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Maybe, it will save your money and you will be able to make a better decision in this regard. Who is Tim Sykes after all. Sykes has a whole Wikipedia page for his life history. You can go there and read all about how he got into investing and how he is an amazing money-maker for everyone. For a little overview, you can read this section. According to this Wikipedia page, Tim graduated from Tulane Unversity in 2003. He started day trading at that time using 1 million from his friends and family.

In 2006, he was named in the Trader Monthly s 30 under 30 list of upcoming traders. Now, here is an interesting detail. The editor of Trader Monthly, Randall Lane later called Tim as the worst pick for this list. Why did Lane say so. Because Tim had lied to them and scammed tehm regarding his success. Tim had told them that his Cilantro Fund was the best long-short microstock hedge fund in the entire country according to Barclays. Later, Lane found out that the Barclays Tim had told them about was not the prestigious Barclay s British Bank.

Instead, it was the Barclay Groupwhich was an unknown research company which was based in Fairfield, Iowa. This incidence alone can tell you how low-minded and deceiving Timothy really is. He has created multiple businesses after this investment. He teaches penny stock trading, he owns Investimonials. com and he is the co-founder of Profit. He has put a lot of effort into establishing his fake brand. He wants people to believe the lies he has been telling for years.

If you don t know the reality of Timothy Sykes, you can easily get deceived by these vicious marketing tactics. I was unaware of Tim s reality as well. I didn t think that Tim would be a big financial scammer. He lies everywhere and he doesn t feel any guilt for causing financial losses to the numerous middle class and poor followers of his brand.

HOW I LOST 20,000 BECAUSE OF TIM SYKES. Tim Sykes is one of the biggest finance scams in the current industry. He got success in his early days and then he failed. When he started again, he started a bigger scam so he can cheat people with much effectiveness and ease. I have lost 20,000 because of Tim and his useless advice. He claims to educate you about penny stock trading and creating wealth but if you will follow his advice, the opposite will happen to you. You will end up losing a great deal of money just like I did.

I had bought one of this penny stock trading courses for my dad. He was intrigued by Tim and his secret techniques. He wanted to learn the techniques Tim was speaking everywhere about. I had bought PennyStocking Silver course from his website for my dad. He wanted to get started right away and he had heard about Tim on multiple places. I had warned him of these financial scams but he thought Tim was an exception. Now, I bought him the course s subscription.

The course contains information about learning trading and gets you access to a chartroom having many other active traders. Well, my dad invested a lot of time in that course. He used to watch the video lessons, check the watchlist and make plans accordingly. Some time passed, and then he started trading based on that information. He first made a few hundred dollars because of the small investments he made.

He tried asking questions on the chatroom regarding the losses he was facing in the stocks and how could he recover from them. But he never got any response there. I tried helping him out but I found that the course material didn t have much guidance. This is a huge red flag in itself. Well, my father lost a hefty sum, around 20,000 by following this guy s advice.

I was buying monthly subscriptions because I didn t want to make a huge investment with the annual plan. They take your credit card information right at the beginning and they automatically keep deducting the amount so it s important to cancel the subscription properly. So I contacted the customer support to cancel my dad s subscription. And the chatroom provided with the course doesn t have any active members. Then, he started suffering losses.

To my surprise, they told me that I should give it a try for at least one more month. I told them about the incident, to which they replied by saying I should have waited a while longer and consumed more information. They didn t cancel my subscription for at least a month. I contacted them many times but they were always reluctant to cancel it right away. It was a big red flag for me because before this incident, I was blaming my dad for the loss.

Losing 20,000 is a disaster for any average person. And my dad is no different. He was under a lot of guilt and depression because of this incident. I did a little more research about Tim and his company s products. I found out the reality behind most of his positive reviews and how he is lying everywhere so people will fall prey to his malicious tricks. According to me, Tim Sykes is one of hte most pathetic and disgusting financial scams on this planet right now.

STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He is telling you that he will make you rich. He is showing off his illegitimate wealth and he is doing all that, just so you will buy more of his information products. He doesn t tell you about the risks present in penny stocks. No, he will only show you the bright picture. He shows the beauty and the glamour of the penny stocks.

But he doesn t tell you anything about their risks and damages. This is clearly unethical. When I ended my dad s subscription of Tim s company, they sent us a lot of emails. They were telling us that we should focus on getting the subscription again. One of their execs called my dad, and when my dad told him about the loss, he said that my dad should take the subscription again and spend more time learning.

We didn t get another subscription however. He doesn t tell you the fact that penny stocks are one of the riskiest investments you can make and that you can lose all of your investments quickly if you invest in penny stocks. The worst thing about Tim and his brand is the fact that there are many people like my dad who want to increase their eanrings through investing and Tim is leveraging this opportunity by giving useless information. He doesn t teach much about penny stocks or investing in his courses.

I found out about those facts when I took a look at the various complaints people have posted about Sykes. His products are a waste and his customer support isn t helpful at all. They deliberately delayed my dads subscription cancellation so they can charge at least for a month more. You see Tim driving expensive cars but you don t know that he bought them with the money he took from unsuspecting people. Tim shouldn t be lying to people about creating immense wealth. He shouldn t be lying at such a large scale.

His lies are causing people to fall prey to his schemes and they are losing a lot of money. Other Victims of Tim Sykes. When my dad had lost the 20,000, he was devastated. He thought it was his mistake and he was the main culprit. He used to blame himself for such a humongous financial loss. I have to say, that I used to blame him for the loss for some time as well.

However, after Tim s customer support stole a month s fee 150 from my account, I began suspecting the legitimacy of Timothy s companies. What I found was surprising. I am not the only person who has lost such a vast amount of money because of this scammer. There are literally hundreds of people who have suffered numerous financial losses because they followed Tim s advice or because they used one of his products. I am going to share some of hte stories of his past customers and people who have lost money because of this guy.

These stories will help you realize what a big scammer and fraud Tim Sykes really is and why you should stay away from this guy and his products. One guy has complained about the unethical practices of this Tim s companies. I also found that Tim buys many reviewers so he can maintain his reputation properly. This person s friend made the mistake of trusting Tim s company and he she thought it will help him her in generating a great income.

Like my dad, this person s friend also suffered a huge financial loss. The problem in this case was more serious however. The complainer s friend had to undergo a medical surgery. But he she was not able to afford it. So instead of taking loans and getting in debt, this person he she will generate a better income through Tim s knowledge. Little did he she know that the courses Tim provides on his websites are useless and provide zero value.

This person lost a huge sum and he she is suffering from the issue. He she still has to undergo surgery but the situation has worsened because now he she no longer has sufficient funds. It shows how serious the impacts of Tim s unethical courses are on other lives. People are getting devastated and buried in huge piles of debt. They are getting tricked iq option è sostituto dimposta thinking that penny stock trading is the best and surest way of generating a solid income.

Tim is telling them half-truths and this is one of the biggest dangers this guy is posing. However, it s not the only negative review. Some other people complain about the ethics of Tim s companies and products as well. One person faced a similar issue like I did with the customer support of Tim s companies.

This person had made a purchase of one of Tim s courses but later figured that he was no longer interested. So he requested to cancel the subscription but he was also charged with an additional month s fees for no specific reason. This complainer also illustrated how Tim has created a fake brand and how his fake helps him in betraying more and more people.

When he searched online he found a number of positive reviews and then there were the success stories of Tim s students. The amount of scams Tim is running at the moment is humongous and that is why it is vital to put a stop to this guy. Head over to the Better Business Bureau and you find a ton of complaints registered against Tim s company Agora Financial LLC.

Many people have complained about the charging process and the quality of the product there. One customer had bought the subscription to Tim Sykes Weekend Profits. This person had paid 2,000 for the subscription. After getting the subscription, the customer was supposed to receive updates on the various stocks and trades, so he or she can act accordingly. But he or she never received an update on time.

