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Print out the emails. Make notes of what you said on the voice mail. Put the exact date and time in your notes. If it was 1 07 PM, then put 1 07 PM. The more precise you are, the more credible your complaint is. If you haven t gotten a response from the company in a reasonable amount of time 48 hours max during business days immediately call your credit card company and start the complaint process.

This will give iron clad proof you initiated the refund within in the 30 day period. All you just witnessed is a paid endorsement probably delivered by an actor who is really good at saying words someone else gave them. For instance, you order at a seminar and agree to let them ship you the products that have a 30 day guarantee. The slimy promoter says the purchase was made the day of the seminar. Your guarantee started the day you bought.

It s too bad for you it took so long to deliver them. You should have carried them home on the plane with you. How about the promoter who tells you ominously that if you ask for a refund you will be blackballed from buying other products and attending other seminars. Not only from him but other seminar promoters he knows. Is this legal.

I m not a judge or a lawyer. Maybe a one-time instance might not be, but an ongoing policy of intimidation. Well according to my law enforcement friends, that s a different story. Be careful with refund policies. They could simply be smoke and mirrors. This scam has two opposite parts. The first part has the speaker promoter spending little or no time with you and forcing you to purchase before he she will answer questions. Some refund policies are designed to be impossible to comply with. Five weeks later the fulfillment company ships you the CDs which you deem are terrible.

There is no way on earth you should deal with such a person no matter how important and knowledgeable they make themselves appear to be. The second type of this scam is where the speaker promoter spends all kinds of time with you answering all your questions, being nice to you, etc. Then you pretty much don t exist. I ve heard stories of a guy who charged someone 47,000. 00 for a coaching program and the person heard absolutely nothing from the coach for over a month and then only when they, themselves pressed the issue.

This is a harder one to detect. It s better that you do your research in advance and locate people that have been in the person s program for a while and see what they think. This leads to people getting caught up in the moment and buying basically the proverbial Pig in a Poke. This is where the bad speakers and promoters use slick language to pretend to be available to you when they re really not. My favorite one ever is when I heard a female speaker say, You have unlimited one-on-one time with me via teleseminar.

UNTIL HE SHE GETS YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED and gets past the Right of Rescission. This is totally ludicrous and I know her and I know she does not do one-on-one anything with her students. Why is this ludicrous. First unlimited means as much as you want. In this case it means only when she has a teleseminar and only for the length of the teleseminar so it s not in any way unlimited or even close to unlimited. hahaha There are so many ways.

One-on-one does not make sense along with the word teleseminar. Teleseminar means many people on the line with the teleseminar promoter. This would qualify for the double talk hall of fame. Before you go into ANY coaching program get it in writing EXACTLY how much time fully one-on-one you get with the coach. To an audience member caught up in the heat of the momentit would sound like you have unlimited one-on-one time with the speaker, which in this case is definitely not true. If you see any double talk or weasel clauses, don t join that program.

Exception If the speaker promoter clearly lets you know up front that contact is via email, webinar, teleseminar only, then great. If that satisfies you, and you don t need, or you aren t willing iq option baixar pay for one-on-one time, this might be right for you. Just don t get hoodwinked with buying one-on-one time that doesn t exist. Again, this is a time to be extremely clear and get everything in writing. Exactly how many hours are included. Is everything geared to helping you with your business.

Who pays for meals. If you are supposed to have one-on-one time in person. How many breaks. I can assure you, slimy speakers will find a way to get around what you ve written, but having it in writing puts them on notice that you know what you are purchasing and you expect it to be fulfilled. I mention all the crazy packages speakers promote here because much of it has to do with access. Of course, for scammer coaches the access never happens or doesn t quite happen, but you still bought and paid for the most expensive package.

When I see one of these silver, gold, emerald kind of speakers I see the audience in total confusion of what they are actually getting. The speaker is such an expert at manipulation of crowds the audience members buy anyway even though they have no idea what they just bought. I m an audience watcher when I attend an event. This makes the slimy speaker very happy.

Lots of speaker promoters tell you that you get so many emergency calls. This is part of access. An emergency call is an emergency call. This also needs to be in writing and all the details spelled out. This means by definition that quick response is expected. I know one scumbag speaker promoter who didn t return an emergency call for 4 weeks. In most cases if the person that sold you the coaching really wanted to they could return it in a matter of hours or minutes.

