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Jar issues via the Github page of that individual apktool without mentioning APK Easy Tool. jar before you report an issue. Q I m getting resource error brut. AndrolibException brut. BrutException could not exec A This error is sometime difficult to understand and hard to deal with. You can try one of the following - Clear the framework In Framework tab if you don t use framework - If you don t modify ressources xml you can enable Don t decode resource. You would have to decompile the apk again - Switch to different apktool.

jar versions. org iBotPeaches apktool downloads place them in path of APK easy tool Apktool and switch apktool version in Options. Q I can t decompile or compile A It s not unusual that it won t decompile or compile. Check the log output what it says. com iBotPeaches Apktool issues The common issues are invalid syntaxes, corrupted APK, resource error, etc. APK may be protected obfuscated. Respect the developer company if they decided to protect APK for a reason You may try clear framework cache or change CMD modes.

Avoid using Arguments at the moment since it gets stuck often Share your log file if you want to. Q How can I update or downgrade apktool. A Download apktool. OutOfMemoryError A Go to Options tab and Increase Java heap size if you got out of memory error. Q I m getting an error brut. BrutException could not exec exit code -1073741515 A You are using apktool 2. There are some ways to fix it - Uninstall Java 32-bit and install Java 64-bit. Versions doesn t matter i think. - Download apktool 2.

org iBotPeaches apktool downloads Place apktool. jar inside APK Easy Tool Apktool. jsp Or go to options and set portable java to installed path bin folder. 4 jar or older, place them in path of APK easy tool Apktool and switch apktool version in Options. Q Window is not opening but still appear in taskbar A The window is out of screen. Press SHIFT Q to reset Or edit the config. Q I m getting an error java. Restart the tool if running Go to Options and switch apktool version.

xml and change. Q Are spaces and symbols in filename supported. in a filename unlike other tools. A Yes you can have spaces, symbols and special characters like germany, etc. Q Why APK Easy Tool has been flagged as virus malware. A First of all, all anti-virus softwares are NEVER 100 perfect like human and you should not always 100 trust the results. No anti-virus can be perfect There are many reasons why. Mostly it detecting the similar codes or behaviour that most criminals are using.

I work very hard to avoid false positive as much as possible but it keeps detecting In general, most anti-viruses can flag any apps for money. Q Is drag and drop supported. A Yes it supports drag and drop APK ZIP file Simply drop a file on buttons to do something. Examples - Drop an APK file on Decompile APK button to decompile APK in the same directory - Drop an APK file outside drop file on white background to select APK to work on.

Scroll down and click Reset to default. Q How can I reset APK Easy Tool. A Go to Options - General. Q Is APK Easy Tool collecting any data. You can also manually delete or modify config. A No, it doesn t. Yes, it s free forever. We respect your privacy very seriously It only have ability to connect to read-only secure server that checks for updates.

Q Is APK Easy Tool free forever. No ads, no premium, no PUP Potentially unwanted program and lifetime support. Q Do you release the source code. Q Alternatives. A Try out Tickle My Android, a command line tool that are also easy to use. But don t think switching to other tool will solve any apktool issues. Changelogs APK Easy Tool v1. 57 Beta-1 Changelog 2019-11-29. New features - Added --only-main-classes Only disassemble the main dex classes classes 0-9.

Enhancements - Updated Apktool to apktool-2. dex in the root. postcount 606 - Add Hungarian and Simplified Chinese language XML - Refine UI a bit so it fits for multi languages - Removed timeout for loading icon. It will take quite longer to load icon but more accurate - Language Removed DOWN2_NOTE_LBL because the bitbucket server with TLS 1. 2 enforced is already secure - Update check for beta version is separate.

The options are not removed. They don t change it often. hide APK Easy Tool v1. Removed features - Compression-level and java-heap labels removed because it s unnecessary. 56 Changelog 2019-11-21 New Features - Flash taskbar icon Can be disabled in options - High DPI support opções binárias iq option- reclame aqui Count instances in form title if 2 or more instance are open APK Easy Tool - Instance number - Sign selected APK if the APK is not compiled yet does not overwrite - The long awaited feature, XML based multi-language support.

Enhancements - Force TLS 1. 0 by default - Loading APK infomation no longer lags - Delay loading icon by 0. 2 connection due to Win10 issue that always use TLS 1. 2 seconds to avoid no icon error - legacytemplog time changed to RecentLog-Instance number so it makes more sense for multiple instances - Updated aapt, zipalign and apksigner executeable to 29.

