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Listen to Episode 4 What happens when you leave NXIVM. Those who have left or spoken out reveal the price they paid. Competing narratives. Keith Raniere s epic daily walks through the streets and trails of Clifton Park have been replaced by miles and miles of circles inside a maximum security prison in Brooklyn as he awaits trial. And his marathon discussions about life and philosophy with admirers have been replaced by hours and hours of chats about legal theory with his lawyer, Marc Agnifilo.

Raniere has always cast himself as the master of his own narrative, and given the charges he faces, it s not an exaggeration to say his life depends on the strength of the story his team tells in court. He s very smart. He studies a great deal. He has a lot of ideas about his case, Agnifilo says of his client. He s adamant about his innocence. And I think that s part of what animates him. Agnifilo has experience representing men who claim to be brilliant but find themselves in a legal mess.

He previously represented Martin Shkreli, the convicted securities fraudster who became an international pariah for hiking the price of a potentially life-saving drug by more than 5,000 per cent. So this is probably my 10th client who is the smartest man in the world, Agnifilo says. Clare Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram s liquor empire, arrives for a hearing in New York City. She is accused of racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit identity theft and money laundering for her alleged role in NXIVM.

Brendan McDermid Reuters. Key members of Raniere s inner circle, including Salzman, Smallville actor Allison Mack and Seagram s heiress Clare Bronfman, have also been charged with racketeering conspiracy for their role in what prosecutors call an organized criminal enterprise. They have all pleaded not guilty. Bronfman s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said in a written statement to The Associated Press that the U.

government is overreaching. She has pleaded not guilty. Mack s lawyer, William McGovern, told CBC in an email that Mack denies the allegations against her and expects that she will be vindicated. Agnifilo says he agreed to be interviewed by CBC because he s concerned the government s narrative about Raniere has gone unchallenged in the public realm.

And he sees some holes in that story. All of a sudden we re quick to say, Oh, poor dears. They must be victims because no right-thinking, free-willed woman would ever want that for herself. For starters, he questions how prosecutors can prove that Raniere s accusers were brainwashed into making choices against their will. Many of these former followers are highly intelligent and successful women, he says.

And they committed themselves to training that s based on the fundamental idea that individuals need to take full responsibility for everything in their life every choice, every reaction and every consequence. They were taught that by removing victimhood from the equation they were building stronger ethics and greater happiness. And people are now saying, Well, I was manipulated, Agnifilo says. I mean, to sort of say that I was exposed to these concepts and somehow I was manipulated or coerced.

Man, you re going to have to prove that to me because I don t see it. What Agnifilo does understand, he says, is that DOS was clearly inspired by Raniere s ideas. But he didn t run it; the women did. And he says his client didn t tell Sarah Edmondson or anybody else what do; they willingly made their own choices. They voluntarily handed over potentially life-ruining material known in NXIVM lingo as collateral to seal that commitment. And they chose to brand themselves.

In fact, Agnifilo says the government s case is sexist. They thought DOS could improve their lives, he says. Elite men have joined secret societies for centuries, he says, including at Ivy League schools like Harvard, and the larger society has never thought anything of it. But when women want to be part of a secret group, he says, all of a sudden we re quick to say, Oh, poor dears. And what I m sort of insulted by is that the federal government would come in and basically take this and say, No, no, you re actually a victim.

That Raniere still has devoted followers who call him Vanguard and believe they re part of his humanitarian mission is perhaps not surprising. Edmondson says members are trained to see any challenge of that narrative as nothing more than a smear campaign by unethical forces in the world. But what has Raniere s humanitarian mission actually accomplished. Agnifilo says he has spoken with a dozen members of DOS and they say it s the greatest thing they ever did.

Edmondson says that s a question her family would ask when she was still a devoted follower. It always seemed like a major hole in his guru story. They d say, Wait, Keith Raniere is supposed to be a humanitarian, but what is he doing. What actual things is he doing in the world to be a humanitarian. How is he changing the world. Before, Edmondson says, her answer would have been that he s helping people to feel better about themselves and reach their true potential.

Her answer to the question now is simpler There s nothing. Explore CBC. CBC Home TV Radio News Sports Music Arts Kids Local Documentaries Comedy Books Parents Aboriginal Digital Archives Games Contests Site Map. Mobile RSS Podcasts Newsletters Alerts. Corporate Info Public Appearances Commercial Services Reuse Permission Terms of Use Privacy Policy CBC Shop Help Contact Us Jobs Doing Business with Us Renting Facilities.

2018 CBC Radio-Canada. Tired of only using WhatsApp on your phone. You just need to take a few minutes to set it up. It s easy to send and receive messages using your WhatsApp account on a computer. You aren t held hostage to using WhatsApp on your phone. Picture by Jason Cipriani CNET. WhatsAppthe Facebook -owned chat app, is a cross-platform app that makes it all too easy and convenient to share messages, images, videos and GIFs with friends and loved ones from your phone.

But, as with any messaging service, having to stare at your phone s screen all day while the group conversations are flooded with messages can be a hassle. Especially when you re sitting at a desk, with a computer right in front of you. Wouldn t it be nice to have the option of accessing your WhatsApp account on your computer. Well, you can.