What happens in real life with unscrupulous and uncaring coaches is that they already have your money and you are now an inconvenience to them with your emergency. I also heard the same speaker spent an entire emergency call with the caller who was supposed to be receiving helprelentlessly eliciting the caller s expertise to help with an area of HIS business. An emergency call rarely should take more than 24 hours to return. The basic package includes XYZ and the super duper packages are just more access to the guru.

Your Ideas are Great. This scam inflates the coaching prospects ego and value of their idea until the bad coach gets their money. Then some time during the course of coaching it s determined that the idea is not good or the coaching client diligently does what the coach tells them to do that is if they do get any coaching. When the idea fails the coach then blames the student for poor performance when the idea had little chance to start with.

This is a time when weasel clauses appear. For instance the coaching client missed 1 call out of 14 and the coach says, Aha. I did my job, but you missed that one call so it s your fault you failed. Make sure you have independent corroboration of your ideas before you hire an expensive coaching program. A major, big name player in the seminar industry recently got caught falsifying his educational credentials and because of the embarrassment was forced to resign from a major company s board of directors.

Sometimes I see so many letters after people s names I need to get Old McDonald and his e - i- e- i- o team of investigators to figure out what the heck all those letters mean. Many of the bad eggs falsify their income figures and experience levels. I was an award winning this or that. Another guy was recently outed online for possibly being involved in a scheme to create a fake credential for himself. What was the award.

Well where s the award. What company did you work for when you won the award. Who was your supervisor. Is the award recognized outside your cubicle. Many try to spam the Internet with false positive information about themselves to bury the bad stuff. They are so good at it, that it s difficult to find the real truth. I suggest dealing only with people that have a tremendously long track record and very few negative things being said about them.

Yes, I understand the best of people in the business, myself included, have jealous naysayers and people who complain about everything attacking them occasionally. For good people the bad stuff certainly isn t widespread and there certainly isn t much of it. For bad people, once you start digging and you know who to talk to you, eventually could find a virtual geyser of civil and criminal complaints. The other problem that compounds this one is that the bad folks are master manipulators and able to get really nice things said about them by very public figures, which further bolsters their ruse of being experienced and credible.

I know several very big name people in the speaking and seminar business who are regretting their very public endorsement of some very bad people. If you see the person participating in one or more of these scams. To combat this, do your research as best you can, but add to what you find many of the other scams outlined in this document. steer very clear. You could be the next victim.

Masterminding is considered an extremely powerful business and personal improvement tool. Scammer speakers and promoters have managed to bastardize this concept too. The real concept is a small group of peers maybe 10 or so who get together and work on each other s problems. Fake Mastermind Sessions. In an effort to maximize their money while minimizing the depth they would have to go into for any individual business problem, scammer mastermind leaders pile everyone in a room.

Pretty simple concept right. A mastermind is not 70 people stuffed into a room each with a very limited time where their business is being addressed. This does three things for the scammer. Fulfills the obligation to let people participate in a mastermind session, 2. Let s the scammer do it all at one time instead of doing multiple small and in depth sessions like he she should be doing and 3. Hides the fact the scammer may not have the experience to go into much depth when facing business problems.

Heck anyone can stall and get many of the 69 other people in the room to chip in for the pitiful 15 or 20 minutes the participant is on the hot seat at one of these fake mastermind sessions. If a seminar leader says that masterminding is included, this again is a time for you to get exact details like What is the maximum number of participants. Are they going to be selected with similar income and achievement levels than mine or higher.

lower income and achievement levels don t necessarily mean the person has nothing to contribute, but if I was paying to be in a mastermind session, I would want to know the people in there giving me advice were highly accomplished. What happens if you don t have enough people at similar levels. It is very hard to find the right mix of people to put into an effective and small mastermind group. It s easy to lump a bunch of people in a room and put on a dog and pony show when you couldn t care less if anyone got meaningful and helpful information out of it.

And again, yes I understand some value could be had from the worst run mastermind groups. I understand people with little business experience might say it was wonderful. That s primarily because they don t know any better. I m just not going to spend top dollar to get a dollar store mastermind experience and I don t suggest you do either. In many cases the seminar you attend will be mostly hype and selling the dream of success rather than giving you actual content that would help you achieve success.

