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Stats say Salahs goals are worth more points, scores Vs Utd Chelsea Spurs City etc etc so not sure what you re on about really. He s only ahead of goals scored cos he takes penalties. Jesus Christ it s like a brick wall with you guys, yes yes goals and finishing have already been addressed. They were tied on 22 goals the season before. Without penalties, Salah will never come close to Mane s goals. Last season he only beat by 1.

an actual brick wall. In the last two seasons. Tell me the stats then. I don t have them to hand, and I think it was for the season gone. Carragher on skysports did a piece on mo being underrated I think it was shown there, his goals directly led to X amount of points and it was well ahead of Manes value. Salah plays very selfishly as an out and out goal-scorer.

You are literally justifying his value by saying that he has scored goals against bigger teams. If Salah remains as the sole goalscorer and doesn t improve his shooting or adapt his game slightly then most fans will continue to be slightly underwhelmed. just ignore all the delusional haters and ungrateful fans from other clubs. anyone who watches liverpool s games know that the amount of space salah creates by being double and triple man-marked his efforts tracking back his movement makes liverpool the great team that they are.

Mane has outperformed him since his debut season. Salah s finishing is pretty good for easy chances but the 40 of speculative shots from outside of the box are nearly all misses. If Mane was as selfish as him which it looks like he will be this year he would outscore him. I expect Salah to score more FPL points than Mane again this season. Plenty would rather go Mane, and that s okay, they may be right this season.

We shall see. Looking at season totals is pointless. Therefore I m going Salah. Go with whoever you think will start better in the short term. You re not keeping either one the whole season. Even firminho will outscore salah if he s the penalty taker. Quite simply, anyone who thinks salah is better than mane either. A doesn t watch Liverpool play B does watch Liverpool play and doesn t understand football. salah has been at 75 since first season. Remember that 32 goals 11 assists. I reckon you can go with either but I do think Salah has the greater potential for an exceptional season.

Mane is the more effective tenacious player at the moment - but scores same points. Quite simply, anyone who thinks Salah is not in the top 10 players in the world either. What s the template looking like this year. First time on the site this season and curious how my draft compares. Hope you are all well. After gw1 Martial Son or Bruno Alli. Here is what each team would look like.

B McCarthy Nyland TAA-Dier-Vinagre 4. 5-Mitchell Auba-Salah-Bruno-Alli-Soucek Werner Brewster-Davis 0. 5 ITB or Alli- Pulisic or 4. Thansk for responding. So, Son Ings or Martial to have Bruno is preferable than keeping Salah and having Werner as a sole striker with two 4. 5 strikers on the bench. Martial over Fernandes if u buy BF s outperformance on expected goals is unsustainable. If you are confident on Alli turning up this season, go Martial Alli and upgrade elsewhere.

Been considering the terrible bandwagons of last year. This year could be different, but I think the key is to not let yourself be overwhelmed by having more than 2-3. When your team is suddenly choc full of Moura Perez Fraser Wilson Jota and with nowhere to go, you honestly think you ve snookered yourself instantly. You re also then compelled into Haller Pukki Abraham Mount Trossard bagonwheels. Have cash cows and set and forget values.

Perhaps Salah Mane Auba starting is not the worst scenario. Few bits of context apart from the obvious, such as the blank and Pulisic injured. -Pool defence has looked poor for a while I d actually say a year tbh. I m ambivalent towards it atm. A fit TAA is certain, but Robbo too. Check out Klopp s burnt out Dortmund 14-15 for a potential foreshadow -There s no 4m defenders -Sub 8. 5 attackers don t particularly entice.

Alli and iq option é seguro Adams are punts in the dark. Okay, but having both and should they immediately seem like daft picks. Panic stations -No 4. 5 strikers atm. So, with that said. 5 - 4 set and forget. Not too sure it matters a great deal which one you pick tbh. Don t forsee any Pope Henderson breakouts. TAA - Doherty Laporte VVD Robbo placeholder - Egan Saiss reliable value with goal threat and fixtures - Iq option é seguro - KWP both for value and fixtures. This is essentially a starting back 5 that will become a back 4 then a 3 as the cheap mids and or forwards emerge.