And it s incredibly easy to set up. What you ll need to use WhatsApp on your computer. Before you can view and manage your conversations on your PC or Mac, you ll need to make sure the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android phone is up to date by checking for any pending updates in your phone s respective app store. With that done, download and install the Windows or MacOS version of WhatsApp on your computer.

Alternatively, if you re using a computer that you can t install apps on, visit WhatsApp Web, which is basically a version of the app, but built for your browser. Keep in mind, your phone will still need to have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection in order for the app on your computer to communicate with the app on your phone. Scan the QR code using your phone. So if for example, you re traveling in another country and your phone doesn t have a connection, you won t be able to use WhatsApp on a computer.

How to set up WhatsApp Web. To use WhatsApp Web, follow these steps. You ll see a QR code for you to scan with the WhatsApp phone app. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani CNET. You can access the built-in scanner by opening the Menu or Settingsthen selecting WhatsApp Web from the options. Notice there s a small checkbox below the QR code that will keep you signed into that computer by default. Remove the check if you re using a public computer.

After you scan the code, you ll be able to see your WhatsApp messages on your phone and in the browser. How to set up WhatsApp s desktop app. Setting up the desktop app is similar to setting up WhatsApp Web, but with one exception -- you need to download and install the application first. Download the Mac or Windows version of the app from whatsapp. WhatsApp recommends leaving your phone connected to Wi-Fi and not just mobile data to avoid any data overages.

The desktop app looks and works just like the mobile app, only bigger. Mac users will need to unzip the file, then move WhatsApp to the Applications folder. EXE file and follow the prompts. Windows users will need to run the. When the app launches, you ll see a QR code for you to scan with the WhatsApp phone app. After you scan the code, you ll be able to see your WhatsApp messages on your phone and in the app.

Again, WhatsApp recommends leaving your phone connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to reduce the amount of mobile data used. A quick note about security. Once you ve installed the app or you re logged in to the Web interface, anyone with access to your computer can view your WhatsApp conversations as long as you re logged in. If your computer is password-protected, that s probably not a big deal.

But if you use WhatsApp Web from a public computer, sign out when you re finished. You can do that by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and selecting Log out. If you forget to log out of WhatsApp Web on a computer that s not yours, or you suspect someone has accessed your account, you iq option entrar log out of all active sessions by visiting the same settings page you used to scan the QR Code in the mobile app and selecting Log out from all devices.

If you re a Windows user and looking for more messaging apps, we have a few chat app recommendations beyond WhatsApp that are worth checking out. If you re just getting started with WhatsApp, make sure to check out our favorite features and learn how to use them. Discuss Tired of only using WhatsApp on your phone. Be it Good Morning wishes, jokes, forwards, or important messages people prefer to send them over text. Even though WhatsApp supports voice and video calls, texting remains its core functionality.

Top 10 What sApp Font Tricks That You Should Know. And what better way to make them more powerful by using the text formatting. No, we are not talking about modifying the text in WhatsApp Status, but referring to text messages. Here, we shall share some cool WhatsApp font tips and tricks to add a more dramatic effect to your messages.

Make Text Bold. WhatsApp comes with a built-in feature that lets you make your messages bold. You can make the text bold when you need to highlight a critical point. To do so, add an asterisk before and after the message. For instance, in the message Android is better than iOS, if you want to highlight the word better, you need to write it like this Android is better than iOS. Once you do that, you will see that the text is now bold. Make Text Italic. Similarly, if you want to make the text italic, you can do that too.

Italicizing a text is useful when you want to emphasize on an important part. To do so, add underscore _ before and after the text. For instance, in the message Be _careful_ what you wish for, the word careful will appear in italic. Strikethrough Message. Sometimes you want to create a dramatic effect of striking out text to represent a correction or iteration. That is possible by adding a strike through your message.

To add a line on your message, place a tilde. on both sides of the word s. Let s say you want to write Instagram is the best social network by cutting Facebook. You need to enter the text like this. Instagram is the best social network. Change Font. Other than the standard font, WhatsApp also supports Monospace font. However, there is no global setting in WhatsApp to change the font for every text.

You need to change it individually for every message. To change the font, enclose the text in three backticks. This is how the text should be How you doin. Change Text Format Using WhatsApp Options. Instead of using the shortcuts to format the text, you can use the built-in settings. On Android, tap and hold the message and choose the appropriate formatting option. Tap on the three-dot icon to view other options. On iPhone, tap and hold the text and select the option that states BIU.

Then choose the formatting option from bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. Combine Formatting Options. Whether you are using the shortcuts or the native settings, you can combine different formatting options for one word or sentence. Meaning, you can make the same text bold, italic, and even change its font to Monospace. To do so, enclose the text in the respective symbols.

The only thing you need to take care of is their order. The symbol that was entered first will be closed last. For instance, in this word.we have entered an asterisk first. Now we will now put it at the end. Alternatively, use the touch and hold method to change the text format. First select one option, then highlight the text again and select another option.