The entire event is continuous pitches AKA Pitchfests with promises of the greatest information always one more and more expensive seminar away. Sometimes the initial seminar has content and helpful material mixed in with the pitches. You can t really complain too much about that if it was reasonably priced and you got everything that was promised in the promotion of the event.

In fact, you can expect pitches in most events. That s in part how they re financed by the promoter who gets a percentage of what the speaker sells. Many of the scams occur when you make one or more of the purchases of further training coaching. So, be extremely diligent about what you buy at a seminar and refer to this list of items. Bonus for Real Estate Seminars. It s great to have dreams, but not pipe dreams created by people who only want their dreams paid for with YOUR money.

He she gives you a script and tells you to call your credit card company and get your limit raised to 50,000. 00 or even 100,000. At the beginning of the seminar the speaker tells you how important it is to have credit. Conveniently by the end of the seminar there is a high priced training available and you conveniently have plenty of room now on your credit card to pay for it. Here are some other things you just have to keep your eye out for.

Fake Exclusivity is used quite a bit to make you think you are in some kind of secret club or inner circle, when in reality the operator of the secret club is laughing at you for thinking you re really in. Yes, you re in as long as you pony up the big bucks, but the questions is, in what. There is no secret handshake or signal. The only thing that you need is lots of money to think you are something special.

I made fun of this years ago when I called a group I was involved with the outer circle. Spend the money on a business book subscription. Another thing to watch for is that con men and women want you to think they have some really great or cool knowledge that no one else has so they tell you things that no one else tells you. Selling the Dream.

This information could be unethical or downright illegal and could get YOU in trouble for using the info even though you learned it from the scammer. The reason no other seminar leaders promoters are telling this stuff is because it s unethical and illegal. I got a report last month that one seminar promoter learned the Fake Application technique from another scammer promoter and now HE S being reported to the Attorney General of HIS state. Even some people with lots of business experience, but who have imbibed the kool aid of the conman seminar leader might even say everything is great.

Many seminars these days are conducted using a very controlled manipulative atmosphere. If you re lucky, you just lose your money. It looks great, exciting and helpful on the surface, but is totally designed to extract the most money possible with ZERO regard for the well-being of the participants. If you re not, you could actually lose your life.

If you think that statement is inflammatory, just Google James Ray who is on trial right now over the deaths of three people during a sweat lodge in Sedona Arizona. I m just saying in staged environments participants frequently don t make rational decisions like they would if they were outside the staged environment. I m not saying James Ray is guilty. Add to that a seminar leader or promoter who only cares about him herself like the ones that would do the scams mentioned in this report and it s a recipe for a participant disaster, financial, or worse.

I don t know all the facts and that s for a jury to decide and what I say next has nothing to do with James Ray. I ve been in this business a long time. I m trying to help clean it up so everyone wins. Good speakers, Good Promoters and Good Attendees trying to better themselves. I ll probably lose some speaking jobs over it. I sleep at night knowing I don t pull any of this crap on people and I make plenty of money giving good honest service.

I m just sick of the rip-off types mentioned in this report simply stealing money from people and I m doing something about it. Also, as a reminder to a few seminar promoters who I declined to speak for several years ago. I lived in Washington, DC area for 13 years and was president of the speakers association there.

Remember when I told you that my contacts told me the FTC was turning their eye toward us. Well they are, aren t they. I wasn t kidding was I. We don t need bad apples bringing down more scrutiny on an industry that has the potential to do so iq option baixar good for so many people. You can make all the fake apologies you want. So, iq option baixar you are lowlife, scumbag seminar speaker or promoter or both and you hurt somebody I know. You can scurry around trying to cover your corrupt tracks and you can try to hide your nefarious dealings, but keep this in mind I ll be watching you and after 30 years treating people honorably and ethically in my business I ve got friends everywhere that are only too happy to lawfully help bring you to justice.

To Seminar Attendees. Keep that in mind. The last thing I want is for you to quit going to seminars. I want you to have a continuous quest for improvement and enjoy and learn from the experience of many of the fine speakers you will see at these events. The purpose of this document is simply to protect you from an environment that could hurt you badly if you are uninformed about it.

I d even suggest you print this out and take it with you to the next seminar you attend. If you suspect you have been scammed at a seminar or sold coaching or consulting you are not happy with, please contact me with your details in writing at orders antion. I m trying to get restitution for those that have been scammed and charges brought against the perpetrators.