Most the times the trades he received to act on were too poor. This customer faced consecutive losses because of the trades recommended by Tim Sykes Weekend Profits. When this person had contacted the customer support for issuing a refund, they told this person that will not do that because the product will deliver great results. They charged this customer 895 for a three months subscription, denied his or her refund and kept delivering a poor product.

You can guess the amount of pain and agony this person must have gone through in order to get the refund. Fake Reviews. It is important for you to know that Tim Sykes company has hired many professionals from third world countries and other places to write positive reviews for the sake of their branding. The high numbers of negative reviews present on the various complaint sites can destroy anybody s reputation in a matter of minutes.

Tim recognizes this fact. Many of his positive reviews are false and it shows the level of fraud Tim is. That is why he puts a lot of effort into purchasing positive reviews and the services of professionals who could provide him with some positive reviews. Finding genuine reviews of Tim s products is quite difficult. Tim has deliberately created a few websites which bash him for being a bad service provider.

It is an unfortunate fact that Tim and his company are able to deceive people with so much ease. These companies don t say a lot of negative things about him. If I had been able to find genuine reviews before I made any purchase, I would have made a smarter decision. They just tell the reader that Tim is a penny stock investor and that he is unconventional. It s important that you recognize the difference between a fake review and a genuine one.

Why does he post a fake negative review. Well, the negative reviews posted on these websites are quite weak. Those websites provide links to all the major products and services of Tim Sykes. Therefore, they help his official websites in ranking high. And the low-quality of their negative reviews ensures that the reader doesn t believe in the same. Those negative websites help him strengthen his brand further. He is trying to market himself as the good bad guy.

His whole brand is based around this fake persona. Through the fake reviews he buys from service providers and the weak negative reviews he posts himself on other websites, he is able to create a manipulative brand, which attracts a ton of people and gets him a lot of business. You are always losing. You, the consumer, don t get anything of value from Tim and his products.

Tim is teaching you about penny stock investing but his advices don t work. This means you will simply end up wasting a lot of your time and money watching his rubbish courses and losing your money on the penny stock market. Many customers, like my dad, have faced problems with the quality of courses Tim offers. In my case, my dad wasn t getting responses from the chat room or any other place for his questions. He was paying them to gain access to these areas but it was of no use.

You can get an idea how irritating it must have been for me and my dad when our questions were going unnoticed and unanswered all the time. Tim Sykes Review Verdict. There are many victims of Tim Sykes fraudulent schemes. And you can t hold him accountable for the losses you suffer because penny stock investing is quite risky in itself. My dad lsot 20,000 beccause of this guy and it s certain that if he hadn t stopped, he could have lost more. And my dad isn t the only person who has lost his hard earned income in an instant because of this guy.

You should know the risk in penny stock trading before you enter this market. Also, Tim is a huge finance scam. He wants you to purchase all of his products even though they provide you with no value. He lies to you about the market, gives you zero knowledge, late updates and access to a dead chat room. He is running a large scale financial scam and it is essential that we put a stop to his mischievous activities.

How long would we let this guy ruin lives. It is essential to spread awareness about Tim s scams. I have done my part, will you do yours. Tim Sykes has the worst services on the planet. His stupidity cost me 20,000. I would rather eat a rotten tomato than recommend this idiot to anyone. Fraud Fake positive reviews Doesn t know what he talks about Scammer. You cannot trust Tim Sykes. He has been playing with people s lives for many years and he always hides the truth.

Please avoid him. MasterECN is run by anonymous scammers who target novice traders through their promotions. Tradeprofx is scamming thousands of traders with false claims and horrible services. Ben Rattray. Ben Rattray takes money for speaking engagements but doesn t even show up. See the narcissistic. ALLTRADE MARKETS. Tim Sykes is an Absolute FRAUD Who is Tim Sykes after all. Other Victims of Tim Sykes Fake Reviews Tim Sykes Review Verdict Sources.