Top 10 WhatsApp Group Tips and Tricks That All Users Should Know. Change WhatsApp Font Size. Is the default font size of WhatsApp bothering you. Well, you can always change its size. Unlike other apps where the font size is limited to the device font, WhatsApp offers a native setting to change the text size. To do so, follow the steps. Step 1 On your Android device, open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot icon at the top right corner.

Then select Settings from the menu. Step 2 Go to Chats and tap on Font size. Select the font size of your choice from the three options small, medium, and large. Send Colorful Messages. Another trick that is exclusive to Android devices is the ability to change text color. However, WhatsApp doesn t officially support this feature. You need to download a third-party app called BlueWords. With the help of the app, you can make your text blue. Download the app on your device, and enter the text whose color you want to change in the typing area.

Then tap the Blue option and touch the message to copy it. Go back to WhatsApp and paste the text that you copied. Stylish Font. While WhatsApp doesn t support any other font other than Monospace, you can use the above-mentioned third-party app to change font styles as well. The app offers many choices. Just enter the text and copy paste it into WhatsApp.

Unlike Instagram, that offers multiple font styles for Stories, WhatsApp isn t that cool. While it lets you change the font in text status, it doesn t let you change the font in normal status. However, you can use the same app to change the font style in both types of status. For that, copy paste the text from the app to WhatsApp Status using the text tool. Type Using Emojis.

Fan of emojis. Take that love to text level by typing everything in emojis. While it may not be a good way to text when you are using full sentences, you can use it for special messages. You need to download a third-party app on your Android device that goes by the name Emoji Letter Maker. In the app, enter the letters and emojis. Then using the settings plus icon, modify it and share with others on WhatsApp.

Not That Tricky. So these were some of the font tips you can use to customize your WhatsApp. When it comes to customization, WhatsApp lets you do other things as well. For instance, you can change the background, set custom notification tones for contacts, set a different tone for groups and even change the notification light color. Last updated on 17 Aug, 2020 The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech.

The Blackberry app for WhatsApp was developed by Chris Peiffer. Reasons for becoming a Travel Agent Hardest part of being a Travel Agent What qualifications do you need to be a Travel Agent. Duties and responsibilities of a Travel Agent Find travel agent jobs now Travel Agent working hours How much does a Travel Agent make. Skills needed to be a Travel Agent. Knowing you re going on holiday suddenly makes you happier in your everyday life as the thought of packing up a suitcase and leaving everything behind for a few weeks can bring joy to your day.

Working as a travel agent offers a fast-paced, fun environment where budding sales stars can hone their abilities. Duties and responsibilities of a Travel Agent. Not everyone walks into a travel agency with a clear idea of where they d like to go on holiday, so one of your main roles as a travel agent is to give well-informed, appropriate advice to clients about where and when to travel based on their needs.

So if they hate hot weather, don t send them to Australia in the summer. Other duties will include. Arranging flights, insurance and accommodation Using a booking system to secure holidays Collecting and processing payments Advising clients on travel arrangements, e. visas and passports Sending out tickets to clients Keeping clients up to date with any changes Dealing with complaints or refunds not one of the perks, but someone s got to do it.

Find travel agent jobs now. See all of our current travel agent vacancies or sign up to have new travel agent jobs emailed directly to you. Travel Agent working hours. Most travel agents are based in branches on the high street, although some agents do work in call centres. Branch travel agents usually work regular, 9-5, 35-40 hours per week including Saturday. Those based in a call centre may work more irregular hours but there are plenty of opportunities for part-time work for those with a busy schedule.

If the world of the travel agent suits your skills, it s good to know there s plenty of room for career progression. Travel agents can become a team leader in a call centre or a branch manager. Travel Agent job description. And as you gain more experience,you can find work with bigger tour operators or work with agencies offering more specialised breaks such as adventure or trekking holidays. How much does a Travel Agent make. With the world literally at your feet, how much can you expect to earn.

Travel agents starting out can expect to earn around 12k but working hard and getting some experience goes a long way in this business and more seasoned travel agents can earn anything up to 30k. Just like many sales roles, there are often bonuses and incentives to encourage sales which should nudge your salary upwards too. Reasons for becoming a Travel Agent. Getting feedback from a happy client, client loyalty and repeat business are three things that really give job satisfaction as a travel agent, says Gemma Antrobus, managing director of Haslemere Travel and spokesperson for the AiTO Specialist Travel Agents.

The opportunities to travel the world and experience destinations that are on most people s wish list are endless. Perfect for those passionate about travelling, travel agents often get reductions off the cost of holidays with your employer so you can still dream about jet setting abroad even when you re booking someone else s holiday. You will never become a millionaire as an agent, but every once in awhile you get to live like one which is a great perk. Hardest part of being a Travel Agent.

What qualifications do you need to be a Travel Agent. Dealing with circumstances that are external to the travel industry and beyond our control, such as the ash cloud disruption Clients that pick your brains then book the holiday themselves usually online and often not even with an operator are frustrating, too. When it comes to this role, if you re excited by the world around you and idea of travelling, it doesn t matter if qualifications weren t your forte at school.

