered a password-protected account with us, you may modify or correct your personal information and preferences at any time by logging into this account or by contacting us using this form.

We will respond to you as soon as practicable and within 45 days from the date you contact us. If there is personal information that we cannot fully modify or delete upon your request, we will provide you with any available options. Before we are able to modify or correct your personal information, you may be required to provide additional authentication to confirm your identity, which may include, but is not limited to, an SMS or text message. You can opt-out of receiving marketing coupon email alerts and other emails such as newsletters by following the instructions iq option vai acabar in our emails to you, or by contacting us using this form.

In addition, you can change your preferences for certain Coupons. com emails by logging into your Coupons. com account and going to Email Settings or Alerts. For Definitive Deals promotional emails, you can update your email preferences using the Unsubscribe or Update Your Profile links contained in the footer. Please note that if you opt out from all promotional emails, we may still send you transactional or administrative messages. In-App Push Advertising. Please note that if you opt out from all promotional push messages, we may still send you transactional or administrative messages through the App.

California Do Not Track Disclosure. Because at this time, there is no general agreement on how companies should interpret Do Not Track signals, we do not currently respond to Do Not Track signals, whether a signal is received on a computer or on a mobile device. However, we offer you choices about how we use the information we collect through online tracking. Interest-Based Advertising. Our advertising partners, vendors and other third parties may track your online activities and collect information for use in providing content and advertising tailored to your interests.

For information about how to opt out of receiving certain behavioral advertisements, please click here. Registration via Third-Party Accounts and Social Media Sharing. You may be given the opportunity to register with us via third-party accounts such as Facebook. These services will authenticate your identity and may provide you the option to share certain information such as, but not limited to, your name and email address with us. We may store the information you provide us through such accounts and combine it with other information, including personal information.

Disabling your Facebook or other such account may not terminate your account with us. Our Services may also include social media features, such as sharing widgets provided by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest and others.



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