Next transfer for both would be Auba- KDB or Sterling. But to start the season and target some clean sheets rather than mid price hauls appeals far more enticing. Salah Mane - Auba two of these underpin the mid - 8. 5 mid Havertz - two of Reed Anguissa Lemina Bissouma two points guaranteed at base price. Again, this is just for those initial weeks.

Werner - Ings - Davis Brewster. Keane 5m Everton probably being overlooked with there new incomings. Everton are untouchable I think, but by all means if you re compelled. 5m Keane is either a transfer waiting to happen to a Bertrand Egan Saiss Spurs too or you downgrade him to a 4. 5 to free another. A, and Salah to Bruno.

Very solid approach, I like it. Cheers for reading, love an occasional ramble. 5 4 no cash tied. TAA Doh cash cows and sure long term value bets. Egan Saiss long term value safe bet. Vinagre KWP long term safe bet and base price in terms of playing time. Salah Auba Pulisic Havertz Son Alli cash cows. Two of Reed Anguissa Lemina Bissouma decent 2 pointer PPMs without holding any cash.

5 messy business, which is the point of my post. Brewster Davis base price and not locking any cash. Werner Ings cash cow and solid bets. Wish i could fit Saiss in i think 5 is great value for him. Think I saw something about Wolves being in for a new central defender. Boly and Coady are untouchable. Not the signing i thought they needed, Bennet there as cover too. In Guardian today. Jean Clair Todibo - at Barca.

Seems an odd one for sure. Wouldn t have that as a priority area at all. yeah hes 20, more back up youd have thought. Wolves need to strenghed and here they are buying youngsters for the future. Nice write up mate. Unless my math is wrong, do you not fall. 5 of affording this. It is affordable. TAA - Doherty - Saiss - KWP - Vinagre. Mane - Auba - Pulisic - Reed - Bissouma. Werner - Ings - Brewster.

I could tweak it so that Pulisic is replace by Salah but then Ings would become a 4. Think I looked at it with Sonny included. I do like it a lot strong foundation. Ah, if he s not wide then Son and a Saiss to a 4. 5 unlocks that. If Son fails then that. 5 is still unlocked when you make your next move. Egan terrible pick this season with no Henderson. A possibility indeed.

Again Saiss asidedo I risk locking in a. 5 on a dud or simply get another low risk 4. 5 and then take that. 5 as spare or add on to another cash cow. I think this is a sensible starting point. If value picks emerge proper value picks such as from Chelsea you can adjust. Could use something similar if your a mitrovic fan too just having a look.

Doherty vinagre KWP TAA 4. Salah Dele Auba 4. Mitro Werner Ings. I really like this. 5 gives you an array of value options. But, there s no 4m defenders. Let s say Mitro fails. a he s locking 1. 5 b you use another transfer to get on another bandwagon Ings didn t emerge till November iirc. Mitro to Brewster Davis Delli to Havertz Pulisic Son. Is messier than already having a 4. 5 and Son already in place. See, Mitro could be great decent, but how often are wrong on these mid price mid punts. Very, very often I d say.

Really good points in the post but Havertz is a bold call considering he will have a week to adapt to a completely new country, club and style of play. 5 mids upgrade. Yeah, that slot is merely a cash cow as opposed to spreading that cash for mid price with no guarantee of extra returns for the further outlay. I don t like the fact you have 3 duds in this team.

Reed, Bissouma, Davis is just horrendous. Any injuries or rotations and you instantly regret it. I benefitted last year hugely from Lundstram coming off the bench with 12 points for my Barkley who didn t play GW2 out of nowhere. I think having one of those dud mids is fine. Bissouma for a steady 2 point cover but two and especially another dud forward is poor team management imo.