However, you can t teach someone to be passionate about travel. You can train anyone on how to use GDS a system that books and sells tickets for multiple airlinescustomer service skills, how to close a sale and on destination and product knowledge, says Gemma. You don t need any specific qualifications to become a travel agent although many employers will expect at least a C grade in GCSE Maths and English. If you want to give yourself a head start, however, some of these qualifications will give your CV a boost.

NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in travel and tourism BTEC HNC HND in travel and tourism management BA Hons in travel and tourism. This job is all about the customer and helping to find and organise their dream holiday, so travel agents need to have finely-tuned customer service skills, a passion for the travel industry and a friendly, approachable manner.

Other qualities that ll set you on the road to success include. Good attention to detail Well organised Competent IT skills Patience. Plus, knowledge of another language is always an advantage when working in the travel industry. Travel and tourism job descriptions Job descriptions What job can I do. Career advice. Popular in Travel and tourism job descriptions. Zoo keeper job description. yes that s actually a paid job.

If you re tired of being stuck behind a desk and want something completely different, you can t get more opposite than working with animals. Learn about What does a Lifeguard do. How to become a Lifeguard. Lifeguard job description. Lifeguard salary Lifeguard skills Lifeguard qualifications. Flight Attendant job description. Learn about What does a Flight Attendant do. Flight Attendant salary Flight Attendant skills Flight Attendant qualifications.

Holiday Rep job description. Learn about What does a Holiday Rep do. How to become a Holiday Rep. Holiday Rep salary Holiday Rep skills Holiday Rep qualifications. How to become a Flight Attendant. Last updated on July 25, 2020 By Swapnil 79 Comments. Whatsapp Group Names List for Friends, Cool, Funny, Family, Cousins.

Best Whatsapp group names list 2020 Funny cool whatsapp group names of friends family cousins college students dating hindi W hatsapp group names list 2020. Ham sab jante hai Whatsapp most powerful messaging app hai. Aur iske liye ham whatsapp par group create karte hai. Ham jab bhi free hote hai tab friends, family and cousin members ke sath chat karte hai. Aur family members ko Whatsapp group me add hone ke liye invite karte hai.

Ham sab Whatsapp par bahot time spend karte hain. Yaha par question yah aata hai ki Whatsapp group ka name kya rakhe. Isi liye main yaha par hu. Main aapke sath share karne ja raha hu 500 best Whatsapp group names list for Friends, Cool, Funny, Family, Cousins in English, Marathi, Hindi and Tamil. Ham sabhi chahte hai ki hamare Whatsapp group ka name best attractive ho.

Yah list aapko group name select karte time happy kar degi. Everyone apni life me busy hai. Jese time milta hai vese sab Whatsapp use karte hai. I think Whatsapp is the best way to talk with your Family, Friends, and Cousins. Yaha par maine cool Whatsapp group names and suggestions list kiya hai jo aapko funny whatsapp group names choose karne me help karega.

Hamko jab bhi social media par group create karna hota hae to sabse pahle hame awsome group name search karna padta hain. Apne group ke liye cool name search karna bahot hi difficult task hain. Ham sabhi funny Whatsapp group names search karne ke liye bahot time waste karte hain. Yaha par aap cute group chat names, Whatsapp group names for family, friends, cousins and also common format of unique Whatsapp group names list.

Find group names in Marathigood, Punjabi, Tamil, lovers, girls, nice, catchy, cousins, school, hindi, amazing, cute, games groups. Group Names List for Whatsapp 2020. Agar aap bar bar Whatsapp DP change karte hain to hamne Stylish Girls Whatsapp DP post share kiya hain. Ham Whatsapp par kai hours Whatsapp group visit karne me laga dete hain. Jabki ab sabhi family members ke ek alag group hote hain jisme close family members and relative available hote hain. Bat sirf family members ki hi nahi but ab to Friends, Cousin, Ladies ka bhi Whatsapp par ek alag group hota hain.

Kuch bhi kam ho to people ek group banakar usme friends add kar sabhi mil kar conversation kar lete hain. Aur kam pura hote hi group ko delete kar dete hain. Whatsapp Group Names. Lekin jab bhi vah group create karte hain tab best Whatsapp group name ke bare me sochate hain. Friends jo hote hain vah school friends ya old friends ke bare me search karte hain, jabki women Whatsapp group names for ladie s and fitness club ke bare me search karti hain.

Yaha par mene best and funny Whatsapp group names list ke bare me single article me share kar diya hain. Best Whatsapp Group Names List. Hopeless group Just do it The Unknowns Chat Lounge Feel free to write Tech Ninjas Crazy world Coffee lovers Staunch Ladies Avengers Just talk Open Book Unfired No Spamming Smile please Ninjas All Us Single Ladies Block heads Join at your own risk.