Skeptic Tank is the leading social platform for consumers to share their experiences with businesses and other people. We thrive for helping the marketplace become less ambiguous and more transparent. Top 20 Seminar Scams and How to Avoid Them. I decided to write this article after spending over half my speaking career about 12 years speaking at public seminars and watching the decline of service provided by seminar speakers and promoters and the increase in scammer speakers getting rich while committing fraud at the expense of mostly unknowing and trusting people.

I m hoping those speakers promoters on the edge will clean up their acts and the really bad ones will be exposed. The good ones won t be bothered a bit because they don t allow these kinds of activities to occur iq option è sostituto dimposta their events. I might add that this document is talking about expensive coaching training programs sold at these seminars, not low cost items like books or a small CD set. Maybe you need a kick in the rear no matter what the cost The reason this is such a tough subject is that even some of the worst rip-off events can be an exhilarating shot in the arm or kick in the butt for some people to improve themselves.

I m all for that. What I m totally against is the manipulation of people solely for financial gain and the devastating letdowns that occur after these seminars. Good, but incomplete Many seminars provide fairly good, but incomplete information on the front end. This is understandable because it s pretty naive to think you can learn what the speaker knows in 90 minutes, all day or even in three or four days. The problem comes in with the high priced coaching packages invariably sold at these events that promise the moon and the secrets behind the secrets but only deliver pitch after pitch for more training that leads you down a financial rabbit hole.

Most programs you buy don t even come close to living up to the hype used to sell them to you. Once you see the kind of tricks pulled at these seminars, you ll be able to make better decisions on whether to attend a particular seminar and once there, whether you should invest in further coaching. hahaha It s an unwritten law in the seminar business that us speakers use the word Invest instead of buy. This is so we can manipulate you better.

Fake excitement and tricks Once out of the artificially created excitement and frequently mass hysteria of the seminar atmosphere, the harsh reality sets in. Here are some insider tips to watch for when attending a seminar they are in no particular order and you should probably print this out and take it with you when you attend your next seminar. I ll list them here for quick reference and then give more details below. Top 20 Seminar Scams. Fake Application Process. Although there are many legitimate applications processes to determine if you are right for a particular program, there are many that aren t legitimate at all.

This scam is designed to make you think the program you re applying for is exclusive. The really insidious part is that it s not an application at all. It s a CONTRACT and frequently it is designed to get around the Right of Rescission law. The Right of Rescission law, applicable I m pretty sure in every state, gives you a minimum of three days to cancel a contract for any reason or no reason. It is designed to protect consumers from high pressure sales tactics.

The Fake Application Process scam is using a combination of the take away close. making you feel like you re losing out on something and circumvention of the Right of Rescission in that they tell you that you will be notified later past the three day mark so you have no right to a refund. A legitimate seminar speaker will review your application, discuss it with you and make a real appraisal of your chances for success.

Don t put your credit card number on one of these. The date you would then put on the contract would be the date you were informed of your acceptance and the date you decided to proceed. A speaker who refuses this, wants to rush you, claims the deal is only good right now, says they have to leave to catch a plane without setting a time to discuss your participation should be highly suspect. A good trick is to put the credit card number on the application but purposely mess up a couple of the numbers and then watch what happens.

A legitimate speaker wouldn t even notice because they would not have run your credit card until after you were accepted by them and you accepted the deal after talking to them. If they run the credit card before talking to you about your acceptance, then what you signed was a contract, NOT an application. Fake Marketer of the Year Program. These programs can be totally legitimate, require a lot of work, have a legitimate and scrutinized judging system or they can be a Broadway quality play designed to set you up for the financial kill.

The way it works is that the seminar promoter hand picks people to compete for the prize. The contestants all get in front of the crowd and praise the promoter to high heaven for their successes usually from one of the promoter s high priced coaching programs. All of this supposed social proof sends the message to the people in the crowd that they can have the same success if they sign up for the promoter s high priced coaching program.

