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How to Control CPU Temperature on Operating System. It is better to take extra precautions when it comes to adjusting computer temperature more than 70-degree celsius. Moreover, HWMonitor is the best GPU temp monitor operating system considered as it not only shows the graphics card model but also measures GPU temperature in the operating system. It is really important to realize that the range of CPU temperature brings a lot of opportunities for the users running all the applications on the PC.

Download the software of a range of CPU temperature on your operating system as it is completely secure and error-free. If you have any queries regarding the range of CPU temperature you can drop down your concern in the comment section and we will get back with the solution in minimum time. The free, easy and legal way to build your music collection. Where to download free music in 2020. Finding and downloading new music doesn t have to be expensive; many great artists have chosen to make their work available to download free, if you know where iq option erro interno look.

Here we ve picked the five best providers of free music downloads all totally legal and above board. By Cat Ellis 27 September 2019. Soundcloud Last. fm Noisetrade Jamendo Music Bandcamp. Where to download free music at a glance. It s important to note that although artists have chosen to distribute their work for free on these sites, the music is still protected by copyright and mustn t be distributed in any other way unless clearly stated otherwise. If you find something awesome, just share a link to the artist s profile and everyone wins.

The sites below are our top choices for free music, but some of the big online music stores also offer free tracks to download. Take a look at Amazon s free music selection and Google Play s free song of the week if you can t find exactly what you re looking for here. If you re looking for a better way to enjoy your free music, it s worth keeping an eye on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday guides, where we ll be listing all the best headphone deals online and on the high street.

SoundCloud is a brilliant place to discover and download free music, with a brilliant tagging system that makes it easy to search by genre. Image credit SoundCloud. Not all tracks are available gratis, but you might be surprised how many are. When you download a track, you will automatically begin following that artist, but you can unfollow them any time if you change your mind. You might also be prompted to like the artist s page on Facebook. You can only download tracks individually, not whole playlists.

Downloads are provided in MP3 format. Image credit Last. fm s music streaming service, but it also provides tracks to download free. Unfortunately there s no way to filter or sort the downloadable tracks so you ll have to spend some time browsing through, streaming and previewing to find what you want, but this is no bad thing if you re looking for something new.

All free music is provided to download in MP3 format. Image credit Noisetrade. All the music on NoiseTrade is free to download, with one caveat the trade in question is your email address and postal ZIP code, which will be used to distribute newsletters and to let artists see where their fans are located. It s not just music either; NoiseTrade also offers books to download on a huge range of topics in both EPUB and MOBI formats.

Image credit Jamendo. Jamendo Music. Like many free music download sites, Jamendo Music is all about connecting fans and artists helping listeners find new tracks to enjoy, and giving musicians a platform to reach new audiences. Jamendo s themed radio stations are one of the easiest ways to find songs you ll enjoy.

To grab the track that s currently playing, just click the small download button in the toolbar at the bottom iq option erro interno your browser window. You don t need an account to start listening and downloading, but features like track skipping are only available if you sign up. Music is provided in MP3 format. NoiseTrade s design is clean and clear, with an intuitive tagging system to help you find new music in a similar style to one of your current favorites. NoiseTrade is free for musicians to use, and you can give your favourite new discoveries a tip to support their work.

The free downloads section is tucked away behind a little link at the bottom of the homepage, but once you re there you ll find a great variety of songs from both small indie outfits and well known artists. You re probably familiar with Last. When you find a track you like, look at the bottom beside the various sharing options and you ll see a link marked either Buy or Downloaddepending on how the artist has chosen to distribute it.

