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We recognise that clinical research and development is a global endeavor and every aspect of our central laboratory service revolves around that requirement. From the time of study setup to data-lock, the dedicated teams at ICON Central Laboratories work to blend the global consistency in operating procedures and database management with the unique local needs of Investigator sites to offer a service package that works anywhere.

Our global logistics team has more than 30 years of industry experience and has managed the shipment of study supplies and specimens across the globe. No one is better placed to understand the unique logistical requirements of your clinical study. All of our central laboratories have been fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists CAP. Now you can access robust residual value forecasts for new vehicles up to five years in the future all from one system.

cap Gold Book iQ gives you all the accuracy, transparency and data you ll need in one service. No more multiple access points, no more concerns about the accuracy of your residual values. All the features you need. Just complete confidence and fast, easy access to key data. Single point access robust residual forecast values for new cars up to five years in the future from one single access point Accurate access all forecast evidence, rationale and assumptions made when setting residual values, with editorial commentary to explain all movements and adjustments Effective residual value comparisons between same model and competitor derivatives, with information to support residual value improvements in product design Flexible improved ability to capture pre-launch data for forecasting, and an alert function to identify residual value movements within your own defined parameters.

Save time with one single access point to key data Have greater confidence in the accuracy of value decisions Enjoy an extra level of security when setting residual values Produce more accurate residual value reports with key information and analysis Reduce sales delays when taking new orders by accessing real-time forecasts for new vehicles Negotiate with lenders from a position of strength with full residual value evidence Make more intelligent decisions on selecting a better channel mix for new products.

smr actuals. Historic repair and maintenance data for forecasting and spend comparisons. future vehicle value checker. Reduce risk by knowing how much vehicles will be worth in the future. Don t let vehicles cost you money, time and reputation. Get detailed, accurate car and van data faster even when on the move. nmr Mileage Services. Be certain your vehicles haven t been clocked.

vehicle appraisal app. A modern electronic appraisal tool for a modern dealership. valuation anywhere. Access valuations immediately whenever and wherever you want. Administration 25 Consultant 14 Customer service 8 Data 5 Finance 31 HR training 9 IT 11 Legal 8 Marketing PR 9 Operations 15 Procurement 3 Product digital 4 Project management 18 Specialist 16 Teacher 4 Trustee non-executive director 6.

England 294 South East England 236 London Greater 200 East of England 13 South West England 28 North East England 4 North West England 14 Yorkshire and the Humber 7 East Midlands Region 4 West Midlands Region 13 Wales 48 Scotland 7 Northern Ireland 3 Nationwide 5 Homeworking 37 Africa 1 Europe 357 North America 4. Flexible 7 Full time 316 Full time or Part time 23 Part time 25.

Job vacancy 370 Graduate scheme 1. Direct employer 308 Recruitment consultant 54. No remote option 16 Part-remote option 25 Fully remote option 7. Found 371 jobs. Darlington, Durham 50,398. 00 Annually DARLINGTON BOROUGH COUNCIL. Head of SEND Inclusion. Darlington Borough Council are looking to appoint a Head of SEND Inclusion to lead the range of services delivered across the Borough.

Head of Legal and Governance Interim. London 50,112 - 54,310 ROYAL COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNAECOLOGISTS. Online Technology - Senior Associate. This is an exciting opportunity to take on the role of principal advisor of governance and corporate and charity law. Online Technology - Senior Associate Based from any of our client s regional offices Competitive Team Overview Our client is responsible for regu.

Director of External Affairs. London office, or flexible working with significant travel to London Circa 60,000 - 75,000 STONEWALL. We are looking for a creative and digital-first strategic thinker, with a demonstrable track record of creating and delivering impactful campaigns. London Greater Competitive WEBRECRUIT. Support Officer -Strategic Relationships - 18 Mth FTC. Ofqual is undergoing a period of growth and there has never been a more exciting time to apply.

CV1 3BH, Coventry 22,000 - 26,401 OFQUAL. As England s independent regulator of qualification. Standards Executive - Standards and Audience Protection. Standards Executive - Standards and Audience Protection London, Birmingham, Cardiff or Bristol Competitive Team Overview Our client is the indepen. Administration 27 Consultant 14 Customer service 5 Data 2 Finance 28 HR training 6 IT 11 Legal 8 Marketing PR 9 Operations 17 Procurement 3 Product digital 4 Project management 12 Specialist 15 Teacher 3 Trustee non-executive director 5.

Flexible 6 Full time 296 Full time or Part time 22 Part time 23. England 271 South East England 217 London Greater 176 East of England 12 South West England 27 North East England 2 North West England 13 Yorkshire and the Humber 7 East Midlands Region 3 West Midlands Region 11 Wales 48 Scotland 6 Northern Ireland 3 Nationwide 5 Homeworking 33 Africa 1 Europe 335 North America 4. Direct employer 286 Recruitment consultant 52.

No remote option 13 Part-remote option 23 Fully remote option 6. Found 347 jobs. Job vacancy 346 Graduate scheme 1. Head of Service Schools for the Future. Dunstable, Bedfordshire c 68k flexible, depending on experience Penna Executive Search. This is an exciting opportunity to join the Schools for the Future team and help shape the future educational landscape across Central Bedfordshire. Young Person s Independent Domestic Violence Advisor.