I have on file a report by an unknowing participant in one of these Marketer of the Year Programs. When he refused to play along, he was cussed out, blackballed and one of his ideas was stolen. Take these programs with a giant grain of salt. People love celebrities. You might say we re celebrity obsessed. Even me, a guy who didn t fall all over myself to get John Travolta s autograph when I was standing right next to him at a party can t help but feel differently when in their presence.

I get the fact that it s fun and exciting to meet celebrities and all kinds of organizations have celebrities appear at their functions. I think that s great. Unfortunately, I also get the economics of celebrity hype and how conmen and hucksters use celebrities to manipulate you into spending money you never would have spent had you been totally clear minded at the time. In the right situation celebrities are really cheap.

Let s look at the economics of this. You can get B list celebrity appearances for as little as a couple thousand dollars. Head toward the A list and the sky s the limit, but skilled manipulators can even get pretty well-known people to attend seminar events for fees way less than 10,000. You can even get industry celebrities for free. So, you re at a seminar and you see a well-known person touting the promoter as good so you figure the promoter must be good.

WRONG ASSUMPTION. This would still give you three days minimum to change your mind. 00 or 100,000. The reason this is cheap is that a skilled seminar speaker promoter can sell you intangible things for anywhere from a thousand dollars to even 50. Multiply this by many people in the audience who bite and they ve got a million dollar day and it only cost them 10,000.

00 or less to get a celebrity puppet to help make it happen. None of the celebrity hype has anything to do with the service you will get. Another thing to keep in mind is that the promoters do give great service to the celebrities and industry celebrities so those celebrities may actually believe the hype they re telling you. In some cases they are victims too, hoodwinked by the promoter. Bottom line is that the celebrity is not going to help you get your money back if the speaker promoter rips you off.

Don t let them sway your decisions to invest or not. Done For You Programs. These programs are designed to take advantage of several things. Laziness and the dream you can have something fantastic and put in little or no effort, 2. Iq option è sostituto dimposta purchaser s inability to assess what they are actually buying until it s too late and whether it s worth it or not.

This falls into the too good to be true category. Most people in front of a trusted and knowledgeable advisor who explained to them the complexities of actually gaining success in a particular field would probably say that most of these programs now look ridiculous to them. Expecting in any fashion whatsoever that you can have great success and riches without any effort is pretty much ridiculous.

To actually do anything that would be any good would most likely cost tens of thousands of dollars worth of man hours and labor. If you fall for these types of schemes no matter how good they sound, you may as well go ahead and apply for the old make money stuffing envelopes from home scam. The more insidious part of these schemes and I ve uncovered one lately that gets nothing but complaints is one that sells poor and outdated information and fraudulently predicts the prospects of success to people who have zero ability to assess what they ve bought until it s far too late in the process.

I have on file detailed complaints about one promoter who is now backpeddling as fast as he can and I think he s changing the name to Done With You instead of Done for You. A more accurate description of his program is Done TO You since the program in my expert opinion is misrepresented, has little chance for success, is outrageously overpriced, selling poor quality and outdated information.

In addition to the ridiculous entry price they even have the nerve to charge you a large monthly fee to maintain the garbage dump they helped you create. Bottom line here folks is that you should run from most Done For You programs sold at seminars unless you ve got cash to burn and don t care if it s successful or not. Refusal to Record. For years a no recording policy at seminars was standard.

However, times have changed. Many large companies are even ignoring their copyright violations uncovered on YouTube knowing that they ll get more favorable publicity by looking the other way instead of crushing a fan with the threat of a lawsuit. The Grateful Dead arguably one of the most successful bands in history allowed people to record their entire concert and even made it easy for them to do so.

Keep in mind I m in no way advocating copyright violations. I m just saying that companies that ignore this trend should think twice. I m also saying that some companies strictly enforce this policy to make sure there isn t video or audio proof of their nefarious dealings behind closed doors. I ve heard of one seminar promoter who confiscated one of those 300. 00 note taking pens from someone who attended his expensive seminar.