If your email didn t get through, or you don t get an acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours please call my office at 757-431-1366. Know any seminar scams I missed. Scam Update. Send them to me and I ll update this document. It s been a busy year in my anti-scam world since I first came out with this article. I landed a Hollywood agent who was with one of the top three agencies and is now on her own. My TV show is in development along with a documentary.

And I ve become a clearing house for seminar victims around the world. Here are some of the latest things to watch out for when attending a seminar. This, like many scams is not really a new scam. I m a Christian. I ve just noticed it making a comeback lately. First of all that s pretty much an insult to Christians everywhere. It s a shame so many good, God fearing people get taken by this tactic.

This is where the fraudulent seminar leader professes to be Christian or They have found God. They give the bad guy or girl second and third chances. Giving a sociopathic speaker a second chance is like letting them chop off your hand and then using the hand that s left to help them sharpen their axe so they can cut it off too. It reminds me of a quotation I saw somewhere and I don t know who originally said it so if you know, please tell me. It went something like this, With proper nurturing the shepherd can fleece the sheep over and over again.

Good Christians don t lie, cheat and steal and they certainly don t use God to cover up their scams. Live Demonstrations. This is where the seminar leader pretends to do something totally spontaneous to show how easy it is to do what what he she is selling. In Internet marketing it could be pretending to start a website and make online sales during the course of a 90 minute speech or some variation of that. The reports I ve been getting are that everything was planned and set up carefully in advance without the audience s knowledge kinda like a magic trick.

The same seminar leader apparently did the exact same thing at another event using the same exact website that supposedly didn t exist before he she got on stage. Whoever told me about this please re-contact me. Secondly I doubt if God is cool with it especially since the technique is being used to try to cover up past bad behavior and to set the audience members up for a crucifixion of sorts.

Your email has disappeared. I m also hearing of someone going all over the place giving live demonstrations of a service. I ve actually used this service and it s garbage. You can be sure that whatever he she is showing is the absolute best rendition of the service and is no reflection of the service you ll get. Onsite Credit - Scam Catalyst. I ve coined the next three techniques scam catalysts.

In chemistry a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. In the seminar scam world providing an onsite finance company to give the audience members instant financing can be a scam catalyst. I ve seen it used to help people finance perfectly legitimate training and even I have reasonable financing available in my licensed Internet marketing school.

But, in most cases it s used to increase the rate of scamming by giving you access to fast and usually way overpriced credit. You can be sure they want to take all that new borrowed money from you by the end of the seminar. Please get control of your own credit situation and don t fall prey to someone who wants to give you easy and overpriced credit. Raise Your Limit - Scam Catalyst. This is a technique taught in real estate and investment seminars. At the beginning of the seminar they teach you how important it is to be able to get money quickly.

They also teach you how to call your credit card company and get the limits raised on your credit cards. Sometimes as high as 100,000. Many even give you a script that tells you exactly what to say. Conveniently for the seminar promoter, you now have plenty of credit on your card to buy their high priced and mostly worthless training. I m Important - Scam Catalyst.

This scam catalyst uses a sales technique called overcoming objections before they are raised. The scumbag seminar leader knows he she has done some really bad stuff to people. He she knows that others either know about what they ve done or will find out about the bad deeds sooner or later. In order set up and groom future victims in the audience the seminar leader says something to the effect that he she has become so well-known that he she is a target for jealous competitors and negative people that have nothing better to do than to cut others down.

The reason this is so insidious is that basically that is true. The more well-known you are, the more likely someone will attack you. The problem is that it s also a curtain to hide behind to make others think you really didn t do bad things. They pull one of the many scams on this page while you re busy feeling sorry for them. The bad guy girl is making the audience members think that the bad reports were false and planted by jealous competitors and negative people.

com you can volunteer for Antion s Army against the bad guys and girls too. com scambrigade Follow me to keep up on all kinds of scams. Keep those emails coming folks. I m determined to clean up this industry and with your help, I m making good progress. especially when they are rushing you to make a decision. 700 Million Mercedes Diesel Emissions Class-Action Settlement Details Announced. Search news library. Current owners and lessees can receive thousands of dollars under consumer class action NEWARK Attorneys at consumer-rights law firms Hagens Berman; Carella, Byrne, Cecchi, Olstein, Brody and SeegerWeiss announced details of a 700 million settlement reached on.