Jamendo Music isn t just a brilliant place to download free music for your own enjoyment, it s also a superb resource when you want a track to use in a video. Using music in videos can be an intellectual property nightmare, but Jamendo is a superb place to start. Music from Jamendo isn t free for use in videos it s how the artists earn a crustbut there s a choice of licenses, all explained in plain English, starting at US 9. Image credit Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is chiefly a way for independent artists and small labels to get their own storefront, find new audiences and earn a living from their work, but some have chosen to make tracks available to download free. Just search for free download to discover tracks to download on a name-your-own-price basis. Bandcamp looks great and is a pleasure to use; it s what MySpace aspired to be but never achieved. Each artist has a custom page featuring a biography, discography, song previews, and reviews all high quality and genuinely useful.

For finding new music, check out Bandcamp s tags. Not only can you look for tracks in a particular genre, you can also narrow down your options by location. There s a heavy focus on the UK and US, but you ll find a decent selection of music from Asia and continental Europe too. Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format, and you can choose to receive email updates from the artist if you like.

Windows 10 Settings menu The Accounts tab. Use this tab to manage your accounts, your work accounts, your kids accounts. Looking to manage your Microsoft account, change how you sign in to Windows 10 or add a family member to your PC. You can do that in the Accounts tab in the new Windows 10 Settings menu. The first section in Accounts is Your info. and everything else. Here you ll find -- you guessed it -- your information, including your photo, the email address tied to your account, and your account status for example, Administrator.

You ll also see links to manage your Microsoft account and the option to sign in with a local account instead, as well as options for changing your picture you can either use your webcam or find a photo on your device. Email app accounts. In this section, you can add accounts to your PC for use with Windows 10 s email, calendar and contacts apps. These accounts can be from anywhere -- including Google, Yahoo Mail and iCloud -- they don t have to be Microsoft accounts.

Sign-in options. The Sign-in options section lets you choose how you want to sign in to your computer with a iq option erro interno, PIN, picture password in which you draw gestures over a picture of your choosing -- best for touchscreen users. If your computer has a fingerprint reader or an advanced camera, you ll also see an option to set up Windows Helloa Windows 10 feature that lets you sign into your PC using your face, iris or fingerprint. Windows 10 will ask you to sign in every time your PC starts up, but you can change this.

Read this guide to setting up your computer to automatically log in when you start your computer this is not recommended for portable devices, such as laptops or tablets. In this section, you can choose whether you ll be asked to sign in again after you ve been away from your device for a period of time. The Accounts tab is also where you can change sync settings across an account -- if you don t want your desktop background and password settings shared between computers every time you sign in, this is where you can fix that.

You can also enroll in device management to allow a support person to manage your device remotely. If your school, university or workplace uses Azure ID, this section is where you ll go to connect to the shared network. You re unlikely to use this section unless someone has explicitly asked you to do so. Family other people. If you d like to add additional accounts to your PC for family members or friends, this is where you ll do it.

If you d like to add a local account for yourself, you can do that in the Email app accounts section. Windows now distinguishes between family members and other users who are not family members. Family member accounts are linked -- adults in families can see reports of kids online activity, block websites and limit app and game usage, but other users won t be able to see or manage kids accounts.

For more info on how to add family members or other users to your account, check out our guide. Sync your settings. In Sync your settingsyou can manage your PC s sync settings. This is useful because not everybody wants to have every setting on a home computer sync with a work computer and vice versa. Settings sync is turned on by default, but you can choose to turn syncing off completely with the flick of a toggle in this section.

If you d like some settings to sync -- but not all -- you can toggle off specific settings under Individual sync settings. You ll be able to set individual syncing for your theme, Internet Explorer, passwords, language preferences, ease of access and Other Windows settings, which presumably includes settings such as Start menu preferences and Taskbar position.

Work access. Editors note This How To post was originally published on February 25, 2015, and was updated on May 23, 2016 to reflect new information regarding Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342. Discuss Windows 10 Settings menu The Accounts tab. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a viable option to bypass the autologin in windows 7.

We have a bunch of PC s that are on our shopfloor that are locked down and autologin as the same user. Windows 7 AutoLogin Bypass. In windows XP this wasn t a problem as you could simply hold shift and hit enter to bypass the autologin, but since I ve upgraded the majority of these pc s to windows 7 this no longer seems to work. The only way that I ve found to bypass it is to reboot and hold the shift key at the exact right moment prior to the windows splash screen which is annoying to have to reboot and only works a small percentage of the time.