Of course, no legitimate speaker promoter wants their information sold, but for personal use only after someone has paid for the information, a strict no recording policy seems really sketchy to me. Find out before you agree to attend a seminar what their policy is and get it in writing. If it s no recording, you may still want to attend for the other benefits of the seminar like networking, and meeting industry experts, etc.

First of all let me say that I teach copywriting as part of my Internet training. Yes, I use urgency techniques to get people to act now. Pretty much the entire business world does and there is nothing inherently wrong with moving people to action so long as what you sell them is truly right for them and will help them. The reason you see so many urgency techniques at seminars is that the bad boy girl seminar speakers and promoters know they will not follow up with you.

They know they aren t going to treat you with your best interests in mind. They want the quick buck while you re standing there and they want it in the heat of the moment when you are probably not thinking clearly. Being on the inside for so many years I m aware of the enormous number of chargebacks they get for pressuring people to buy now. Chargebacks are when you have to call your credit card company to try to get your money back.

The reason this is somewhat of a scam is that I can virtually guarantee you that the person making the claim that the price is only good in the next 27 seconds hahaha would grab your credit card in a heartbeat if you called their office a week later and said the following. I was at XYZ seminar. If you will give me the seminar price, I will sign up. If you won t, then thanks I won t sign up. I think this technique also shows desperation.

The most truly powerful people don t need you to sign up. Yes, they want you to sign up and they want to make the money. Heck, I do too. But if you don t sign up today, it pretty much won t mean a thing to me. Just yesterday as I was writing this, someone called to sign up that had seen me six months ago. He wanted to participate in my program with his son-in-law, but his daughter and son-in-law just had a baby and had to really get a handle on that situation before they could concentrate on my training.

I gave them the seminar price and passed on the commission to iq option è sostituto dimposta promoter. Everyone is happy, no one felt pressured or scammed and I sleep at night knowing I m not one of the A holes you are reading about in this report J. Lying About Results. Have I heard some whoppers from the stage. A stock market speaker virtually guaranteeing 30 returns. A real estate speaker doing the same thing in combination with a Done for You scam talking about 30 returns being easy on real estate in Mississippi or whatever state was the farthest from where they were speaking.

A public speaking speaker and his partner talking about the number of people they put in a seminar and the enormous sales they made later revealed as totally exaggerated. Even proof is not proof anymore. I was one of the first speakers ever to show real sales figures online and actual bank statements when people attend my retreat center. Now you regularly see fake screen shots of sales that are either made in Photoshop, or real screen shots of sales figures that don t tell the true story.

For instance, a person might show 200,000. 00 in sales in a very short period of time. This is an issue that can be legitimate but can also be sketchy. What they didn t show you was that to get that 200. 00 in sales they spent 250,000. They figure that whatever they sell you and thousands of other suckers will make the 50K back plus a lot more. If I had to average it out over the many years I ve seen people BSing on stage it would be safe to say you could divide whatever they say by 10 and be much closer to the truth.

Be extremely careful when you hear sales figures being hyped from the stage. When I say them, which I do, they are verifiable or I don t say them, or I make a big deal that I m not sure about the figures. 00 in pay per click traffic and actually lost 50,000. Misrepresentation takes on many forms. The Do it All For You section above is a good example of that. The name of the program totally misrepresents the reality of the program.

This is unethical at best and actually criminal at worst. Unethical seminar speakers promoters have many chances to hoodwink you both at their events and in their coaching programs afterward. Sometimes this is innocent and unavoidable, but sometimes it s a deliberate attempt to get more people to attend even when they know they can t produce. Here s an example that involves me. I was booked to speak at an event that I had done many times in the past.

The seminar promoter created a contract situation that was unacceptable to me, but still kept the announcement of my appearance on his website. I heard later that people in the crowd were there in part because they were expecting to see me, but, of course, I was not there. Had I gotten sick at the last minute, that would been an unavoidable situation.