What price you think Dani Ceballos will be. Says he played today in friendly against Villa. Ings downgrade,one of 2 x 4. should be about 6. Yeah maybe, 6,0 for 0 goals and 2 assists is a pass. Was hoping for 5 haha. Yeah im definitely asking fro too much there. Ok one final draft for today. A Doherty, Salah, Greenwood B Dier, Bruno, Vardy. Which set of players will score more for the first 6-8GWs.

Douglas LEE is the second most owned 4. Difficult one, both options are very good. 5 defender after Vinagre. Why him instead of Dallas Ayling. Because he s 4; not 4. Because he s 4. 0m and the masses don t know the correct dud to buy. Faq, terms privacy links. The Team FAQ Contact The Scout Disclaimer Terms And Conditions Privacy Policy.

Copyright Fantasy Football Scout 2020. Manheim Manchester iq option é seguro include customer car parking, collection and delivery service, Simulcaston-site café, plus reconditioning and valeting. We see over 16,000 vehicles sold every year through weekly, daytime and evening car auctions. Manheim Manchester is conveniently located close to the Trafford Centre and offers buyers the opportunity to buy quality vehicles at auction from dealership part exchanges, major fleet and finance vehicle stock.

To arrange an appointment, please call Daniel Fanning on 07774 927794. We re big on car auction convenience - convenient times and a convenient location. answers to questions about computing and digital photography. How do I get them back. This is a not uncommon problem. How it happens I can t say, but how to get them back is easy. Right-click on an empty spot on your desktop. In the small menu move the pointer to View Move the pointer horizontally to the additional menu.

Move the pointer down to Show desktop icons. This item is checked when the icons are displayed. Click it so it will be unchecked. Before I show you how to restore the shortcut icons, here is how to make them disappear. The icons will immediately disappear. To restore the desktop shortcuts just follow the same procedure. This item is unchecked when the icons are not displayed. Click it so it will be checked. 2012 Ludwig Keck.

I am indebted to my friend AlexO for this solution. The desktop shortcut icons will be restored. My desktop shortcut icons are gone. My own icons have never pulled the disappearing act, and I did not know about this. Right-click on the desktop. 37 thoughts on My desktop shortcut icons are gone. Thanks all is now back to normal. One wrong click and poof gone. Since this is for Photos as well. I have a Galaxy Samsung camera, it never ceases to amaze me. I followed the instructions and my desktop icons are back.

great skill and knowledge. I was so stressed. Glad this was of help, Peter. Thank you Ludwig, my desktop icons are now back, very easy indeed,thank you once again, Peter. Thanks got them back very easy. This did not work for me. Windows 10 has taken over the desk top and I can t right click on it. Any body know how to close the Windows 10 desk top. Windows 10 has shown me also that it can come up with problems that I have never seen before.

Really grateful. I just rebooted a computer for the third time today. I do hope that your problems will disappear after just one reboot. I recently lost all my icons on my Android cant figure out how to get them back oh by the way that happened after doing a back upon my ph. Sorry Terry, my expertise does not extend to Android phones. Still don t have any icons. click icons on desk top there wasn t any thing about icons.

I have windows 10. It is a pain in the a. Excellent thanks a span, I was out of sorts. Sorry about your troubles, Dick. This is also true for the desktop operations. Windows 10 is very similar in many respects to Windows 7. A menu pops up. Move the pointer to the top item, View. An additional menu pops up on the side. Right-click at a space on the desktop where there is nothing else.

The bottom item in that added menu is Show desktop icons. if there is no check mark in front of it, click it. The menus will close. If no shortcut icons appear on you desktop, then you have not set up any shortcuts. Get in touch with me via the link at the top of the sidebar if you need a hand. But the menu didn t pop up. Restart your computer and try again. It still didn t work for me. a menu appears sayingselect all-print-inspect elements and view source. Dick, you are right-clicking on an place in your browser, not on your desktop.

Close or minimize the browser and get any other open window out of the way. Then right-click on an open space on the desktop. I lost all my icons on my face page can you restore my face page back to the way it was. If the method suggested here does not work for you, then I am afraid I cannot help. Do you have any other suggestions.