I ve downloaded two hotfixes per a recomendation kb977534 and kb2526967 but when installing them it tells me they aren t applicable to my computer. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance. Take the Daily Challenge how to disconnect mapped drive remotely and add new path. How to access windows 7 share from Windows Server 2019 Windows 7 Doing strange things. Instead of rebooting, why not log off, then in with whatever account you actually want. That s kind of the problem, the way these pc s are configured whenever you log off, you get prompted for the SAS, and get a legal notice and as soon as you hit ok it auto logs in as the locked down user.

Would doing admin tasks w run as work. What I need is a way of bypassing the auto login similar to how it worked in XP with the shift enter. Doing admin tasks with run as does work, but since it s locked down the only way for me to access command prompt is to throw a shortcut to it on the desktop from behind the scenes. Through RDP I can login as whoever I want but ideally I d like to have the ability to bypass the autologin from the computer itself.

This functionality is supposed to and has existed in the past. Not sure if there is a registry key I can manipulate to allow this functionality. Why not just Log Off the user and log in at that PC. I understand the point of the autologon but i don t understand why that feature needs to exist as it seemingly no longer does as RDP and switching user should work just fine.

Also a shortcut to CMD is never needed. Windows key R Run cmd Command Prompt. What about turning off the auto-login altogether and removing the locked-down account s password. Then you can switch user if you want, and everyone else only needs to hit the enter key. Otherwise I m not sure what you want is possible. A past feature has no guarantee of being present or working the same way in the future.

I actually have a script pack that can do what you re looking for. I ll share it on SpiceWorks and update my post here as soon as I m done uploading it. Granted, it s not a direct answer to what you re looking for, but it may be something you can use INSTEAD of what you re currently using to do autologons, while still keeping the setting forced when it s enabled.

Edited Oct 21, 2014 at 18 47 UTC. Update Here is the script pack. You can modify the registry to auto login as a specific user. The shortcut to command prompt is necessary because they don t have the ability to access the run box otherwise I would have done that. I know that a past feature has no guarantee of being present in the future, but Microsoft claims that it still exists and should work. Windows 7 Codec Pack 4.

This website can use cookies to improve the user experience and to provide certain services and functions to users. Software 111669 2016-04-08 11 32 by Timothy Tibbetts. The Windows 7 Codec Pack supports almost every compression and file type used by modern video and audio files. For advanced installation options select Expert Installation. The package is easy to install, while also offering advanced settings to the high-end user For simple installation select Easy Installation.

Particular care has been taken to make the package Play a huge variety of Audio Video files. Free of conflicts. Cause minimal impact on system performance Disk space used, registry entries and stability. Compatible in full with Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 Codec Pack allows playback of almost every file type in existence, the only exceptions being commercial formats that iq option erro interno a particular player.

Cookies contain small amounts of information such as login information and user preferences and will be stored on your device. Software 111669 2012-08-02 16 58 by Tim Tibbetts. Special care has been taken to make the package. The package is easy to install, while also offering advanced settings to the high end user For simple installation select Easy Installation. Play a huge variety of Audio Video files. The package is easy to install, while also offering advanced settings to the high end user.

For simple installation select Easy Installation. The package allows playback of almost every file type in existence, the only exceptions being commercial formats that require a special player. Microsoft s Windows 7 operating system has reached the end of its lifetime, at least for home users. Microsoft will release a final round of patches for the operating system later today before support ends.

While there is a chance that critical patches will be provided after support end, as it happened previously with other versions of Windows that ran out of support, it is fair to say that these will be an exception rather than something that will happen frequently. First, the good news while Microsoft will end its support for the operating system, many popular software programs will continue to receive updates for quite some time.

