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Because this procedure estimates performance on a primary subtest using a secondary subtest, the results should be interpreted with caution and considered non-standard. Can I substitute a secondary subtest for a primary subtest when deriving the FSIQ. A maximum of one substitution may be made when deriving the FSIQ only. No substitutions can be made for any other composite score. The potential FSIQ substitutions are limited in order to constrain additional measurement error that may be introduced by this practice.

8 in the WISC V Administration and Scoring Manual indicates allowable substitutions for deriving the FSIQ. How was it decided that one subtest score could or could not be substituted for another when deriving the FSIQ. Because substituted subtests are being used as an estimate of performance on another subtest, only secondary subtests within the same cognitive domain that are highly related to the primary subtest can be substituted.

Can I administer all of the primary and secondary subtests and choose to use the highest subtest scaled scores when computing the FSIQ. When deriving the FSIQ, you can only substitute a secondary subtest for a primary subtest that is spoiled or invalidated, or for a specific clinical purpose. Secondary subtests can also provide additional information on cognitive functioning. If you need to substitute a secondary subtest in place of a primary subtest for deriving the FSIQ, it is best practice to decide this before you administer the subtest not after you have derived scaled scores.

Secondary subtests are also useful when the primary subtest scores that contribute to a primary index score are widely discrepant. In this situation, additional information from secondary subtests can help to shed light on factors that may contribute to such disparate results. Why isn t subtest substitution permitted on any of the index scores.

Because subtest substitution may introduce measurement error into derived composite scores, substitution is limited. The index scores are derived from fewer subtests than the FSIQ, therefore, the risk of such error is greater. If a secondary subtest substitutes for a primary subtest for the FSIQ, the Q-globalTM scoring software will not allow calculation of the primary index score that the primary subtest contributes to. Is score proration still available. Prorating is available for the FSIQ only.

A maximum of one proration or substitution may be made when deriving the FSIQ. Proration and substitution may not be combined to derive an FSIQ. If the Naming Speed Literacy NSL standard score is 90, and the Naming Speed Quantity NSQ standard score is 92, how is the Naming Speed Index NSI 89 and in the Low Average range. The NSI is not an average of NSL and NSQ, it s a sum of standard scores. Having low scores on both components i.NSL and NSQ leads to an even lower NSI because in the distribution, having low scores on both is rarer than having a low score on one subtest and an average score on the second subtest.

If you are familiar with the statistical phenomenon of regression to the mean, then this will make sense. If not, think about an Olympic gymnast competing in the all-around. It is rare to see someone score a perfect 10 on every event. It is more common to see them score a perfect 10 on one event and 8s on the others. The same applies to low scores. There is a tendency for subsequent observations to be less extreme. Is the Full Scale IQ invalid if index scores are discrepant. Is an index score invalid if subtests are discrepant.

Some interpretive approaches posit that composite or index scores are less valid or less reliable if their component parts are discrepant. In these interpretive approaches, the Full Scale IQ or an index score is described as valid, reliable, and interpretable only if no significant discrepancy exists between the highest and lowest primary index scores.

Similarly, the index scores are only described as valid and reliable if their contributing subtests are not significantly discrepant. There does not exist evidence that there is a discrepancy or index score scatter beyond which the Full Scale IQ becomes invalid, unreliable, and uninterpretable. When great variability or discrepancy characterizes the primary index scores or the subtest scaled scores, the Full Scale IQ alone is insufficient to describe a child s intellectual abilities obviously a lot more description would help.

Reliance on any single score is never recommended for describing a child s intellectual abilities or for identifying his or her strengths and needs. Also, not all of the subtests that contribute to index scores are always used to create the FSIQ; the FSIQ is derived from a subset of those primary subtests. see especially WPPSI IV and WISC V. Recent research indicates that the Full Scale IQ has equal construct and predictive validity regardless of primary index score discrepancies. The construct and predictive validity of the Full Scale IQ is independent of the discrepancy Daniel, 2007.

Similarly, the construct and predictive validity of the primary index scores is independent of the amount of discrepancy between subtests Daniel, 2009. Furthermore, it is quite typical to have a discrepancy of greater than 1. 5 SD s 23 points or more between two primary index scores. 6 of the normative sample that is, 1,246 of the 2,200 children had such a discrepancy.

Similarly, 52. 5 of special group study cases 261 of the 497 children from these groups had such a discrepancy. Given the vast evidence in support of the predictive validity of g and Full Scale IQ Daniel, 2007; Deary Deary, Strand, Smith, Johnson, Deary, S. Kaufman et al.2012 it is counterintuitive to assume that for almost 60 of children the Full Scale IQ is not valid.

Moreover, because more specific domains of intellectual ability do not show the same broad degree of predictive validity as does g Gottfredson, 2008; Hartmann, Larsen, Kotz, Watkins, Reeve Charles, 2008the Full Scale IQ provides essential, clinically rich information when attempting to understand the expression of intelligent behavior in real world settings Jacobson, Delis, Hamilton, Bondi, Salmon, 2004.

With respect to the Full Scale IQ s reliability in the presence of relatively large discrepancies among primary index scores, there is no evidence that the Full Scale IQ becomes unreliable in these circumstances either some people feel intuitively that it does. For example, Table 4. 3 of the WISC V Technical and Interpretive Manual lists the subtest reliability coefficients for special groups.