I am sure aapko above names pasand aaye honge. Interesting names. Below aapko different categories ke group names dikhenge. To, Aap kiska wait kar rahe hai. Below scroll down kare aur aapko interesting Whatsapp group name milenge. Lekin yah to sirf trailer hain. Best Cool, Funny, Unique WhatsApp Group Names List. Check my dp display picture Recycle Bin Designated Drinkers Chaos Play your way Status King Playing my way Crazy Engineers The Spartens Don t spoil it So called Engineers Type Till You Ripe Walky Talky Atomic Reactors Full On The Trouble Makers Keep typing Glowing stars The Walkie Talkies Country s future weapons Xplosion Lions Non-Stop Pings Blast Sports lovers Don t join Hackers Crazy people Trash Don t spoil it The Chamber of Secrets So called Engineers The Desert Roses Lions The Drifters The Trouble Makers The Foodies Keep typing The Now Married Glowing stars The Posse The Walkie Talkies The Public Square Country s future weapons All Us Single Ladies Xplosion Awesome Blossoms Status King Block Heads Blast Busy Buddies Sports lovers Chunky Monkeys Don t join Civil Disobedients Hackers Etc Etc Etc Type Till You Ripe Fabulousness Walky Talky Fraandship Atomic Reactors Gangnam Style Full On Go Getters Playing my way Gossip Geese Crazy Engineers Full House The Menly Men The Galfriends The Nerd Herd The Geek Bank The Queen Bees The Gift of Gab The Rooftop The Jumping Jacks The Rowdy Buggers Strong Bong The Singles The Lady Killers The So and So.

Funny Group Names List. The Walkie Talkies The Talent Pool The Woodchucks The Trouble Makers Hungry for Trouble The Spartons Market Yard Crazy people Phone Pals Trash Pin Drop Nonsense Busy Buddies Recycle Bin Recycle Bin Sup Group Designated Drinkers Swag Partners Chaos Tech Ninjas Play your way Text Masters Non-Stop Pings The 39ers The Alter Egos The Abusement Park The Bum Chums. Best WhatsApp Group Names for Family Members. ABC Family Rocking Family My Family Mera Family Modern Family The Family Gang Fantastic Family Meri Superb Family Happy Family Strong Ties Mad Families Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Family Club Amazing Family Cool Family We are Family The Family Drama Club We all are one Family Ho toh Aisi People of my life We are unique The Fantastic Four Dad is Don Karate Family Irritating Family My Folks Happy House Lifetime Bonding The Public Square Top Notch Home Mad House Bonding Rocking Family Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Strong Ties Strong Bonding Good Times Pretty Family Family Ties The Public Square Perfect Family Superstar Family.

I think ham sabhi apne family member ke sath Dil ke iq option entrar sath social media par bhi connected hote hain. Sab ke liye family sab se pehle aati hain. I think yah family ke liyie sabse best Whatsapp group names hain. yaha par lovely family members ke liye hamne yaha par above kuch group name suggest kiye hain. Agar aap Whatsapp par family memebers ko leke group create karna chahte hain to aap above list me se apne pasandita choose kar sakte hain.

Whatsapp Group Names For Lovers. Still Loving You Pyar Hamara Amar Rahega Fell in Love Together Forever Made for Each Other Lovers together Befikre Fabulous Fairies 24 7 Love Love Paradis Crazy Lovers Spring Love Naughtiness Aashiqui Romantic gossips Online Hangover. Best WhatsApp Group Names In Hindi. पड़ सन चुपके चुपके प के द ज स्म एक ज न ब ल बच्चन जब तक है ज न द ल से ग लम ल Velle log Apna Spna Kamino Ka Adda Gangs Of WhatsAppur Talkster Bakar Point Punjabi kudis Awaara Pagal Deewana The Gujjus Engineering for dummies Andaz apna apna Maratha Warriors Pagan Panthi Yaaron Ka Kafila.

Best WhatsApp Group Names For Friends. Buddies for Life We Tie Until We Die Best Buddies In Life Best School Friends Friends Forever Nonsense Group The Back Benchers Masti Maza X Mate 3 Idiots So Called Engineers Enter at Your Risk Teenagers Life and Music The Back Benchers Chatter Box The Spartans Devils VS Angels Wondering Minds So Called Engineers Bachelor s Changu Mangus Chor Bazaar Amazing Pals Counter Strike Batch Lucky Charms Fabulous friends ABCD Dosts Langoti Friends Dil Ke Dost Busted Minds Friends For Life Rock and Roll Fab 5 3 idiots Dil Dosti Hang Over Teenagers We Talk A Lot.

Yaha par maine kuch apne purane school friends ke liye Whatsapp group name suggest kiye hain. WhatsApp Group Names for School Friends. Abhi school time se hi sabhi ke pass smartphone available hote hain. Students internally Whatsapp group create karke school related and entertainment purpose messages send karte rehte hain. Agar aap bhi apne school friends ke liye Whatsapp group create karna chahte hain to aap hamari di gayi list me se accha sa name select kar sakte hain.

Also check - Whatsapp DP Profile Picture Crop Kiye Bina Kaise Set Kare. Colonial Cousins The Jumping Jacks The Folks For Timepass Only Junior Stunts One Sided Lovers Back Benchers Across Borders My Gang Loving Ones Class Bunkers Valet Minds People I Love Trollers Legal Bachelors Counter Strike Batch Local Losers So Called Engineers We Grow Together Wondering Minds Brothers From Different Mothers Cherry Choppers Brother For Life Important Questions Sharing Club Waste Brains The Herd Bae s Happiness All Around Valley Racers Teenagers More Than Bros Little Moons ABCD Friends Higher Drifters Lucky Charms Dear Ones Just Chat Fabulous Friends Our Class Teacher Best Buddies in Life Devils vs Angels Bingo Wives That Senior Girl Best Friends Forever Six Spoons.