41 from Android SDK Google - Updated smali. jar JesusFreke to 2. 4 - Downgraded apktool. 4 for stability - Updated SharpShell to 2. com dwmkerr sharpshell - srm. exe renamed to ServerRegistrationManager. exe so it makes sense and doesn t look suspecious - Code optimizations to fix false positive issues. Finally 0 68 detection on Virustotal.

Keep in mind any anti-virus may falsely detect as malcious anytime apkeasytool. c9e8 detection apkeasytool-x64. Fixed issues - Log file were not found if clearing framework - Freezes when dropping APK with very long filename - Couldn t decompile dex using Rigt-click AETShellExt. dll - Couldn t launch activity path with explorer. exe - Stuck if using CMD mode - Arguments Still unable to fully get the log. Removed features - FAQ tab. We use text file for that instead - Auto size notice box Unnecessary - Remove Disable reading APK info Improve performance as the lag was fixed.

APK Easy Tool v1. 55 Changelog 2019-05-11. New Features - Show Launch activity on APK info box. 2 from Android SDK Google - Updated adb executeable to 1. Useful to know what smali is the main activity. ation options - Set API levels for decompiling and compiling. Fixed issues - Fixed SharpShell and Server Registration Manager Replaced sharpshell. com dwmkerr sharpshell releases - Double slashes when changing all directories in root path - Some buttons were disabled for no reason - Didn t log anything if CMD WriteLine mode Legacy mode is selected - Trying to load icon as xml instead png.

Added workaround to avoid it. Enhancements - On C drive, if the program is stored on system location that would require admin rights, it will create folders and write files on user Documents instead. - Updated apktool. exe Android NDK to 28. 0 - Updated 7-Zip libs Igor Pavlov to 2019-02-21 - Updated aapt. jar ibotpeaches to 2. 3 - Updated smali. 6 - Ask before decompiling if decompile folder exists - Replace spaces with underscore now for target file path in order to use with other tools that doesn t support spaces - Some UI changes - CMD WriteLine mode Legacy mode is now default since the arguments mode Normal mode is buggy and cause stuck in progess sometimes - For cancelling, it will only kill one process that it is currently using instead killing all, java, adb, 7z and zipalign.

Killing is the only way to cancel at the moment - AETShellExt. exe if the system is x64. dll will use apkeasytool-x64. that caused config. xml to be locked for no reason - srm-x64. exe is no longer necessary. 541 Changelog 2018-09-16. Fixed issues - Fixed wrong path of config. - Compile name textbox places wrong location when using high DPI Removed auto new location point - File not found when installing framework - Added exception of copying to clipboard to avoid crash. - APK info and icon does not load on startup.

Removed features - Removed prompt Do you want APK Easy Tool to setup following work directories. Enhancements config. xml will always save on Documents folder if the tool is stored on C drive. Implement of path on C drive is working in progress. aren t you suppose not to sign system apps. is it possible with this tool. Ya, I wondered about this too. Looking at the GUI, it appears there is no Option to Re-Compile without Signing. Any help advice. ok,there is a problem.

when I try to recompile there is nothing hapening. the compiled apks folder is empty. I am getting this error in log file Decompiling. java is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. here is the log. Tue 03 15 2016 20 48 06. 78 Decompiling. But l have Java installed on my pc Edit l forget to add Java PATH nevermind. Tue 03 15 2016 20 49 15.

09 Re-compiling. ERROR input directory 7z does not exist Exception in thread main brut. BrutException could not exec command C Users JOHNY. 1 AppData Local Temp brut_util_Jar_ 2001132480781272080. tmp, p, --forced-package-id, 127, --min-sdk-version, 8, --target-sdk-version, 16, --version-code, 652170, --version-name, 6. 2170, -F, C Users JOHNY. 1 AppData Local Temp APKTOOL5019627 172930567125. tmp, -0, conf, -0, ini, -0,-0, 7z, -0, arsc, -I, C Users johny apktool framework 1.

apk, -S, C New folder 4 APK Easy Tool Decompiled APKs qqbrowser_6. apk res, -M, C New folder 4 APK Easy Tool Decompiled APKs qqbrowser_6. apk AndroidManifes t. java 472 at brut. jav a 410 at brut. java 298 at brut. java 268 at brut. java 225 at brut. java 84 Caused by brut. aaptPackage An drolibResources. java 425 at brut. 5 more Caused by brut. java 89 at brut. Can you add clone apk function in this tool.