Google announced recently that it will support Chrome on Windows 7 for at least 18 months, and programs like Steam, Firefox, and even Microsoft Edge will continue to be supported for the time being. Two versions of Windows are supported by Microsoft after support ends for Windows 7. There is Windows 8. 1 which will be supported until 2023 and Windows 10, which will be supported indefinitely it appears.

The upgrade to Windows 10 is still free for users that have a genuine Windows 7 product key. Microsoft ended these free upgrades officially in 2016 but never stopped the process. We revealed why that is the case and that this is a deliberate decision by the company and not an oversight. Some Windows users may not want to upgrade to Windows 10 as it is quite hungry for Telemetry data.

There are tools available to improve privacy but it is fair to say that most users won t be able to prevent the operating system from sending Telemetry data to Microsoft. These users may select to upgrade to Windows 8. It is closer to Windows 7 in many regards and will be supported for another three years before support runs out.

Downside to upgrading to Windows 8. If you still run Windows 7 on a home system or work on a Windows 7 machine in an organization, you have a couple of options when it comes to using your devices. 1 is that a key is needed and that this product key needs to be purchased. If the PC is rather old, you could also consider purchasing a new device entirely and maybe get a license for Windows 8.

1 or 10 that way. Considering that a retail key costs more than 100 Dollars, it is often cheaper to buy a new PC that includes such a key. Option 2 Stay on Windows 7 for a while longer. Windows 7 won t just stop working after January 14, 2020. Cheap keys are available on different marketplaces such as eBay, and buying them may be legal in your jurisdiction. Option 1 Switch to a supported version of Windows.

The operating system continues to function just like before and the only change is that it won t receive official security updates anymore. Good security software, including a proper firewall and antivirus solution that is still updated, is a must in this case. That s a problem that users who stay on Windows 7 face; this may not be dangerous if the PC is not connected to the Internet and used only locally.

Third-party company 0Patch revealed in 2019 that it will release security updates for Windows 7 after Microsoft support ends. Not all of them will be free and there is a chance that it will only create some security updates and not all considering that its resources are limited. Another option is to use a bypass that was detected recently.

Basically, what it does is enable ESU updates on systems that have not joined the program. ESU is the Extended Security Updates program that Enterprise and business customers may use to extend support for Windows 7 for up to three years. Enterprise customers and businesses may purchase ESU subscriptions to receive security updates after January 14, 2020. Option 3 ESU Enterprise and business only. It is still up for debate whether Microsoft will find a way to disable it.

Windows 7 Support ends today here are your options. Enterprise customers buy these per users and small businesses per machine. The subscription cost doubles per year but it is a good option for organizations that need more time to migrate the systems or need to use Windows 7 because of legacy programs that they run that are not compatible with newer versions of Microsoft s operating system. Option 4 Switch to Linux.

If the upgrade to Windows 8. You can check out our preparation guides on migrating from Windows 7 to Linux which cover backup and media creation, and other preparations. There are plenty of Linux distributions to choose from and if you are just getting started, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. 1 or 10 is not an option and staying on Windows 7 is not either, there is only Linux that users may select to migrate to.

There are hundreds more and you can very well spend days comparing the different distributions to find out which one is best suitable for your use cases. Now You do you still run Windows 7. Here is a short list of distributions that you may want to check out initially. What do you plan to do after January 14, 2020.

Install Windows 8. The best option Martin Brinkmann forgot. 1 with Classic Shell, none of the bullshit of Windows 10 e. no forced updatesand the same interface as Windows 7 after Metro is deactivated. Gets security updates until January 2023. I am sure a great many Linux fans will be saying their usual stuff in the comments, but here is the thing If all my software was available on Linux, I would have switched already. Martin Brinkmann didn t forget. But third party software support is still lacking.