Telugu Whatsapp Group Names. డిగ్రీ కళాశాల ఫ్రె డ్స్ సమ హ మోసప రిత ఫ్రె డ్స్ త పాక ల మరియ గ లాబీల nawabon కా అడ్డా Langotia పాదమ లయొద్ద యార్ ఫ్లవర్ మరియ మ ళ్ళ chichore స్నేహిత ల కళాశాల స్నేహిత ల శాస్త్రవేత్తల పెద్ద యజమాని bichde యార్ పేట్రియాట్స్ ర గ్ దే బస తి గ్ర iq option entrar. WhatsApp Group Names In Punjabi. Yaar Anmully MastiKhana Punjabi kudis Chor Bazaar Pain Di Siri Begairti Point Masti Shasti Velle log Aja Nachly PehenCholian Langotiyas Shor Shraba Badmashian Paaji Kady Has V Liya Karo Yaarana.

Let s Party Guys Bhaia ji Smile The Adventures Of Texting Silence Isn t Golden Here Changu Mangus Protectors of Superman 404. Funny WhatsApp Group Names. Group name does not exist None of your Business Don t Check ours-Create Your Own group Smile Please The Awakening No Porn Gangs Of WhatsAppur Non Veg Friends Let s utilize precious time.

Family Whatsapp Groups me kitne different types ke log hote hain vah aapko below video dekh kar idea aa jayega. Shayad aapke bhi Whatsapp group me aese relatives honge. Cool WhatsApp Group Names. Drink Dudes Walky Talky Innocent girls Free Wi-Fi zindagi na milegi dobara Dil Dhadakane Do No girls Best Dudes When is the Party Rocking Stars Life Suckers Let s Party Guys Love is Life We Are One Cool Boys Keep Typing. Free Birds My Amigos We Are Lovers Kick Ass boys We All Are Still Young Non Stop Chat Hackers Super Heroes We are Hulks.

Best WhatsApp Group Names For Sisters. Best Group For Sharing Feelings Most Loved One s I Love My Sister My Blood Share My Frist Friend Brother and Sister My Second Mother My Dear Sister Best sisters God Made Relations. Best WhatsApp Group Names For Cousins. Weekend Boosts Sister And Sister Whats s Up Cuz. The Grub Club Cousin s Colony King of Good Times Cursing Cousins Cute Cousins Family Gang Dear Ones Cousins World Chat With Cousins. Motivational Whatsapp Group Names List.

Be Bachelor Be Motivated Every Morning is a New Start Be Fool and Make Fool Motivation Comes from Chalo Himalaya Chale Jindagi Hai to Ji Lo Jo Hota hai Ache Ke lie Iq option entrar Hai No Degree Needed to Become Richest Man Papu Can Dance Sala. Best Whatsapp Group Names List for College Friends. Hard workers One Life One Chance Just Do It Motivational Group We can be anything We can do anything Pencil Chors Golden memories Boring classes Staunch Ladies Hopeless group Just do it Just talk Open Book Unfired The Unknowns All Us Single Ladies Block heads No Spamming Smile please Ninjas Chat Lounge Feel free to write Avengers Join at your own risk Tech Ninjas Crazy world Coffee lovers.

Gossips launch Beauty in Grace Just Bold Ladies We can talk whole day without taking break Recycle Bin Power Puff Girls WOW Women of Wisdom Gossip Queens Focus Fairies ladies whatsapp group Don t underestimate us Silence is our enemy Hungry For Shopping Blank Head The Public Square Open Book Little Angeles Fantastic 4 The Queen Bees Gossip Geese Heart Catchers The Now Married Queens Lounge. Best WhatsApp Group Names List For Ladies. Best Whatsapp Group Names for Engineers.

Electronic Buddies 3 Idiots Transformers Ghanta Engineers Computer Conquerors Chat Stars Sadda Adda 440 V Group Software Junkies Bad Coders Utha Le Re Baba Max Star Non Stop The Gatekeepers Bad Code Base Ping Pong Bad Men Got Together So Called Engineers Go Live Group Udhaari Group Software Coolies ATKT Group One Code Crackers Udhar Ki Zindagi unSocial Stars 11kV Shockers Civilians Who Aren t Real Time Compilers FBI-Female Body Inspectors Hostel B Sanskari Boys Robo Sapiens Karenge Daaru Party Mechanical Monsters Group Of Idiots Idiotic Angles Group of engineers Five Point Someone The Earth Movers Mining Engineers Group Of Mad Max.

The Resuscitators Trauma Troopers Rehab Rockstars The I-V Leaguers The Xaniax EMS Allstars Surgical Instruments The Tumornators Code Blue A Medical Mystery The Lifesavers The ICU Bandits Heart Throbs Always Available Group Names List. Final Word on Group Names. Yah thi best Whatsapp group names list. Aap isme se apne Whatsapp group ke liye koi bhi name choose kar sakte hai.