London CentralLondon Greater 28,725 - 30,711 per annum pro-rata Grade SO1 LONDON BOROUGH OF HOUNSLOW. The project consists of a Domestic Abuse Early Help Lead, 5 Parent and Child Domestic Abuse Workers and a Let s Talk Co-ordinator. Senior Control Officer. London 37,413 - 38,403 PO2 LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY. Benefits Housing Needs Assistant. London 28,752 - 29,796 Scale 6 LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY.

Evaluation and Standards Manager. Swindon, Wiltshire 31,305 UK RESEARCH AND INNOVATION. You will foster strong working relationships at all levels, both internally and with UKRI s external partners and stakeholders. Control Officer. London 33,759 - 34,986 SO2 LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY. Benefits Housing Needs Officer. Director of Service, Limerick City and County Council. Limerick City Unspecified PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS SERVICE. A vacancy now exists in Limerick City County Council for an experienced senior manager to play a leadership role as a Director of Service.

London 31,434 - 32,577 SO1 LONDON BOROUGH OF HACKNEY. Essex 33,732. Campaigns Events Officer - Corporate Communications. 00 pro-rata for part-time vacancies ESSEX POLICE. Our department has grown, which means the award-winning Campaigns Team at Essex Police is looking for an enthusiastic and creative individual.

Social Worker - OPPD and Reablement. Southwark 37491 - 44598 per annum SOUTHWARK COUNCIL. Community Broadband Officer. The Role We are recruiting to a number of Social work positions within our Older Person Physical Disabilities Services including Assessment and Inta. Llandrindod Wells, Powys 30,507 to 32,029 per annum POWYS COUNTY COUNCIL. To maximise the potential of the digital economy in Powys by enabling enhanced connectivity and digital adoption.

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 34,700 HMGCC. This is a hands-on, project-based course where you follow along as Paul Cheney demonstrates how to build responsive web pages. Hands On Responsive Web Design. You will learn about media queries, mobile navigation, responsive images, sprite icons, font icons, partials, and importing with a CSS preprocessor. Paul Cheney specializes in Responsive Design, Content Management Systems, and Virtual Reality Photography. He teaches courses for Pluralsight and runs a web development business and Spartan Design University where he hosts resources for many online courses.

At the end of the course, you will have several templates ready to use in your next web project. Creating Page Layouts with CSS. Hands-on JavaScript Project JSON. Best Practices for Responsive Web-forms. Markup Validation Service. Help and FAQ for the Markup Validator. Check the markup HTML, XHTML, of Web documents. Nothing wrong with the validator here, it just knows HTML better than you do.

-- David Dorward, Validator s mailing-list. About the Markup Validator Help me. I clicked on an icon and ended up on this strange site. What is Markup Validation. Is validation some kind of quality control. Does valid mean quality approved by W3C. Is validity the same thing as conformance. What is the Markup Validator and what does it do. Who owns maintain the Markup Validator. What other validators are there. How does The Validator work. How do I send feedback bug reports about the Markup Validator.

Using this service How do I use the Markup validator. What is are this these error message s. Many error messages. I don t want error messages, I want you to clean up my page. valid icons My document is valid, can I use your valid icon. Is there a list of all available icons somewhere. Why do I see warnings about insecure items when viewing my page after including the icon. License and Guidelines for usage of the valid icons Can I modify the existing icons to create my own.

I saw the valid icon displayed on a site but the page is invalid. Miscellaneous Very Frequently Asked Questions No DOCTYPE Declaration Found. No Character Encoding Found. How can I include flash in valid X HTML Web pages. The validator complains about in my URLs. The validator complains about something in my JavaScript. Why doesn t the validator like my or. I found some nasty typo like.

The author of the Web page you come from once used our service to validate that page, and the page passed validation. The author was then authorized to use the icon on that page, as a claim of validity. The icon is used as a link back to the validation service, so that the author can revalidate whenever necessary. This is why, by clicking on the icon, you followed a link to the current validation results for the page you came from. The validation result was certainly positive this page is valid.but if it wasn t, you would probably do the author of the page where the icon was a favor if you could warn him her of this abnormal situation.

If you are curious about Markup validation you may read this help document further, or you may simply use the back button of your Web browser to come back to the page where you found the valid icon. As for every language, these have their own grammarvocabulary and syntaxand every document written with these computer languages are supposed to follow these rules.

The X HTML languages, for all versions up to XHTML 1. 1, are using machine-readable grammars called DTD s, a mechanism inherited from SGML. However, Just as texts in a natural language can include spelling or grammar errors, documents using Markup languages may for various reasons not be following these rules. The process of verifying whether a document actually follows the rules for the language s it uses is called validationand the tool used for that is a validator.

A document that passes this process with success is called valid. With these concepts in mind, we can define markup validation as the process of checking a Web document against the grammar generally a DTD it claims to be using. Validity is one of the quality criteria for a Web page, but there are many others. In other words, a valid Web page is not necessarily a good web page, but an invalid Web page has little chance of being a good web page.