1 you need a new key worth 100. 1 legitimate keys tend to be inexpensive in 2020. 1 key you don tthen that s still cheaper than paying for Windows 7 ESU. 2 Even if you really had to pay 100 for a Windows 8. Windows 10 is spyware, advertisement-infested, and installs updates without prior consent. It s also in permanent beta state thanks to its biannual major updates. After Windows 8. Sorry, but this is unacceptable. 1 support runs out, I am likely going to look into macOS a bit more, since it has more third party application support than Linux, and since it has good virtualization programs that actually work VMWare Fusion Parallels Desktopfor the few remaining Windows applications I might need.

Iron Heart But third party software support is still lacking. I m just being pedantic here, but this isn t true Linux has an enormous amount of third party software. I think that what you meant was that Windows emulation is still lacking, which is true, although it s getting much better. No, I meant exactly what I said. Third party software support is still lacking. Ever tried running a business with Linux. Any kind of business software aside from all things related to servers is just not present on Linux.

I can t even do my tax declaration on Linux. As soon as you do more than browse, checking your mail, Office tasks although no native MS Officeedit some photos Then it gets really complicated with Linux. I think it s fine for a pure private home PC. That s a different matter than third party support. There is no lack of third party support in Linux there are tons of such software.

Third party means something not developed by the distro or by you. This is why I acknowledged that I was being pedantic I know what you meant, but that s technically not what you said. It s worked very well for me. There is no lack of third party support in Linux. Dream on penguin boy. I have run a number of businesses with Linux, ranging from very small to moderately sized.

I m with Iron Heart, all specialistic professional software designed for Win won t run under linux, so a lot of professionist are forced to embrace the satanic plan of Satya friends and use this somewhat called 10. Ugly, buggy, laggy spyware. linuxes no, your open source jewels aren t ready for the desktop mass UI, drivers, the lack of interactive firewalls. IM STILL USING ME. Your actual claim is about the lack of software that works for you, specifically.

If all my software was available on Linux, I would have switched already. Iron Heart Exactly. I have a paid for and valid license for Vegas Movie Studio 13 and a paid for and valid license for Sound Forge Audio Studio 10. BOTH of these programs will not work on Linux Mint 19. I tried out Linux Mint 18 in a VM on my PC. I liked the look of it, very similiar to Windows. After support for 7 ended, I was going to switch over to Linux Mint, but never got around to trying out the OS more.

So I finally went and made a bootable Linux Mint 19. So far, I ve ran a live session by booting with the disc. I still do a ton of gaming in DOS, so that s no problem for me, and Steam and Steam games will work in Linux, just not all games. But I will not ever, put spyware on my computer. But by running that live session, it gave me a real good idea of where my setbacks are going to be.

Dosbox will work fine in Linux. The real kicker with all of this, is us 30 year microsoft customers. Windows 10 was the biggest middle finger ever to us customers. So, once I can no longer use 7, I ll make a full time, 100 switch to Linux. No VM, no dual boot, just Linux. And I ll have to deal with the setbacks as part of that decision.

You would think by now something would have gotten better or easier with Linux. But, that s my ultimate goal. 7 for as long as I can, then Linux Mint. MY PERSONAL AND VERY BIASED recommendation is to wait a little bit until Kubuntu 20. 04 Iq option erro interno arrives, with KDE Plasma 5. That way you get the longterm stable base and all the great and massive improvements KDE developers have made, wrapped in a very low resource-using, somewhat Windows-y, modern, sleek and safe OS.

Although, it s extremely baffling to me that Linux has been around since the early 90 s, and yet here we are, 30 years later and still to this day, most programs don t run in Linux no easy way to install made-for-windows programs. I personally use KDE Neon but since that is more of a semi-rolling system, Kubuntu will be the way to go for the basic users who do not want too many surprises along the way.

Sure, let s argue about this. Bobo That s an interesting idea. Once can use 0patch. com for a few months until Ubuntu 20. 04 and its many spin-offs arrive. I m staying with 0patch on one machine. If it flakes out, for some reason, I ll always have recent backups of my files and plan to move to Linux Mint, primarily because Windows 10 is painfully slow reading the files on a hard drive connected to it, which I do to manually delete temp files and obvious malware scripts.