I dag kan man styra alltifrån belysning till larm direkt från mobilen och man kan logga in direkt med e-legitimation när man ska spela casino på nätet eller verifiera inköp. Yaha par mene sabhi type ke group name select kiya hai like Sisters, Cousins, Family, Cool, Funny, Ladies, Friends and Whatsapp group names in HindiEnglish, Marathi, Tamil.

Agar aapke pass group name idea hai to hamare sath comments ke jariye share kare. Article ko friends ke sath share kare aur khushiya bate. Myself Swapnil Kharche and I am a Founder of Blogginggyan. I am a Part time but passionate blogger who love to share articles in Hindi about Blogging, Wordpress, SEO, Make Money Online, How to Guide and Tips Tricks. Meet me on Facebook and Twitter. Amazing group names.

I also want to suggest a name for friends group Double Duffer Donkeys. Vikas Kumar yadav says. Hey some names are boring and some are good. Excellent list. i am looking for our engineering group name, finally i got it. Whatsapp Group Names List for Friends, Cool, Funny, Family, Cousins Favorite Hindi Songs Gane Ke Liye 7 Best Karaoke Apps for Android 2020 Best Free Photo Sharing Sites List 2020 Free Image Sharing Iq option entrar List Lock Screen Apps for Android 5 Best, Funny and Cool Lock Screen APK 2020 5 Free Best Antivirus for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and iPad 2018 500 Popular Funny, Cleaver, Cute, Good, Best Instagram Captions and Selfie Quotes What Do You Need to Know About Microsoft 70-473 Exam.

Top 5 Best Whatsapp Dare Messages With Answers 2018 Hindi How Can Cloud Help Broadcasters Deliver Content Efficiently. Copyright 2020 Blogginggyan Proudly Hosted on Bluehost. Cute Stylish Girls Profile Pictures DP for Whatsapp and Fb. Best Whatsapp Group Names for Doctors. WARNING The Group has been informed that the name VINCI or that of its subsidiaries VINCI Concessions, VINCI Airports or VINCI Immobilier are currently being used fraudulently by individuals offering investments in airport car parks managed by VINCI Airports.

The VINCI Group does not offer such investments and has never asked third parties to do so. These offers are therefore fraudulent. VINCI Group companies have reported this fraud, perpetrated by persons unknown, to the competent authorities. 2020 interim statements. Paris, 31 July 2020, VINCI reports results for the 2020 interim financial statements. 2019 annual report. Watch the new VINCI film. Shareholders general meeting. 2020 VINCI Essentials.

We design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. VINCI Manifesto. Because our projects are in the public interest, we at VINCI consider that we have a duty to reach out to our public and private sector partners and to engage in dialogue with them and are publishing a new Manifesto with commitments meeting that objective. A force for good. As an investor, builder and operator of buildings and infrastructure that help to improve daily life and mobility for all, VINCI plays a key role in the transformation of cities and regions.

All-round performance. Creating collective value Because our projects serve the public interest and because they often bring about radical changes in cities and regions, we pursue a sustainable development policy that is both exacting and pragmatic. VINCI Foundations and Funds. The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité supports initiatives to set up sponsorship organisations, in France and around the world, to bring our companies civic engagement ever closer to the Group s host geographies.

You will enjoy working with us. At VINCI, we re not seeking to fill vacancies, we re looking for personalities whose human qualities are just as important as their know-how. Discover the jobs most suited to your profile in our companies, in France and internationally. archipel, VINCI s future head office. In 2021, nearly 4,000 VINCI employees will move into l archipel, which will bring together the central functions of all Group business lines.

Become a VINCI shareholder. We welcome entrepreneurs and creative minds from all walks of life. Here, we help you invent the services, facilities and infrastructure that will make tomorrow s cities and territories. Join Us On Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Vimeo YouTube Instragram. VINCI 1 cours Ferdinand de Lesseps F-92851 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex - France. Reception open from 07. Guests with reduced mobility Guests with reduced mobility are welcome to call 33 1 47 16 35 00 for assistance.

Deliveries 08. 00 Monday to Friday Please make an appointment at our head office 1 cours Ferdinand de Lesseps F-92500 Rueil-Malmaison - France. Tel 33 1 47 16 35 00. More than just a share. 00 Monday to Friday 37- 39 rue Louis Blériot F-92500 Rueil-Malmaison - France. Volkswagen AG successfully completes Compliance Monitorship. In an interview, Council spokesman Georg Kell explains where he sees a need to catch up and what he expects from Volkswagen. Volkswagen†s independent Sustainability Council begins a new two-year mandate.

“We would have wished for the first E-Cars sooner”. The electric drive creates more space inside the vehicle, autonomous driving opens up completely new options for deployment. What do these developments mean for the interior design of the future. Interview with Peter Wouda, Design Director at the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe in Potsdam Germany. “Love for the brand is increasingly influenced by the design of the interior”. Volkswagen AG today announced that the Independent Compliance Monitor, Larry D.

Thompson, certified that Volkswagen has met its commitment under its Plea Agreement with the U. Siemens AG and the Volkswagen Group are jointly donating в 5 million for immediate humanitarian aid to displaced people in Moria and Greece. As a forerunner of e-mobility, the Volkswagen Group is ensuring greater transparency and responsibility in its raw material supply chains for batteries. Bentley Motors has installed a living wall at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe, UK.