For that reason, the fact that the W3C Markup Validator says that one page passes validation does not mean that W3C assesses that it is a good page. It only means that a tool not necessarily without flaws has found the page to comply with a specific set of rules. This is also why the valid. icons should never be considered as a W3C seal of quality.

No, they are different concepts. Markup languages are defined in technical specificationswhich generally include a formal grammar. A document is valid when it is correctly written in accordance to the formal grammar, whereas conformance relates to the specification itself. The two might be equivalent, but in most cases, some conformance requirements cannot be expressed in the grammar, making validity only a part of the conformance.

The Markup Validator is a free tool and service that validates markup in other words, it checks the syntax of Web documents, written in formats such as X HTML. The Validator is sort of like lint for C. It compares your HTML document to the defined syntax of HTML and reports any discrepancies. Learn more about the Markup Validator and the languages it can validate.

Why should I validate my HTML pages. One of the important maxims of computer programming is Be conservative in what you produce; be liberal in what you accept. Browsers follow the second half of this maxim by accepting Web pages and trying to display them even if they re not legal HTML. Usually this means that the browser will try to make educated guesses about what you probably meant. The problem is that different browsers or even different versions of the same browser will make different guesses about the same illegal construct; worse, if your HTML is really pathological, the browser could get hopelessly confused and produce a mangled mess, or even crash.

That s why you want to follow the first half of the maxim by making sure your pages are legal HTML. The best way to do that is by running your documents through one or more HTML validators. A lengthier answer to this question is also available on this site if the explanation above did not satisfy you. We re doing our best to provide clear and reliable results as well as a good interface with the Markup Validator, but for some reason you may want to check other validators.

Here are a few choices. Looking for validators at W3C, but not the Markup Validator. Check out the list of validators at W3C, including well-known CSS validator, link checker, etc. The Validator is based on OpenSP, an SGML parser based on James Clark s SP SGML parser. The Validator itself is a CGI script that basically fetches your document, passes it through the parser, and post-processes the resulting error list for easier reading.

Read the instructions on our Feedback page. Using this service. How do I use this service. Most probably, you will want to use the online Markup Validation service. The simple way to use this service to validate a Web page is to paste its address into the text area on the validator s home page, and press the Check button. There are other possible uses and a few usage options, please read the user s manual for further help with this service.

If, for some reason, you prefer running your own instance of the Markup Validator, check out our developer s documentation. What are these error messages. The output of the Markup Validator may be hard to decipher for newcomers and experts alike, so we are maintaining a list of error messages and their interpretation, which should help.

Did The Validator complain about your DOCTYPE declaration or lack thereof. Make sure your document has a syntactically correct DOCTYPE declaration, as described in the section on DOCTYPEand make sure it correctly identifies the type of HTML you re using. Then run it through The Validator again; if you re lucky, you should get a lot fewer errors. If this doesn t help, then you may be experiencing a cascade failure one error that gets The Validator so confused that it can t make sense of the rest of your page.

Try correcting the first few errors and running your page through The Validator again. Be patient, with a little time and experience you will learn to use the Markup Validator to clean up your HTML documents in no time. Have a look at tools such as HTML Tidy and tidyp. When selected, the Clean up Markup with HTML-Tidy option will output a cleaned version of the input document in case it was not valid, done with HTML-Tidy, using the Markup Validator s default HTML-Tidy configuration.

My document is valid, can I use your valid icon. Note that there are no guarantees about the validity or other aspects of that output, and there are many options to configure in these tools that may result in better clean up than the Validator s default options for your document, so you may want to try out them locally. valid icons. To show readers that one has taken some care to create an interoperable Web page, a W3C valid badge may be displayed here, the valid XHTML 1.

0 badge on any page that validates. We encourage you to use the XHTML code below or its HTML equivalentbut you may use a different code to integrate the icon within your web page as long as the icon is used as a link to revalidate the Web page it is in. Sample code is as follows. The full list of valid icons is available on the W3C website.

uri referer FAQ entry. License and Guidelines for usage of the valid icons. Web content providers are granted the right to use the W3C valid logo on pages that pass validation through the use of the W3C Markup Validator for the W3C technology represented by the icon, and only on pages that pass validation. The icon must be used as a link to revalidate the Web page, thus providing a way to verify the page author s assertion that it passed validation. Note that W3C Valid icons are not an endorsement by the W3C of the page s author, the substantive content of the page, nor its design.

Instead, the icons are only a mechanism to identify pages that have been determined to be valid, and to easily revalidate pages as often as as they are modified. Consequently, the use of the badge is in accordance with and governed by the W3C Trademark License and Logo and Icon usage policy. Can I modify the existing icons to create my own. The validator s icons are distributed under the W3C document license, which allows distribution but does not allow derivative works.

We recommend that you write to the site manager and politely bring to that person s attention that there is an inconsistency. Please note that W3C does not verify or attempt to enforce validity claims. Miscellaneous Very Frequently Asked Questions. No DOCTYPE Declaration Found. A DOCTYPE Declaration is mandatory for most current markup languages and without one it is impossible to reliably validate a document.