Windows 7 is great for this task. This not at all a biased recommendation. Most of desktop users do not know that the apps for everyday use are available for free with any distribution of Linux. Ubuntu its derivatives are easy to operate, have a very good interface and are totally free. It is quite easy to install Linux alone or in dual boot mode with Windows.

Initially you have to get a bit out of your comfort zone. The outcome will likely be the same. Like me there were millions other programmers doing the same. I worked, sometime 36 hours, without a rest, for 3 months, to transfer hundreds of banking programs to Y2K. Without our work the world would have collapsed into chaos. This is more exciting than Y2K. and that was just the 3 months leading up to the new millennium. Back in 1995. Assembler, Cobol, etc What a mess this whole thing was.

There was a whole community of programmers, technicians, and managers who started working on Y2K even before 1990. Many businesses, due to Regulation P and HIPAA, required all Y2K workers to have MS Certifications to work on servers, desktops and laptops. This created a run on the MS Schools where one could take a week long course on how to pass a MS test. Those that made it through were called paper MS pros. Upon passing background checks, they could begin work a few days after their one interview, at competitive salaries.

Unemployment being what it was, many students were funded by state services, the courses being 100 s of dollars each. Many took several courses at no cost to themselves. Being experienced, we ended up de facto trainers, without compensation. Like showing how to access the BIOS to allow a floppy drive boot required by most processes. I was one of the millions of coders. I was on one of the teams that worked on four major city hospitals for three months. After it was over, the field was so flooded, support personnel became commodities.

Having been in the spotlight, clueless upper management became acutely aware of help desk and hardware software support overhead, becoming declared cost centers forever. Enterprise IT support salaries plummeted and many long time workers couldn t compete with the now more experienced paper MS pros and were laid off during the next two years performance review cycles.

I was laid off in 2002 and didn t find work for two years and when I did, for a financial outfit, it was at 1 3 of my previous salary. Y2K was branded fear mongering or, worse, a hoax. Because nothing happened. We should have kept mum, done nothing ahead of January 1, 2000 and upon the ensuing chaos, Yeah. Ten of us can fix your bank. 250 million dollars. We ll have it done when it s done.

Paid in advance. I was laid off in 2002 and didn t find work for two years. Similar here. I was working as a contractor and finished my last pre-y2k contract in 1999 12. After that, it took me 11 months before I could find work again and only as an employee at half what I was earning before. Never worked again as a contractor. Ended up closing my company. So easy to pretend it was a hoax without knowing the inside dirt.

It would have been a worldwide catastrophy it the software hadn t been fixed. Could have brought the economic system down to its knees in a matter of days. So here it is I guess it s time to make a switch to Windows 10. Having said that, a lot of people are recommending a clean install instead of just outright upgrading from Windows 7. I m all up for a fresh start but, the fact that I had to go through a tedious process of installing, configuring and tweaking everything to what I was used to on Windows 7, is a bit disheartening.

Probably best to upgrade first, in order to activate the free W10 key digital licenseand THEN perform a clean install. The digital license will be picked up automatically on that same machine. I guess I ll have to run MediaCreationTool1909 twice then. The upgrade won t transfer your installations over, anyway. It transfers only your files. Iq option erro interno configuration information app data you can still access for a few days in the Windows. You should still back up all of that before upgrading because you ll need it for the clean install.

I use StartIsBack. I can tell you what I ve done to make things more bearable for a Windows 7 user. I know that Open Shell has similar functionality and is free, but StartIsBack is better. It s also only 4. I also user Aero Glass. Again, not a free option if you don t want to be nagged, but when used in conjunction with a Theme Atlas file, the windows look very close to 7. A full theme would get it closer, but it s not worth the risk or the hassle of using the theme patcher.