Top Alternatives to Blumind for Windows. Blumind Free. Education Opções binárias iq option- reclame aqui Teaching Training. WinFlash Basic 9. The software promises to be very easy to use and provides a number of different chart layouts for users to choose from. IQ Test Trainer 1. Open source info graph creation software. Neurophysiology program to improve user IQ. Learn to read sheet music with this fun game. Teachers Report Assistant 5. CmapTools 6. Process student report cards and store comments.

Note Attack 1. Visual Understanding Environment 3. People who are looking for an easy way to work out their projects should make sure they take a closer look at Blumind. TypingMaster 10. Solution Calculator 13. Solution Calculator provides lab-ready directions how to prepare a certain volume of solution. My SpellingBee 1. ExamJet Quiz Maker 3. ExamJet is an advanced test and quiz management software. Spelling Bee Quiz Creator.

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Quiz Maker V2 2. Create a multiple choice quiz supports opções binárias iq option- reclame aqui and admin login create a 52 question quiz. 3D Solar System 3. A free app for Windows, by Tingan. MapCreator 3. Create maps for travel films and lectures. Essential Anatomy 3. A superb tool for exploring the human body. EniG Chemistry Assistant 2.

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Business telecom solutions welcome to trading opzioni binarie wiki. opzioni binarie classiche e turbo con. get an excellent trading for binary. opzioni binarie training app, binarie con conto demo gratis. However, some users have complained of experiencing problems with their Epson device, even when the model appears in the list of compatible devices on the Epson website.

Epson has released a list of devices compatible with Windows 10 and the company has also released compatible Epson drivers for different printer models. Here we take a look at some common Epson printer problems in Windows 10 and solutions to these problems. Solution To fix this Espon Drivers issue, do the following. Problem 1 Printer driver does not install when I connect the printer to Windows 10 system.

Troubleshooting EPSON printer problems in Windows 10. Ensure the printer is on and connected to the Windows 10 system Switch on your Windows 10 system Right-click on Start Menu Select Control Panel Select Hardware and Sound - Devices and Printers If you do not see your printer listed, select Add a printer If your printer model does not appear in the Add a Printer list, select The printer that I want isn t listed Click Add a local printer or network with manual settings Click Next Follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer.

Problem 2 The Epson software is missing after Windows 10 upgrade. To resolve the issue, do the following. Go to the Epson website for your region and go to the main Epson Support page Select your product category Select your Epson product Select Drivers Downloads - Drivers and Utilities Combo Package - Download Now Click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Epson software. Problem 3 Wireless printer does not work after upgrading to Windows 10. The first thing you need to do is go to the Epson website and download compatible drivers for your Epson wireless printer.

Download and install the Epson printer driver and see if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, do the following. Some antivirus programs do not work well with Windows 10. We suggest you uninstall any third party antivirus software you are using and use Windows Defender that is built-in to Windows 10. Solution The Windows 10 upgrade might have uninstalled your Epson Software.

In the search bartype Windows Defender Select Windows Defender from the list of results. Here are the steps to activate Windows Defender. Problem 4- Epson printer does not work when connected through USB connection. Solution To resolve the issue, do the following. Right-click on the Windows icon on the task bar Click Control Panel Go to Devices and Printers Right-click on your printer Click on Printer properties Click Ports Change from LPT1 to USB 001.

XP-332-335 series Epson When I try to print I get the message. driver is unavailable. 95 USDI acknowledge that I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site. Driver Downloader Installation. Click Here to Start Download 2. Click Run Save in Firefox 3. Click Run Again 4. Follow on-screen Instructions Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. By clicking the Start Download button above and installing Driver Downloader 29.

Epson Printer Drivers for Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP Fix Download Epson Drivers Other Epson Posts. Recent Posts Popular Posts. A smart touchpad driver, ASUS smart gesture has the ability to identify palm and finger contact by you. Different gestures you do on your mousepad Read more. A yellow exclamation mark on the Wi-Fi name in the system tray is nobody s idea of fun.

Feel free to post below if you have any solutions or issues relating to Epson Printers in Windows 10. Windows like a Read more. It indicates something is amiss. Many people have reported experiencing iTunes sync issue after they have updated to new iOS 10 or a much newer version such as iOS12. In this post Read more. It s something everyone can do, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

Burning a CD or DVD in Windows 10 is easy. dll error appears when you try to launch an application. dll Read more. The exact error message reads The program can t start because VCRUNTIME140. Problems with Wireless connection on Acer Laptop. If you are experiencing wireless issues with your Acer Laptop then the problem is going to be one Read more. You have an urgent print job lined up, but the Canon MX340 goes dead the moment you issue the print command.