One should place a DOCTYPE declaration as the very first thing in an HTML document. For example, for a typical XHTML 1. For XML documents, you may also wish to include an XML Declaration even before the DOCTYPE Declaration, but this is not well supported in older browsers. More information about this can be found in the XHTML 1. 0 Recommendation. The W3C QA Activity maintains a List of recommended Doctypes that you can choose from, and the WDG maintains a document on Choosing a DOCTYPE.

An HTML document should be served along with its character encoding. Specifying a character encoding is typically done by the web server configuration, by the scripts that put together pages, and inside the document itself. IANA maintains the list of official names for character encodings called charsets in this context. You can choose from a number of encodings, though we recommend UTF-8 as particularly useful.

To quickly check whether the document would validate after addressing the missing character encoding information, you can use the Encoding form control accesskey 2 earlier in the page to force an encoding override to take effect. iso-8859-1 Western Europe and North America and utf-8 Universal, and more commonly used in recent documents are common encodings if you are not sure what encoding to choose.

Many Flash authoring tools recommend, or enforce, the usage of the element to include flash animations or applications in Web pages.however, was never part of any standardized version of HTML, and this practice produces invalid markup. There are many techniques to incorporate flash in valid web pages. One of the most famous is the Flash Satay technique. Most probably, you should read the ampersand section of WDG s excellent common validation problems document. Most probably, you should read the script section of WDG s excellent Common HTML Validation Problems document.

HTML is based on SGML and uses an SGML feature called SHORTTAG note that this is not the case with XHTML. With this feature enabled, the in or already closes the link or meta tag, and the becomes some regular text, which is not allowed in the element. Since is optional in HTML again, not in XHTMLit is silently inserted, thus head-only elements like meta and style as well as andwhich may appear only once, become false. explanation courtesy of Christoph Päper.

This again as in the previous case comes from the SHORTTAG feature in HTML not in XHTML. The typo is actually a shorthand markup and is a valid construct in HTML, even though its use is not recommended. uri referer does not work - or - the validator says it does not support my undefined URL scheme. Browsers and other Web agents usually send information about the page they come from, in a Referer header.

The validator uses this information for a features that allows it to validate whatever page the browser last visited. The valid icons on some Web page usually point to the validation of the page using this feature. Unfortunately, some zealous security software or Web proxies strip the referrer information from what the browser sends. Without this information the validator is not able to find what the URL of the document to validate is, and gives the same error message as when it is given a type of URL it does not understand.

1 specification. As the validator at validator. Check that it is indeed the Referer issue. uri your_url_here. Otherwise, check the address you have given the validator. The validator cannot fix this issue. You will have to ask your administrator to reconfigure whichever zealous software is stripping this referrer info. If you have a link on your page using the check. uri referer feature, you could replace them with the a link to the validator without this feature, e. uri address. News Docs Help FAQ Feedback Contribute.

This service runs the W3C Markup Iq option 30 segundos, v 1. Copyright 1994-2013 W3C MITERCIMKeio, BeihangAll Rights Reserved. W3C liability, trademark, document use and software licensing rules apply. Your interactions with this site are in accordance with our public and Member privacy statements. This program enables nurses to advance their nursing careers and to learn how to practice in some of the most challenging new roles in today s health care environment.

ADN to MSN option. The ADN to MSN option at HNU is an accelerated program designed for associated degree nurses. The ADN to MSN program is available in four concentrations Nursing Administration, Education, Informatics, and Care Transition Management. The program is completed in two years and will take 49-51 units, depending on the concentration. Applicants to this program meet MSN admissions requirements and have earned an ADN Associate Degree in Nursing rather than a BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Prerequisite courses. ENGL 1B Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing II. PSYC 63 Statistical Methods. NURS 180 Epidemiology. Once the prerequisite and bridge courses have been completed, students will take the MSN Core Courses and the courses required for their selected Option. The ADN to MSN pathway students hold an RN license and a BRN approved Associate s degree in nursing. The early portion of the curriculum builds upon students and knowledge to meet the BSN Essentials.

During this portion of the curriculum, students explore and discover principles of community health, professional nursing role, epidemiology, informatics, leadership, and evidence-based practice. Students can progress through the curriculum during the first year concurrently enrolled in core graduate nursing courses. If needed, a GAP analysis Bridge course worksheet in completed for these students.

The student learning outcomes are reflected in student competencies at the end of the program. The nine essentials of Baccalaureate Education are the foundation. NURS 132 Theoretical Basis of Professional Nursing. Lower division courses focus on the development of a basic foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable the student to understand and practice the role of the professional nurse. Bridge Courses.

NURS 141 Nursing Research. NURS 142L Family and Community Health Nursing I Practicum. NURS 151 Leadership and Management in Nursing. NURS 151L Leadership and Management in Nursing Clinical. NURS 142 W Family and Community Health Nursing I. NURS 172 Informatics. Nurse Educator Bridge Courses. 3500 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, CA 94619 Phone 510 436-1000. The ADN to MSN option at HNU is an accelerated program designed for associated degree nurses, enabling nurses to advance their nursing careers and to learn how to practice in some of the most challenging new roles in today s health care environment.