Finally, OldNewExplorer. I was about to research on configuring the interface to make it look like Windows 7 but, Jesus that s a lot of mods that you d need to install. Thanks for the suggestions, Cassette. Nevertheless, I ll use all of them if it means to make the Windows 10 resemble 7 in any ways. Also, regarding to Aero Glass, I don t see any paid option for it.

Aero Glass is donation-ware. On the support page there is an option to donate. I don t know exactly how the donation translates into licenses, but I donated 5 and received 4 licenses. The licenses can be deactivated so you can transfer over to a new computer. This might be of interest to you if you want to get the title bar colors the same as in Windows 7. I wasn t able to find this information elsewhere so you might want to save it.

These are the RGB values for the named color schemes from 7. Twilight R 0 G 70 B 173. Slate R 85 G 85 B 85. Sky R 116 G 184 B 252. Thanks for sharing the information relating to configuring relating to Windows 10. Now I just need to get any important things on my OS drive backed up, write down what programs apps to install and have all those mods you ve mentioned ready to be installed once I made a switch to Windows 10. Just one last question relating to configuring Windows 10 from the fresh install Is there a guide that lists all the possible tweaks to disable any Windows 10 bloatware and telemetry stuff.

Some users mentioned to just delete outlook and turn off all privacy setting during the installation but, I feel like there are other settings that I could tweak to turn off any unnecessary junks. Win10Privacy is best software to do that. com as a replacement for file management, and use Windows own explorer for merely showing icons in windowed groups. Linux Peppermint is my choice, I already run it on my laptop. Use this opportunity to finally dump microsoft once and for all, and never look back.

Quite an issue indeed. Thanks for sharing the link. The article refers to a National Security Agency Cybersecurity Advisory pdf bulletin which states that The vulnerability affects Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 2019 as well as applications that rely on Windows for trust functionality. I ve got three Win 7 PCs and one Win 10 PC running 1709 with updates disabled.

How is it possible to purchase Windows 8. I will not waste my time and money downgrading the Win 7 PCs to 10, the hardware will die long before that s necessary. 1 when they stopped selling Retail and OEM in 2015 2016. com zorin-os-privacy-concerns it irritaded me so much so I deleted the ISO completely. I think Microsoft is doing a bad job and screw up in October 2016, implementing telemetry, forces customers over to Windows 10, last but not least making so buggy patches month after month, are they really up for the job.

Nevertheless, long live Windows 7 Linux. Zorin OS is fine, you can opt-out if you like from any telemetry, the same way as ubuntu. Your best bet is a sealed, boxed copy since that guarantees that the key hasn t already been used. Please read especially Point 7 of this article scroll down a bit. I strongly recommend Classic Shell if you intend to use Windows 8. Totally agree, Windows 8. 1 looks awful without Classic Shell Open-Shell. or simply run Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine, forever basically.

And do what with it exactly. Regardless, forever is a long time for hackers to find exploits. I imagine articles as this will start popping up soon. How to compromise Windows 7 VM via the OS host with bootkit. How to compromise Windows 7 VM via silent boot loader. Как использовать Windows 7. png There is none of that Store bullsh. t, no bi-yearly updates, it has 10 years of support just like Windows 7.

Plus it has the good Win32 calculator found on Windows 7, not the modern atrocity. Settings is the only downside, meaning you have two control panels. And the fact that if you want to disable DWM you ll have to go through some hoops, and it s not practical at all, unfortunately. 10 myths of Windows 10 LTSC that will never die. Yuliya How did you activate Windows 10 LTSC. Is there any chance to permanent activation such as for Windows 7.

Go to MyDigitalLife forums, create an account those posts are hidden from guestsand check the KMS section. A user abbodi and some numbers maintains something called KMSVLALL, that is what I used. The thread is pinned, so you don t need to search for it. If you need clean ISO files, here they are. Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 DVD English File Name SW_DVD5_WIN_ENT_LTSC_2019_64-bit_English_MLF_X21-96425. ISO Languages English SHA1 D5B2F95E3DD658517FE7C14DF4F36DE633CA4845.