Designed to increase biodiversity †the installation is the. SEAT has set up a new work model to promote a flexible, dynamic working environment that favours the work-life balance. This initiative, called Smart Work. The Volkswagen Group is extending cooperation with its independent Sustainability Council for a further two years. Volkswagen is thus continuing to. In a current pilot project, ŠKODA AUTO is testing biodegradable film for the packaging of vehicle components shipped to the Indian plant in Pune.

Volkswagen Group Logistics is switching all Deutsche Bahn carriage of materials and vehicles within Germany to green electricity by the start of 2021. The Swiss company Climeworks is building the world†s largest direct air capture and storage facility for converting atmospheric CO2 to rock in Iceland. Volkswagen AG successfully completes Independent Compliance Monitorship under Agreements with U.

End of Monitorship. Not the one being driven, but the driver of digital transformation in the economy and mobility. How Volkswagen Group is shaping the profound transition phase while modernizing and digitalizing the entire company in the process an overview. Digitalization in the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen is driving e-mobility forward with a consistency and commitment unlike that of virtually any other automaker.

Preferred share. Ordinary share. Volkswagen Group. The Group operates 125 production plants in 20 European countries and a further 11 countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. I am proud of the big change we made in the last five years since the diesel crisis came to light. Today is an impвЂ. The world premiere of the new Е KODA ENYAQ iV took place in Prague on 1 September 2020. Е KODA fans from around the world were able to follow the event live on the internet thanks to a new virtual format, and were themselves right at the heart of the action.

Digital world premiere of the new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. What Volkswagen is doing to promote eco-compatible mobility †and become an environmental role model. What do we want. We want to help shape the future of mobility †in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way that profits everyone. The Volkswagen whistleblower system has been restructured.

The system brings transparency for employees as well as business partners or customers to provide information on unlawful behavior, and has been set up to deal with reports of serious regulatory violations. Please click here if you are interested in further information on the whistleblower system or wish to make a report. The Volkswagen Whistleblower System. The Volkswagen Group Essentials are a promise to our customers, shareholders, business partners and ourselves They describe what the group stands for in all brands, companies and countries.

What WE stand for. The Volkswagen Group Essentials. All elements that shape our new strategy at a glance. TOGETHER †Strategy 2025. Brands Models. Short company profile for the Volkswagen brand Pictured Model Volkswagen T-Cross 1. 0 l TSI, 85 kW 115 PS manual 6-speed transmission WLTP fuel consumption in l 100 km low 6. 0 extra high 6. 2 combined 5.

8 COв -Emission combined, g km 131 Efficiency class B. Short company profile for the Audi brand Pictured Model Audi e-tron 55 quattro Combined electric power consumption in kWh 100 km 62. 0 NEDC COв - Emission combined in g km 0 Information on fuel power consumption and COв emissions in ranges depending on the chosen equipment level of the car. Short company profile for the SEAT brand Pictured Model SEAT Mii electric electric power consumption combined in kWh 100 km 12.

9 COв emissions combined in g km 0 Efficiency Class A. Short company profile for the Е KODA brand Pictured Model SCALA 1,0 G-TEC 66 kW 90 PS The official consumption and emission values are not available at present, as the type approval procedure has not yet been completed. The vehicle is not yet offered for sale. Short company profile for the BENTLEY brand Pictured Model Bentley New Flying Spur WLTP †Fuel Consumption in l 100km; Low 11. 2 l; Medium 18. 7 l; Extra High 21.

9 l; Combined 19. 8 l Combined COв Emissions 337 g km Driving Range 378 miles, 608 km Efficiency Class F. Short company profile for the BUGATTI brand Pictured Model Bugatti Chiron WLTP †Fuel Consumption in l 100km; Low 43. 0; Extra High 18. 3; Combined 22. 3 COв emissions combined 506 g km Efficiency Class F. Short company profile for the Lamborghini brand Pictured Model Lamborghini Urus Consumption petrol in ltr 100km, combined 12,7 COв emissions, g km combined 325.

Short company profile for the Porsche brand Pictured Model Porsche Taycan Turbo Combined electric power consumption in kWh 100 km WLTP 26. 0; NEDC 26,0 COв - Emissions combined in g km 0 Driving Range WLTP 381 †450 km Efficiency Class A. Short company profile for the Ducati brand Pictured Model Scrambler 1100. Short company profile for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brand Pictured Model Volkswagen Multivan 6.

1 Cruise NEDC †Fuel Consumption in l 100km; Urban 10. 3; Extra Urban 7. 4 Combined COв emissions 225 - 168 g km Efficiency Class D - B. Short company profile for the Scania brand Pictured Model Scania R 450. 8; Combined 8. Short company profile for the MAN brand Pictured Model MAN Lions Coach. Information in accordance with directive 1999 94 EC as amended further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions of new cars can be found in the Guide on the fuel economy, CO2 emissions and power consumption of all new passenger car models available free of charge at all points of sale in Germany and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Strasse 1, D-73760 Ostfildern, Germany or at www.

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