Smart Security Ultimate. 4657 to customize. 0 Control Panel SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell 2 Wireless Motion Sensors 3 Wireless Door Sensors Brinks Home Outdoor Camera Yard Sign Stickers Professional Installation. Touchscreen Control Panel. Use as a hub for just about any home automation device - Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, and more. Smart Home Hub. Hacker Protection. Unlike most alarm panels, the Brinks Home Touch encrypts all sensor signals to safeguard against hackers.

Ultra-fast Alarm Signal. Alarms are sent to our monitoring center over a fast, secure LTE cellular signal, saving valuable seconds in an emergency. General Mounting Wall mount built-in back platetable-top stand included Dimensions 5 H x 7. 5v 1000mA DC adapter, Input 100-240VAC 50 60Hz Operating System Android Version 5. Display Size 7 Type LCD Resolution 1280x800 Touchscreen Capacitive glass multi-touch.

Connectivity WiFi WiFi 802. Hardware Features Siren 85dB Piezo Camera 5MP, fixed focus, front-facing camera Speakers Stereo speakers unified audio system Microphone Stereo microphones Backup Battery Lithium Polymer 3200mAh Removable Storage Micro SD card slot. 11 a b g n ac dual-band 2. 0 Z-Wave Plus 119 total Up to 80 lights, up to 6 locks, up to 6 thermostats, up to 6 garage doors, up to 21 misc Image Sensor Proprietary Image Sensor up to 5 devices Signal Encryption S-Line Encrypted 319.

5 MHz, up to 128 security zones. 4 5GHz - including built-in router capability Cellular LTE Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4. Meet our Security Devices. Wireless Door Sensor. Wireless sensors protect all points of entry. Light, discreet easy to place up to 200ft. from the panel. Wireless Motion Sensor. Any activity triggers your alarm and sends you a mobile alert. Pets less than 40 lbs won t set it off. Outdoor Camera. See outside your home 24 7 with the Brinks Home Outdoor Camera. SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell.

Specs Mounting Non-marking, double-sided adhesive tape included Dimensions 2. 5 D Battery Life 5-7 years Battery Type Two 3V Lithium included Wireless Signal Range 600ft 200Mopen air Alternate Mounting Options Windows, garage doors, liquor cabinets, more. Specs Mounting Non-marking, double-sided adhesive tape included Dimensions 3.

5 D Battery Life 3-5 years Battery Type Two 1. 5 V DC AA Alkaline included Detection Range 30 ft 9. 2 m Detection Radius 80 Signal Encryption Proprietary S-Line encryption. Specs Video Full-color, Auto-scaling Camera 720p HD Speaker 110 dB Bluetooth Low energy Microphone Omni-Directional Night Vision Infrared Night Vision up to 8ft Field of view 180 Motion Sensor Detects motion up to 8 ft range.

0 WI-FI router 802. Dimensions Depth 1. 75 D 195mm x 130mm x 23mm User Codes Up to 242 codes Power Supply 5v - 5. System Requirements Power input Wired power connection to in-home mechanical door chime 10-36 VAC, 10VA or 12 VDC with an amp rate of 0. 86 cm Width 1. 65 cm Height 4. 2 cm Weight 2. SEE YOUR HOME FROM ANYWHERE. Interact with your home while on the go. check Control locks, cameras, lights, thermostats and more check See and speak to visitors and family, including pets check Get instant alerts sent to your smartphone.

IF YOU CAN OPEN A BOX YOU CAN SET IT UP. Add to your system As your needs change. Want to iq option 30 segundos a flood sensor. A smart door lock. Your system can act as a hub for up to 119 smart home devices, and can be controlled via Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, and more. OUR SYSTEMS ARE RISK-FREE. Try it for 30 days. If you re not happy with your system, return it within 30 days for a refund.

Straight Forward Pricing. Choose a monitoring rate that gives you the best value, with no hidden fees. 2-Year Warranty. We re proud of our products. If anything breaks in the first 2 years we ll replace it. Award-winning Customer Service. Power ranks us 1 in Customer Satisfaction with Pro-Installed Home Security Systems. Protecting over 1 million people. with pro-installed home security systems, 2019.

How do monthly payments work. Apply and Buy. Find out if you qualify in as little as 5 minutes. Provide your basic information. Flexible Payments. Log into GreenSky customer portal to make a payment or schedule a recurring payment. Simple easy payment each month. Fixed APR of 0. 00 for 36 months. 36 monthly payments of 27. 78 for each 1000 financed. 2006-2018 GreenSky, LLC service greenskycredit. com Privacy Policy Terms of Use. GreenSky is a program name for certain consumer loans and credit plans extended by participating lenders to borrowers for the purchase of goods and or services from participating merchants providers.

Participating lenders are federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions providing credit without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender or familial status. GreenSky is a registered trademark of GreenSky, LLC. GreenSky, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiaries service the loans on behalf of participating lenders. NMLS 1416362CT; SLC-1416362; NJ MT 1501607 C22. Sign In Support FAQs Refer a Friend Nest Activation Verify Representative Add-on Products Moving.