For the special groups with larger scatter among primary index scores, the subtest reliabilities are comparable with those of other special groups with smaller scatter among primary index scores e.Intellectual Disability-Mild. Because these coefficients are comparable with those of the normative sample, it is more likely that the Full Scale IQ reliability for special samples would be similar to that of the normative sample.

Why are there composite score differences between the WISC IV and the WISC V. Across a large sample of examinees that were administered the WISC IV and the WISC V, small average subtest- and composite-level score differences were present. The data indicate very few individuals obtain larger differences. A number of issues may contribute to score differences, including.

Changes in the norms or normative sample e.the Flynn effect, different demographic makeup of the normative sample to match nationwide population-level changes in the intervening period between editions. Changes in the mix of constructs measured by scores New subtests and changes in the weighting of the five major cognitive domains used to derive composite scores may result in some children with particular patterns of cognitive strengths and weaknesses obtaining larger or smaller than average differences between tests.

For example, a greater proportion of Fluid Reasoning subtests contribute to the FSIQ relative to WISC IV 28 instead of 20 ; therefore, a child with a weakness in fluid reasoning may obtain a lower FSIQ on the WISC V than on the WISC IV. Changes in the child since the previous testing When a child is administered the WISC V a year or more after being tested with the WISC IV, there are many clinical reasons why he she may obtain a larger than average difference that have little to do with the test.

For example, some children with specific learning disabilities or other neurodevelopmental disorders that interfere with learning and attention may not keep pace with the cognitive development of their peers over time and can fall further behind on measures of cognitive ability as they age. Regression to the mean. This is a phenomenon common to all psychological tests where an extreme observation on a test tends to become less extreme the next time the construct is tested.

I administered the WISC V to a student who scored 65 on each of the VCI, VSI, FRI, WMI, and PSI index scores, but his FSIQ was 57. Shouldn t it be 65. Many people find this result counterintuitive, but it is correct. First, consider that the FSIQ is used to predict the student s true intelligence and does not correlate perfectly with it. Then consider that the index scores are composed of fewer subtests than the FSIQ score and do not correlate perfectly with the FSIQ.

In this case, if the student s true FSIQ is 57, then his or her index scores should be higher than 57 due to the effect of regression toward the mean. On the other end of the continuum, the opposite is true. If a student s FSIQ is 147, there is a greater probability that his or her index scores will be lower than the FSIQ. This effect can be found in the composite score norms tables of many tests of cognitive ability, though the strength of the effect depends on several factors, including the number of subtests entering the composite, the distance of the subtest scores from the mean, and the correlation among those subtests.

When a composite is made up of more subtests, the effect is larger. It is rarer to score about 2 standard deviations below the mean on each of the 7 subtests that compose the FSIQ than on each of the two subtests that compose an index score. This is why the effect is more pronounced for the FSIQ than for any of the five index scores. The further a score is from the mean, the larger the effect. This is because it is rarer to score about 2 standard deviations from the mean on all 10 primary subtests than it is to score 1 standard deviation from the mean all 10 subtests.

The effect is usually more pronounced at 2 standard deviations from the mean than at 1 standard deviation from the mean. In the WISC V, the effect is largest at approximately 2 standard deviations above or below the mean. Beyond this point, the minimum and maximum possible scores constrain the effect. Think about an Olympic gymnast competing in the all-around.

It is more common to see them score a perfect 10 on one event and 8 s on the others. Great performance on multiple subtests is more rare, so it results in a higher composite score. The result is more unusual. Kit Materials. Why is there a WISC V Administration and Scoring Manual Supplement. What is it for. Do I need to carry it with me. The supplement contains all tables needed to fill out the Ancillary and Complementary Analysis and Process Analysis pages of the Record Form.

You do not need the supplement during administration. You will only need it during scoring and only if you wish to supplement the primary analysis using these other scores. Do I need all three stimulus books. Stimulus Books 1 and 2 are necessary when administering the 10 primary subtests. Stimulus Book 3 is necessary when administering the complementary subtests.

Where do I record process observations and contrast scores on the Record Form. Where are the instructions about how to calculate these scores. The Record Form does not provide designated space to tally or derive process observations or contrast scores because they are not used for every administration or by every practitioner. The Record Form pages associated with each subtest and with summary and analysis were also subject to horizontal and vertical space limitations.

These limitations are due to the maximum amount of printed and white space and pages available within a durable, bound paper booklet. There was simply not room to include these optional scores. Page 50 of the WISC V Administration and Scoring Manual provides the instructions for recording process observations on the Record Form in undesignated space i.the margins of the Record Form. Page 76 of the manual provides instructions on using the tables in Appendix D of the WISC V Technical and Interpretive Manual to obtain the normative information for selected process observations for certain subtests.

The Record Form also does not provide space to derive contrast scores. However, Appendix C of the WISC V Technical and Interpretive Manual contains the necessary directions and tables to derive these scores, as well as the corresponding interpretive information. On the Process Analysis page in the Raw Score to Base Rate Conversion table, the number of errors sometimes occurs with multiple base rates.

For example, 1 error for a child aged 9 for BDde corresponds with both. The following training events are available for WISC-V. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Edition Spanish. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fifth Edition, Integrated. Digital Assessment Library for Schools Q-interactive Q-global. Professional Assessments Large Scale Assessments Graduate Admissions.

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