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x86 DVD English File Name SW_DVD5_WIN_ENT_LTSC_2019_32-bit_English_MLF_X21-96424. ISO Languages English SHA1 220EB673D4AED9F1652C1CE3D2731CD96A8138F2. Note these are the 2nd release images. Though the bugs which initially 1809 had did not, and could not, affect LTSC due to its nature of deployment. Best alternative Windows 7 ESU, then self support until internet stops working. Windows 10 3. I found some modified Windows 10 LTSC 1809 but they are activated till 2038 only.

in the OPTION 4, why No Mention of FEDORA Martin. There are hundreds more. That s not good enough for you. I got a windows 10 pro key and I m happy with it. I used windows 7 since 2011 until last sunday. my discontinued sound card and graphic cards got more recent drivers versions. I was thinking about dual boot but I m not going back. but I kept an image made with acronis of a fresh win7 install with all the updates. Option 2 here Stay on Windows 7 for a while longer.

Many articles about Windows 7 EOL of course. Together with this very one, another which fits with my state of mind is. As for the security updates themselves the EOL doesn t concern me anyway given I totally stopped blocked Win7 updates starting October 2016. I ll keep Win7 until either the PC breaks or the OS is truly obsolete any which comes first and then buy a new PC.

I ll have to choose then between Win10 and Linux; if Win10 I ll get a Pro version and install it with no Microsoft account, clean all the low-IQ craps, try to kick out as much telemetry as I can and see how it goes. Work in perspective given Win10 as its predecessors but far more is not suitable out of the box. MacOS or hackintosh attempt 4. For the time being Win7, adjusted, clean, snappy, fit for my needs, remains my everyday companion.

I have exactly the same thoughts, especially since I don t think I m risking much since I use Rollback Rx and image s for possible problems. I blocked all W7 updates for several years now; really no problems encountered W10 is a PoS Piece of Shit. For sure, I will go Linux in the future. Linux is obviously an option but it s wishful thinking that many will be going that route. People can pretend it s ready for the desktop but it is still only for the tech savy you know perfectly well why before asking and that s ignoring people not wanting their apps and games to stop working.

1 seems almost pointless to suggest, why bother buying a license for an OS that s eol in 3 years. So for most it will either be sticking with Win 7, as many did with when XP eol ed, or suck it up and upgrade to hideous, data sucking Win 10. Actually, I d say a good, stable, long-term-support, beginner-friendly Linux distro e.most Ubuntu-based ones with a familiar desktop environment e.KDE Plasma or Cinnamon works great for most garden-variety, non-tech-savvy Windows refugees.

Linux s one-stop-shopping updating model is much less of a hassle than Windows where you have to update individual apps one at a timeand system updates in non-cutting-edge distros are much more reliable than Windows updates have been since late spring 2015. Also, you generally don t have to reboot after updating Linux unless you ve updated the kernel or systemd, which doesn t happen all that often.

Most of the time, everything just works. I m not a gamer, but from what I hear, even gaming support has improved by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. There are apparently now some For Windows games that achieve higher frame rates in Linux than they do in Windows. It s when you try to do something a bit more challenging, like set up a local-area network or install an app that s not in the official repo or, in the Ubuntu-based world, a trustworthy private repo that you start needing to learn more about how Linux works.

And even then, if you re using a popular distro, you re pretty likely to find directions that walk you through the process step by step. That s how I learned to set up a LAN and manually install FreeFileSync and Tor Browser. Here s what I miss most about Windows. Pretty much every new off-the-shelf desktop and laptop computer fully supports Windows out of the box, because they are designed from the ground up to support it.

Linux can take a while to catch up, and some hardware manufacturers don t make it easy. To my mind, this is an antitrust tying issue. Hopefully, EU antitrust authorities will tackle it at some point. Search Everything. Catfish, Drill, and Recoll are no match for Everything s hyper-efficient background indexing and instantaneous search results. Macrium Reflect.



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