Copyright 2020 Brinks Home Security TM. How It Works Smart Center Crime Report Alarm Systems Sitemap Accessibility. About Us Careers Team Investor Center Licensing Terms of Use Privacy Policy Contact Us. 1990 Wittington Place, Dallas, TX 75234. Nest and Nest Secure are registered trademarks of Nest Labs, Inc. Brinks Home Security TM was ranked highest in customer satisfaction among home security brands as part of the J. Welcome to HomeAddons. The Best Home Product Reviews from A to Z.

Your home should be your comfort zone. We strive to bring you the best information to improve your home to your liking. View our product reviews, how to s and entertaining articles about everything in your home; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, decor and outdoor features. You can find what you re looking for at HomeAddons. How This Site is Organized. There is no limit to what you can accomplish in the kitchen with the right tools.

Read more about kitchens. Your bathroom is your sanctuary. Design it the way you want with the best fixtures and how to s. Read more on bathrooms. You can get away being right outside your walls with a great outdoor area. Read more about improving your outdoor area. Comfort Design. Spaces can be made more comfortable with your personal zest. Add character to your living space with decor and comfort tools. Read more about decor and leisure. The Downside to Owning a Cordless Vacuum Pros and Cons of a Roomba Vacuum Best Leaf Lawn Vacuum Reviews Kids Bathroom Ideas Decor When to Use a Vacuum Brush Roller Vacuum Mop at the Same Time.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Vacuum Iq option 30 segundos Cleaner Grooming Tool. As an Amazon Associates Program member this website earns from qualifying purchases. Honeywell Evohome Review. No geolocation Expensive. A powerful and flexible smart home heating system, Honeywell Evohome gives you fine control over every room in your home but it s expensive as a consequence. Review Price 215 App, touchscreen controller and radiator valve control Android and iOS app support Quick Actions Requires boiler relay OpenTherm compatible.

What is the Honeywell Evohome. When Honeywell Evohome launched a few years back, the system was the most powerful multiroom heating system available. Fast-forward a few years, and it remains in the same position. While most heating systems start with a single-zone thermostat and let you build out multiroom control, Evohome is designed with multiroom in mind. As such, the system is more expensive than much of the competition, but the trade-off is well worth it if you re after fine control.

With a dedicated heating control panel and support for everything from single radiator valves to underfloor heating systems, Evohome is one of the most flexible smart heating systems around. Extremely flexible Touchscreen controller Powerful Quick Actions. It lacks some features I d expect including geolocation and the hardware is a little clunky-looking, but much of this can be forgiven.

At its most basic, Honeywell Evohome requires the Wi-Fi controller and the boiler relay. Honeywell Evohome Design and installation. Depending on your boiler, you ll either need the kit with the standard on off relay, or the OpenTherm Bridge, which provides modulating heating control. The latter is the best option if your boiler supports it, since you ll increase your energy savings as a result see, What is OpenTherm.

An additional relay will be necessary if you want Evohome to control your hot water system as well. At this point, the heating system can operate as any old smart thermostat would, controlling your heating using the temperature sensor in the controller. For radiators, you ll need the HR92UK radiator valve 59. For multiroom control, you need to start adding other components to the fold. 99 each, although you can get a discount if you buy in bulk.

These valves replace your existing radiator TRVs, providing individual control over a radiator s temperature. These screw into place and are easy to fit. Adapter rings are available for different-sized screw threads. You can add multiple HR92UK devices into an Evohome room, which is handy for areas with more than one radiator. The HR92UK isn t the prettiest of devices and looks a little plasticky. However, the neat LCD screen and twist dial at the top provide a lot more control than rival devices.

Although each HR92UK can measure the temperature in any particular room, you can in fact use compatible wireless room thermostats to take the temperature instead. This may be required if your radiator sits behind furniture, since this can throw off the HR92UK s temperature sensor. If you have underfloor heating, there are a couple of options.

For multiple zones, there are dedicated underfloor controls. For a single manifold, one BDR91 relay and wireless thermostat will do the job you can see the relay tucked away in the picture below, controlling my underfloor heating manifold. Overall, there s little that Evohome can t control, but speccing up your system requires some thought and time. It s worth paying for installation, too, just to make sure that everything is fitted correctly. Honeywell Evohome Features.

Control of the system is primarily through the capacitive touchscreen controller. From here you can configure rooms, adding in the sensors and valves that each one contains. Once your rooms are configured, you have to set up schedules. Each room can have a different schedule you can have your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen warm up first thing in the morning, for example, with the living room coming on later in the day. There s a wizard on hand that asks you simple questions to build a schedule for you, but I found it easier to set the schedule manually.

Once one room is configured, you can copy its schedule for different days and other rooms. There s no learning option available. There are a couple of extra heating modes that you can use, too. Optimum Start learns how your home heats up, so the boiler can be turned on early, ensuring your rooms are warm when you need them to be. Optimum Stop iq option 30 segundos shut your heating down early, letting the temperature fall by 0.

5ºC before turning it back on to save more money. Each radiator valve is also capable of Window Detection configurable through the clunky on-device menu that you ll want to use the manual to decipherturning heating off to a radiator when you open a window or door. The option called Win Type in the menus is turned on by default, but you can configure how long it takes to trigger, and even the temperature fall rate to turn it on.