Amended Complaint Filed in Sonoma County Police Brutality Lawsuit Adds Details, Facts and History Attorneys Say Underscores Need for Change. Victim of police misconduct and excessive force sues seeking damages and changes to Sonoma County s policies designed to hide police misconduct, brutality and racism SONOMA, Calif. An amended complaint has been filed in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the. Hagens Berman and Berman Law Group Correct Amended Class-Action Complaint Filed on Behalf of Florida Residents Over Toxic Sugarcane Burning.

Prior amendment contained an overstatement of pollutant quantities due to an inadvertent formula error in the model used by Plaintiffs expert, but corrected amendment does not change the assertion that sugarcane growers use an archaic and environmentally damaging method of harvest that. Dodge 1500 Truck Owners Sue Fiat Chrysler for Defect Causing Risk of Vehicle Fire.

Class-action lawsuit filed for truck owners says FCA knowingly sold more than one hundred thousand defective vehicles DETROIT A class-action lawsuit filed by owners of Dodge Ram 1500 trucks filed against Fiat Chrysler FCA accuses the automaker of knowingly selling more than one. Sonoma County Defends Policy of Arrest and Excessive Use of Deadly Force, Blaming Victim s Response Time. Attorneys call federal court filing seeks to throw out suit regarding police misconduct and excessive force appalling SONOMA, Calif.

In response to a filed federal civil rights lawsuit by Hagens Berman regarding alleged police brutality, the county of Sonoma, town of. Android App Developers Sue Google Claiming Play Store Illegally Monopolizes Markets for Android App Distribution and In-App Payment Processing, Violates Antitrust Laws. Class-action lawsuit accuses Google Play store of illegal activity that harms Android app developers SAN JOSE, Calif.

An Android app developer has sued Google for allegedly anticompetitive and unlawful practices related to its Google Play app store, and attorneys say its. Hagens Berman Investigating Improper Interchange Fees Imposed on Small-to-Medium Businesses Nationwide. Law firm says before and during COVID-19 pandemic, businesses may be paying inflated interchange rates on many debit card iq option baixar SEATTLE Attorneys and investigators at Hagens Berman, a nationally acclaimed plaintiff-side law firm, are investigating whether many.

TeamHealth Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit Accusing it of Hospital and ER Billing Fraud. Lawsuit says TeamHealth s goal is to maximize corporate profits by avoiding state bans on corporate practice of medicine and billing patients inflated amounts SAN FRANCISCO A class-action lawsuit filed against TeamHealth details widespread fraudulent medical. Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Audi of Ignoring Start Stop System Defect Causing Delayed Braking, Acceleration and Risk of Crash.

Attorneys say Audi violated the law when it willfully ignored a defect that can affect power steering, brakes and acceleration in tens of thousands of Audi 2017- 2020 models ALEXANDRIA, Va. A class-action lawsuit filed today accuses Audi of willfully ignoring a. Survivors of Sexual Harassment And Abuse Reach 18. 875 Million Settlement in Class-Action Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein. Class of those sexually harassed and abused by Weinstein nothing short of heroes, attorneys say, as survivors offer their own words to the court NEW YORK A class of women suing Harvey Weinstein in a federal class-action lawsuit have reached an 18.

875 million settlement. Sonoma County Sued for Police Misconduct and Brutality, Federal Civil Rights Suit Demands Immediate Reforms to County s Police Cam Video Release Policies. A recent victim of police violence filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the. Hagens Berman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvard University on Behalf of Students and Parents Seeking Repayment for Tuition Amid COVID-19 Shutdown.

Student brings class action on behalf of all tuition payers seeking reimbursement for spring 2020 semester CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Harvard University is the latest to be sued in a class-action lawsuit demanding reimbursement for tuition and other costs amid its COVID-19-related campus closure. Whistleblower News 10M SEC Award, Scripps Research Institute, CFTC. Whistleblower News 50M Medicare False Claims, Wirecard, Rio Tinto. Whistleblower News 5M FCA Settlement, JPMorgan, Franchise Workers.