Vera, please send a direct message to me. I have office 16 and this fix didn t work for me. I will try and dig deeper. I had tried to research this but only got easy help when I saw your answer. Only some of the icons are missing. This procedure doesn t fix this for me. You stumped me, Linda. Maybe I might figure something out. According to my father, as it is his computer, what s missing are actually short-cut icons. Can you tell me what some of the missing icons were. For example, he installed H R Block, and that shortcut is missing.

We can go back through his programs list and have short cuts remade. Those shortcut icons that have gone missing were likely removed by Windows in a periodic maintenance operation. These were to programs on his computer. Icons that gave not been used for a long time three months may be removed in this way. For shortcuts to websites, like a bank, I suggest adding the site to Favorites in the browser or the Favorites Bar.

Nothing happens when I right click on empty desktop no menu, the old icons briefly appear for like 2 nano seconds and then the tiles take over we can t find the recycle bin anywhere. First, I would suggest the usual fix-attempt Restart. That shouldat least, get you to where right-click brings up the menu. Turns out that is all it took 3 reboots and everything is back thks.

Ah, the glory of Windows. Glad to hear that it s working again. No just dont work. Windows 7 has wiped out my start menu icons as desktop as well on installed Ansys SpaceClaim Application. Seems to me a good prof that MS wanting only MS app to run on damn OS and nothing elese. It is walking as duck sounds like duck appears like duck then is a duck aka MS. And now im forced manualy seek those proframs to make hardlinks again. Stupidity of MS is newer ending. Your information is not worth two cents.

I couldn t get my icons back. However, I believe there was an icon to his bank that is missing as well, can t be positive. So sorry, Delmar, that my solution didn t work for you. Hope you have found one that works. With 786 new and 17,011 used Toyota cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK. 5 VVT-h Excel E-CVT 5dr Safety Sense, 15in. 2015 65 reg 7,859 miles.

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Nutri Ninja cups, slip seal lid. The O2 Customer Forum is a great place to read tips from other customers who have hit snags in the set up. It s also the ideal place to discuss specific set up concerns you may have with fellow customers and O2 experts. You might also want to run through the step by step guides to get a sense of how easy your set up should be. User guides for most mobiles can be found in the O2 Mobile Guide. O2 provides business customers with a range of chargeable email setup services.

For other O2 customers, we ll try our very best to talk you through the set up over the phone if you can t find the help you need online. Make a note of what the exact error message is, and when in the set up process the problem occurred. Before you call, it s worth trying to identify where the problem could be. Device software. Is your mobile compatible with the email system you re trying to use.

Some web based email systems may not work - can you use basic email and POP3 instead. Have you entered the correct username and password. Have you checked your incoming and outgoing server details. If you are using a BlackBerry mobile, have you also subscribed to a BlackBerry price plan. This adds the correct BlackBerry settings, e. BlackBerry APN to your SIM card. Does the G GPRSE EDGE or H HSDPA icon appear on the top of your screen in capitals showing you have coverage.

Have any faults been reported in the Announcements section on the O2 Customer Forum. If there are no obvious error messages, try to identify where the iq option é seguro could be before you call. Double check your incoming and outgoing server details. Has anything else changed to your service. Is your email running OK from your PC or Mac. Have you changed your email password. Visit the O2 Customer Forum and ask your question, or contact your Customer Service team.

Here s the top error messages we often come across and how to fix them. Unable to connect to server. Double check the email settings on your mobile. Check username password. Either the username or password is entered incorrectly, or already logged into the email account elsewhere. Check settings. Subscribe to GPRS. GPRS settings missing from the handset, you need to add these first. Host Server not found. Double check the outgoing email settings on your mobile. I keep seeing emails from etp etp.

net in my inbox. You should un-install the BlackBerry software and re-install making sure you choose the option for the BlackBerry Internet Service rather than BES or Redirector. For other errors, check whether it has already been reported by visiting the O2 Customer Forum, or contacting your Customer Service team. If you re still stuck, the following links might be of help Find out if your query has already been answered in the O2 Customer Forum.