To be honest, you re better off leaving the defaults alone. Quick Actions are configurable options to set how your heating works. Heating Off sets every room to 5ºC and is useful if you re going on holiday or want to turn the heating off when winter is over. Day Off mode will follow the Saturday schedule it s handy if you re working from home and want the house warm while you re in. Economy mode drops the room temperature by 3ºC. Custom mode lets you control what happens.

For example, I had it as a Guest mode, which turned the heating on in the spare bedroom and bathroom for when guests came round. Away mode sets the temperature to the level you set, so you can save money when you go out. However, without Geolocation built in, there s no option to set this automatically. There are two other options, though. If you have Evohome Security, you can set Away mode to be turned on when you arm the alarm.

However, this is practically useless, as you can t turn off the Quick Action when you unlock the alarm. Alternatively, you can use IFTTT to fire the rule automatically. All Quick Actions can be set permanently or on a timer. App control is provided by the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app. From the homepage you can view each room, and both its current set temperature and existing temperature.

Tap a room to quickly adjust the temperature, setting it permanently or on a timer. Schedules can be edited per room, but you can t copy them between rooms only between days for that roommaking initial configuration easier through the controller. Quick Actions line the top of the page, although they only have icons, so you have to remember what they mean or tap them to find out. There s little else to do from the app, and it s all about simple heating controls.

Honeywell Evohome Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Alternatively, you could use a Flic button or Logitech Pop. IFTTT support lets you set or disable a Quick Action, which means you can build your own geolocation rules using a service such as Life360. with IFTTT to have a physical button to turn your heating off when you go out, and back on when you return home.

Amazon Alexa support is built in, and the reliability has improved since launch. With the skill, you can find out the temperature of a room or change the room temperature. Changes are made until the next scheduled change. Amazon Alexa supports Quick Actions, too, so you use an Alexa Routine to change your heating mode, for example.

Google Assistant support is available, too. Quick Actions aren t detected by the system, so you can t use them in the same way in Google Home routines. Otherwise, the controls are the same as for Alexa you can get a room s temperature or set it to the temperature that you want. Honeywell Evohome Performance. The beauty of Evohome is how easy it is to use. Walk into a room and find it a bit chilly, for example, and you can just use the dial on the thermostat to get a heating boost.

If you re heating only one room, the radiator warms up super-quickly, as the boiler isn t heating the entire system. Changes made from the TRV are instant, and the new temperature is set until the next scheduled change. Changes made from the app, a voice assistant or the controller take a few minutes, since the battery-saving low power signal is sent less frequently to the smart radiator valves.

This kind of delay isn t really an issue in everyday use. I ve had Evohome since launch and have found it extremely reliable. Batteries in the TRVs 2 x AA tend to last around 18 months or so. The battery meter on the display indicates when it s time to switch them out, although it isn t always that accurate. On some occasions, I ve found that a TRV has enough power for the LCD, but not enough to change the valve; a cold radiator is a good indicator that something needs to be changed.

Why buy the Honeywell Evohome. My list of the best smart thermostats shows how many products there are to choose from, but Honeywell Evohome manages to distinguish itself. An app update adding geolocation, or better integration with the security system, would be appreciated; but these are minor complaints that are easy to live with or workaround. Yes, it s expensive, but the range of control options and touchscreen controller offer up a flexibility that isn t seen elsewhere.

If you want something that you can expand in the future, the Tado Smart Thermostat is a great choice with its optional smart radiator valves. If you don t want to splash out on such an expensive system, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen is the best single-zone-only model. How can I watch Netflix on my TV. 22nd December 2014. Netflix is everywhere literally. While it gives us the freedom to binge-watch entire TV series and movies on our laptops, tablets and phones, how can we get it on our TVs.

Luckily there s a boatload of way to get Netflix up and running on your TV so you don t need to peer at House of Cards and Breaking Bad on a 5-inch screen when you re in the living room next to a 65-inch screen. Here s everything you need to get Netflix up and running on your telly. How much does Netflix cost. The difference between 720p, 1080i and 1080p, How much is Netflix 4K Ultra HD and what broadband speed do you need.

Netflix costs 5. 99 month for access on one device at any time. The Basic Netflix subscription lets you stream Netflix content in standard definition only and for that reason, it s perhaps a good bet for folks who ll mainly be watching content on phones or over a slow broadband connection Netflix typically requires 2Mbps for SD streams and 5Mbps for HD streams.

Those of you who want to watch Netflix on up to two devices can opt for the Standard Netflix subscription; this costs 7. 49 month, lets you stream on up to two devices simultaneously and gives you access to content in high definition up to 1080p Full HD and, where available, Super HD. Folks with superfast broadband connections and brand new 4K Ultra HD TVs can sign up for Premium Netflix designed for families and busy households, this costs 8. 99 month, lets you watch content on up to four devices at once and gives you access to Netflix s small but growing catalogue of Ultra HD content.