Whistleblower News Robinhood, Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy Fraud, Medicare. Whistleblower News Binary Options Fraud, Ioneer Ltd, 1Malaysia. Whistleblower News 2. 5M to SEC Whistleblowers, 5. 6M FCA Settlement, 156. Whistleblower News 1. 25M to SEC Whistleblower, Robinhood, Pandemic. Whistleblower News Herbalife FCPA, Google Antitrust, Ponzi Scheme. Whistleblower News BorgWarner, Catching Fraud Saves Taxpayer Money, Super. Sexual Harassment News McDonald s, Yale Professor. News Insight. Media Inquiries.

Tracking Shipping Services Locations My Profile. Help and Support Center Get Started with UPS Change Delivery Claims. About UPS Media Relations Open the link in a new window Investor Relations Open the link in a new window Careers Open the link in a new window Sustainability Community Involvement Open the link in a new window.

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Copyright 1994- 2020 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. Facebook Open the link in a new window Twitter Open the link in a new window LinkedIn Open the link in a new window YouTube Open the link in a new window UPS Blog Longitudes. LG Wing is a rotating phone like you ve never seen before. Microsoft xCloud game streaming hits Android today here s every game you can play. iPhone 12 to omit 2020 s trendiest display feature.

Fitbit Sense becomes a compelling Apple Watch alternative from launch. How to watch Brighton vs Chelsea online here are the live stream details. Final Fantasy 16 The new entry could be announced at this week s PS5 showcase. PS5 Everything we know ahead of this week s PlayStation 5 Showcase. Pixel 5 launch set for September 30 alongside new smart speaker and Chromecast. Oculus Quest 2 leak shows the new VR headset in action. How will Nvidia s acquisition of Arm affect Apple, AMD, Intel and PlayStation.

Huawei Watch Fit. A great first tracker. Alastair Stevenson September 14, 2020 3 07 pm BST. Abode Smart Security. A powerful and flexible DIY security system. David Ludlow September 14, 2020 12 49 pm BST. Types of car. Please note a vehicle may fit into multiple categories and images are only examples. When it comes to choosing a car on the Motability Scheme, understanding the different types that are available can help you make the right choice for your needs.

You can look for the following categories on the Car Search tool iq option baixar narrow your selections. Smaller cars tend to have lower Advance Payments, running costs and CO2 emissions than larger vehicles. When choosing a smaller car, think carefully about your access needs and how often you need to carry passengers. Generally, two-three door cars have wider doors with larger opening angles.

Many are also suitable for drivers under 25 years old, making them the ideal choice for younger drivers on the Motability Scheme. Four-five door vehicles benefit from rear seat passenger doors so may be useful if you often have more than one passenger in the car. Medium cars. Most of the medium-sized cars available on the Motability Scheme are hatchback models, which offer a slightly bigger boot than a standard small car. This makes access to the front seats easier but may cause issues in tight parking spaces and when accessing the rear seats.

Family cars. We offer a wide range of medium-sized vehicles and many are also suitable for drivers under the age of 25. Family cars are considerably larger than medium sized cars with more boot space and easier access to the rear seats, making them ideal for anyone that needs to carry both passengers and equipment on a regular basis. We offer large four-door saloons and five-door hatchbacks in our family car range. A saloon car features a traditional boot that opens independently of the rear window, while a hatchback features an integrated boot and rear window.

Estate cars. An estate car is typically a longer version of a standard vehicle but with a larger hatchback style boot. They offer plenty of boot space for mobility aids and other items but without the added bulk of an SUV or MPV. If you are considering an estate car, you should double check that you will have enough room to park the vehicle and make sure it is suitable for the routes you regularly drive. It is well worth taking a few test drives in an estate car before you make a decision.

Multi-purpose vehicles MPVs. MPVs, or people carriers as they are sometimes known, are large vehicles which can seat up to nine people in some cases. MPVs usually feature higher seats, with more legroom and headroom for passengers. Some will also have sliding doors for easy access to the rear seats. The extra storage and practically make MPVs ideal for larger families or anyone who regularly travels with a lot of passengers.

However, you should check that you have space to park an MPV at home and test drive extensively to make sure that you are comfortable driving a vehicle of this size. Sport Utility Vehicles SUV. The term SUV was once only used to describe large 4-wheel drive vehicles designed for off-road use. However, in recent years manufacturers have introduced many smaller SUVs, often known as crossovers, which are somewhere between a car and traditional SUV.