View the latest information on the dedicated pages for BlackBerry, Xda and iPhone. View the FAQ and Support pages for your mobile in the O2 Mobile Guide. How to find out which email system you use. Contact your Customer Service team by email or phone. Before we visit you, we need to be sure your phone is compatible with the email system you use. Type your query into the Search box above to check the entire O2 web site and other partner sites.

If we cannot tell from your email address your email system, e. Your email will either be a system operated by your in-house team, or outsourced to another company. com, then you will need to help us find out some details about your set up. The simplest way to find out is to ask whoever your set up your PC or email address for you.

We ve created a simple email below that you can send to them to help you explain what you need and why you need it. If your email address is operated by a company you set up from the internet, you will likely find the email settings on their help pages. Just tell us the web address of the provider and we ll do the rest. Alternatively, you might find it easier to get the settings we ll need from the software on your PC. Here s how to find out the settings if you use Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 2007. Open up Microsoft Outlook. Outlook 2003, click Tools E-mail Accounts. Outlook 2007, click Tools Account Settings. Ensure View or change existing e-mail accounts is highlighted, and click Next. The type of email system you use is then shown. In this example, two types of email account are available; Exchange, and POP. Please note that if you only have an entry for Microsoft Exchange Server in this list, then you will need to speak with your Exchange administrator to check whether you can access your email using POP3.

Further help on Exchange settings is provided below. Click on the POP SMTP to view the settings used. Your email server settings are shown in this screen. Microsoft Outlook Express. Open up Microsoft Outlook Express. Click Tools Accounts. Email accounts are shown as mail. Double click on the entry to view the settings. Click on the Servers tab to view your server settings. Options if you use Microsoft Exchange as your email system. If your company runs your own email server such as Microsoft Exchange, then it is technically possible to configure it so you can access your email on any phone using POP3.

However, for a lot of companies, your IT manager may have disabled this functionality for security reasons. There is no easy way for you to check other than by asking the IT manager whether POP3 is enabled on your email account, and asking them to provide you with the settings. If you are unable to use POP3, you may decide that the Device Set up visit needs to be cancelled, or the visit can proceed without the email element being set up. Please let us know your decision. You may also wish to consider 3 other options when talking with your O2 account manager or IT manager.

It will be possible to synchronise your email through Bluetooth or the USB cable provided with your phone. Ask your IT manager whether Outlook Web Access OWA is active on the Exchange Server. If it is, you should be able to access your emails through any internet browser. If you can access your email through the browser on your PC, you may be able to access your email using the browser on your phone.

This will be dependant on the phone you are using. Ask your IT manager to recommend a Push email solution that you can connect to instead of POP3, such as Microsoft s own Direct Push service, or a BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. Both of these solutions provide additional security and functionality, however they both require changes to servers that must be first completed before your phone can be setup.

O2 provide additional services to help IT managers configure their Microsoft Exchange server to work with Microsoft Direct Push or BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. Email this to your in-house team or email provider. However this means that your emails will only be synchronised when you manually connect your phone to your PC rather than whenever they arrive. I m about to get some help in setting up email on my phone, and I need some information about how my email account is configured. Can you please confirm the following information for me.

Is my email account set up for POP3 or IMAP access. If not, can my account be set up for POP3 or IMAP access. t 5454 if you d like more information about the differences of internet pop3 and enterprise push solutions. If my account can not be set up for POP3 or IMAP is there an alternative solution that I can be set up to use to get to my emails, such as MS Direct Push BlackBerry Enterprise Server OWA Email forwarding to external email accounts If POP3 IMAP is available, can you please confirm the following information The incoming server address port The outgoing server address port What username format is used full email address, or LAN username Whether there are any restrictions on SMTP use, e.

SMTP restricted to users logged on to the company LAN Whether different username passwords are required for SMTP. If you need any further clarification about what I m asking, can you please email me back and CC setupteam o2. com, or call 0845 313 3345 quoting my name. We are funding projects to help support our areas.

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