This is misrepresentation. Knowing in advance that I was not going to be there was misrepresentation. I heard of a very big name speaker that I have admired for years promote a certain unique networking feature that would happen at his seminar. It never happened with no apology and no explanation. It made me wonder if he was going to the dark side. Another speaker misnamed his seminar to make you believe it was about subject A.

Then when you got there subject A was only a tiny part of the entire seminar. When it comes to your coaching contract make sure every single thing is spelled out. The scammer people have many weasel clauses which are totally in their favor. For instance a one-on-one training day with the coach sounds pretty easy to understand doesn t it.

The unscrupulous coach could mean it as a half day and you think of it as an 8 hour full day. Does it include lunch and breaks, etc. Also, what time of day is it. If the coach reschedules and causes damages, who pays the damages change in airfare charges, etc. What are the guidelines and advance notice for rescheduling. You need to spell out what will be done during the day.

If the coach spends the entire day bragging about his her own accomplishments and ignoring your business, that s not acceptable. That s misrepresentation. I could go on for months on this one. Is it fair for the coach to be able to reschedule but not the participant. Bottom line here is to get everything in writing and make sure everything is defined and clear. I really can t say it better than this.

A shill or plant is a person who helps another person or organization to sell goods or services without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with the seller. Similar to the Fake Marketer of the Year Contest The shill pretends to have no association with the seller group and gives onlookers the impression that he or she is an enthusiastic independent customer. The person or group that hires the shill is using crowd psychologyto encourage other onlookers or audience members who are unaware of the set-up to purchase the said goods or services.

And bad seminar leaders, says Tom. Theft by Conversion. Most of the things I m talking about it this report have both a civil and criminal aspect to them. This one clearly has criminal implications because theft is part of it. Just to explain this idea in layman s terms because I m definitely not trying to give legal advice here, but let s say you lend your car to someone. They obtained it legally because you lent it to them. If they never bring it back, i.

they converted it to their property which is the same as saying they stole it theft. The idea as it relates to business coaches is that someone accepts a contract to coach you on your business idea or tells you they can take your business to the next level. Then after they get all the information about your idea or business from you legallythey take the idea and use it for their own gain theft.

I ve had two complaints like this in the last month about the same seminar promoter. I highly suggest you make the coach sign a non-disclosure agreement that has some teeth in it put in there by a good lawyer that s looking out for your interests. I will tell you that there are legitimate reasons why a highly successful coach may decline to sign one, however, their reluctance should make you rethink the entire agreement and whether this coach is right for you. Always make notes of what people say to you at the time they said it.

If you ever end up in court, you have a much better chance of getting your notes admitted if they were created at the time of the event. It s not a bad idea to ask them to sign your notes and also for you to tell someone else what happened. Recording audio video is even better, but make sure their awareness of the recording is in accordance with applicable laws which vary depending where you are and they are at the time of the recording. Selling, trading and providing fake testimonials are highly unethical practices and now with the FTC ruling from December of 2010 probably illegal.

Yes, I understand that paid endorsements have been common for a long time and quid pro quo testimonials have been common for a long time. I also understand that these testimonials have hurt many people by convincing them something was good when it actually wasn t. I ve kicked people out of my mentor program for using fake testimonials in their sales letters. Why do you think the Federal Trade Commission came down so hard in December of 2010 with their updated ruling regulating endorsements.

The answer is that fake paid endorsements have done a lot of damage to people. This site also is most likely the basis for a recent promotion where the affiliate vendor forced his affiliates to take down all their promotion. What could have happened is that the affiliate vendor knew there were many fake endorsements out there and that he had not put a program into effect to train his affiliates in proper promotions which would be a violation of the FTC ruling.

He just went for the most money possible. Forcing the affiliates to remove their ads after the promotion was in my opinion destroying evidence AKA spoliation of evidence.

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