In order to stream 4K content from Netflix, in addition to a compatible TV, mini streamer or set-top box, you ll iq option 30 segundos need around 20-25Mbps of spare bandwidth. Can I get Netflix on Sky TV. While Sky TV customers can tap into a huge on demand library, which includes access to things like BBC iPlayer, All 4 and Sky s own Sky Store, you can t currently access Netflix through the Sky HD set-top box. Can I get Netflix on Virgin Media.

If you ve got a Virgin TV subscription and a Virgin Media TiVo set-top box, then you ll be able to access Netflix through this. You can find Netflix under the Apps Games section or alternatively, you can just head to channel 204 on the Virgin EPG to launch the app. One key benefit of streaming Netflix through a TiVo box is that it uses bandwidth reserved for your Virgin TV service, not the broadband service.

In other words, it won t interfere with downloads and streaming services elsewhere in the home. Can I get Netflix on BT TV. All BT TV customers have the option of access Netflix through their set-top box. You can even choose to have Netflix included as part of your BT TV bundle. Or, if you re already a Netflix customer, you can just enter your login credentials as normal. BT TV customers who ve signed up for the Total Entertainment package will be able to access Netflix s 4K content, as well as the BT Sport Ultra HD channel.

Can I get Netflix on TalkTalk TV. Yes TalkTalk TV customers can access Netflix through the On Demand section of their set-top boxes. Can I get Netflix on YouView. All YouView boxes should now come with access to Netflix through the On Demand menu the same place where you ll find things like UKTV Play, BBC iPlayer, Quest OD and others.

Netflix as it appears on YouView. Can I get Netflix on Freeview. This depends entirely on the make and model of the Freeview hardware you ve got. Boxes like Panasonic s DMR-HWT130EB for example come with access to Netflix; older models will not. Humax has recently announced that all of its Freeview Play hardware will eventually be able to access Netflix.

Can I get Netflix on Freesat. Possibly so far only Freetime from Freesat boxes made by Humax give you access to Netflix. Can I get Netflix on my smart TV. Most of the smart TVs available in the market come pre-installed with a Netflix app. Smart TVs from LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Samsung and Sharp s current ranges either come with the Netflix app pre-installed or available to download from their respective app stores.

Check out the full list on Netflix s site here. A handful of smart TVs also let you access 4K Ultra HD content from Netflix check out our guide here for more details. Once you ve found the Netflix app on your smart TV, you simply need to open it and enter your Netflix account details. As the download and installation process requires a stable connection, it s best to do this over a solid Ethernet connection, unless your WiFi is particularly speedy. Can I get Netflix via Chromecast.

Netflix was one of the first services to be available on Chromecast from launch. Provided you can get Netflix on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, you ll be able to cast House of Cards and Marco Polo and the like to your TV via Chromecast. Since launch, Netflix on Chromecast has updated, making it easier for you to binge-watch everything at once. Can I get Netflix on Apple TV. Netflix apps are available for the current 4th generation and previous 2nd and 3rd generation of Apple TV mini streamers.

Can I get Netflix on Roku. You can access Netflix on the majority of Roku streaming players, including the new Streaming Stick. With a bespoke interface, designed specifically for Roku, navigation is a breeze. You simply add the code for your Roku on the Netflix website and the box will automatically connect to your account.

Can I get Netflix on my games console. To get Netflix on your games console, you simply need to download and install the Netflix app from the respective store on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U and then run the app. You will be prompted to enter your Netflix login details and once you re past that, you re ready to go.

Xbox One and 360 owners no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to watch Netflix. Can I get Netflix on my Blu-ray player. Netflix s streaming prowess is also included on select smart Blu-ray players. The company s partner page lists Panasonic, LG, Philips, Insignia, Pioneer, Vizio, Samsung, Yamaha, Sony and Toshiba as partners. To get Netflix on your player you need to select the Netflix App icon, or download it from your connected Blu-ray player s store if it s not displayed.

Enter your account information as normal and add the activation code to the Netflix site to activate the player on your account. Can I get Netflix on my PC or laptop. If you have a Windows PC or laptop, or an Apple Mac or Macbook, you can simply head to Netflix. com and stream your movies and shows. However, if you want to stream 4K content, you ll need some very specific hardware.

Check out our guide to streaming 4K Netflix on your Windows PC for more info. How can I stream 4K Netflix videos. If you want to watch Netflix in glorious Ultra HD resolution, check out our complete guide to Netflix 4K streaming. There s a lot to consider here, beyond simply owning a 4K telly. For instance, you ll need to make sure your home broadband connection is up to the task, as well as your WiFi router.

And you ll also need a compatible telly or streaming device, as not all of them offer full 4K streaming. Some people have expressive communications styles; others get their points across quietly but with authority. Some people are extroverts; others are introverts. Build Rapport with Six Critical Skills. There is no right way to be. The only right thing is to appreciate the other person and make an effort to build rapport. In my last two blog posts, I discussed the importance of building rapport in the articles, Five Tips for Building Rapport and Building Rapport with WIIFO, not WIIFM.

To be honest, building rapport is one of those concepts that often can t be explained, but you know it when you see it. You hit it off with someone or get along well. Rapport is about building understanding and harmony with another person in a way that supports easier and more effective communication.



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