The Motability Scheme offers a huge range number of small and large SUVs and you can now search by size to help you find the right one for you. Coupes and convertibles. Coupes are smaller, sporty vehicles that usually seat either two or four people. These tend to offer the same high driving position and off-road styling found in large SUVs, but many now come with 2-wheel drive instead. Generally, they have two doors and offer sleek, attractive styling but can have limited boot space.

Convertibles have a detachable or retractable roof, offering an open-air driving experience as well as style and performance. The term hatchback refers to a vehicle where the boot is integrated with the rear window and opens upwards for easy access. Convertibles also tend to have smaller boots and in the case of vehicles with a detachable roof, this will often have to be stored in the boot once taken off. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles WAV s. More information about cars. Types of car Fuel types Car manufacturers Taking a test drive Ordering and delivery.

Featured cars. This is particularly useful if you need to carry mobility equipment or other items on a regular basis. Boris Johnson s bid to tear up Brexit deal is approved by MPs as some Tories rebel. Here s what you need to know about whether you can send your child to school with a cold. Liverpool s lack of spending in the transfer market should be celebrated - not criticised. by Sid Kirchheimer, AARP Comments 0.

As temperatures drop, watch out for these 3 seasonal hoaxes. Beware of Utility Company Scams. En español The heat is on beyond what s displayed on your thermostat. During cold weather, scammers increasingly pose as utility company employees and other energy savers to try to get your money or valuables or sensitive information for identity theft. Beware of utility company impostors or independent energy auditors that tend to appear unannounced at your front door.

The callers claim to be billing representatives from your utility company but are actually crooks looking for a quick payoff. The Shutoff Swindle. In the most common utility con, which happens every winter and during peak air-conditioning season, customers get phone calls warning that their service is about to be shut off because of unpaid bills. They tell you that to avoid an immediate shutoff, you need to settle an overdue bill by providing them with your credit card number or a prepaid debit card.

In recent weeks, utility customers from Connecticut to Hawaii have been targeted in this longtime scheme. But this winter, some utility impostors have been demanding payment for several months worth of purported unpaid utility service, not just one, as had been the custom. They can be convincing. But you should know that most utilities will mail at least one, if not several, past-due notices before terminating service.

They may use spoofing software that lets them falsely display the name and phone number of your utility company on your Caller ID. If you get a cancellation notification especially by phonealways verify it by dialing the customer service number on your utility bill. Don t give any information to the caller. The Supplier Switch. Have you been told you qualify for a 15 to 20 percent discount on your utility bill if you ll provide your customer account number. Before accepting the offer, know that the likely switch will simply take you to a different energy supplier.

After all, your current supplier already has your account number. In many states, customers can switch their electricity or natural gas suppliers. It s possible to compare rates and terms of state-vetted suppliers on the website of your state Public Utility Commission PUC. But beware Some suppliers employ telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen to recruit new customers with promises of lower rates for switching.

But after a brief introductory period, rates may suddenly skyrocket and you find yourself locked in a long-term contract with high cancellation fees. Attorney general offices in several states have sued energy suppliers for such bait-and-switch practices. But with that information in hand, the new supplier can switch your power service provider, either with your blessing or by slamming, the illegal practice of switching customers to another provider without their consent.

In some instances, you may be asked only for your name, address and utility account number not iq option baixar credit card. Your best bet If you re interested in switching energy suppliers, avoid unsolicited offers and instead compare your options at your state s PUC website. Inspection Deception. Now is when utility company imposters or independent energy auditors tend to appear unannounced at your front door, offering a free inspection of your furnace and thermostat, or a free evaluation of your home s energy leakage.

But unless your utility company has notified you in advance or you initiated a request for an audit or inspection, don t let them in. Maybe that s why the Consumer Federation of America cited free energy audits as a burgeoning problem in its most recent top consumer complaints list. Assume that unsolicited energy auditors are really salesmen or home improvement hucksters pitching unnecessary expensive products, such as a 4,000 solar blanket for the attic that in fact can t live up to its claimed ability to capture the sun s rays through roofing materials.

Often, self-described inspectors are actually there for a quick burglary especially if they arrive in pairs. Or they may be trying to collect your personal information for identity theft. Don t be fooled if inspectors sport official-looking badges which can be printed from a computer or wear uniforms which can be rented or stolen. Unless you expect any energy-related experts, keep your door locked.

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