More often as not, VCRUNTIME140. Then the Read more. Many people spend money unnecessarily replacing laptop batteries when they may have fixed the issue with a simple battery reset or a Drivers update. If you are having problems charging your laptop battery, then reading this post may save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Last updated What is Device Manager Error code 10. This error occurs when the device manager is unable to start a hardware device such as Read more.

Wireless connectivity problems can be quite common and are easily one of the most frustrating PC issues you will come across. However, there can often Read more. Customer support is offered free opções binárias iq option- reclame aqui our customers. Jobs for Drivers Software Drivers Drivers Ed. If requesting support via our toll-free phone additional products or services may be offered. com Privacy Policy Disclaimer.

Software Drivers Mac Fixes and Tips PC Fix Tips Security Backup Tablets Smartphones Tech News. Copyright 2019 PDE Publications Ltd. Advertise About Drivers Drivers Support. End User License Agreement EULA. Tubemate For Windows 10 Download For Free. Here, I will provide you the Tubemate for windows 10. Hundreds of people are using YouTube to enjoy their free time.

All the videos are available on YouTube, but users can t download any video. On this page, I will mention all the related information about Tubemate. So, follow my words. Tubemate for Windows 10. Devian Studio published this app for the users of YouTube that they can download their favorite videos. Moreover, thousands of people in the world choose Tubemate as compared to other apps.

Do you want to know the reason. Of course, you are waiting to know the reason intensely. So, you can know the reason by reading the features of this app. You can download any video from YouTube such as dramas, movies, funnies, animal, sports, news, and much more. As you know, many other apps are also available on the internet to download videos from YouTube, but it has more qualitative and fantastic.

Moreover, you can create the playlist of your favorite Mp3 songs list. As you know, Tubemate is a lovely and fantastic app, which is providing the facility to download the videos from YouTube. Besides, Tubemate has got hundreds of fans due to its uses. Tubemate download and Tubemate download 2018 for PC are also available for PC. Tubemate for Windows 10 Download. If you want to download videos in your favorite format, then all videos are available in HD, Mp4, 3gp format. For Windows 10, you have to follow the below process to download this app.

First of all, download the Tubemate by tapping on the given link below. Secondly, download and install the Tubemate on your PC because you can t install Tubemate without Bluestacks on PC. After installing Bluestacks, pull the downloaded file and drag into the Bluestacks. Now, open it and tap on the installing option. It will install in a few seconds completely. What is an I O Device Error and How To Fix It. What is an IO Device Error.

An I O Device Error happens when Windows XP or Vista, is not able to perform an Input Output action such as reading or copying data when it is trying to access a drive or disk. An I O error can occur with different types of hardware devices or media, such as. Common IO Error Messages. External hard drives SD cards USB flash drives or pen drives CD-Rom or DVD drives CD or DVD discs. The most common IO error messages and codes are. I O Error codes error 6, error 21, error 103, error 105, error 131.

Causes of an IO Device Error. I O error issues might occur for any of the following reasons. Only part of a readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory request was completed. The hardware device that you are trying to access is damaged or defective. The hardware drivers are damaged or incompatible. The CD or DVD disk that you are trying to access is dirty or damaged. There is a connection problem, such as a bad cable.

First Steps to Resolve I O Device Error Problems. Before you continu you should first perform the following steps. Use a cleaner disc to clean the disk. If you have another computer available, try to access the data on the drive or disk with the other PC to confirm that the drive or disk is not damaged. If you do not have another computer available, try a different disk to make sure that the problem is with the computer and not with the original disk. Restart your computer, and then try to access the drive or disk again.

If the problem is fixed and you no longer get the error message, you are finished. How to Fix I O Device errors. There are several solutions that you can use to troubleshoot and try to fix an I O errors. Try these solutions in the following order. Solution 1 Make certain that all cables are connected correctly. If the drive is an external drive, make sure that the cable that connects the computer to the drive is functioning correctly.

If the cable fails, the drive will not work correctly. If you have another cable, try to use it, and also try to attach it to another USB port. Note Changing cables for an internal drive for a desktop computer is recommended only for advanced computer users, because there are many internal items that can be easily damaged.

You should not try to change cables inside a laptop or portable computer. If above solutions resolved the issue, you are finished. If this did not resolve the IO issue, continue to solution 2. Try to perform a clean boot of your computer to determine whether a program or driver is having a conflict with the drive. Click the following links for more information about how to configure Windows XP or Windows Vista to start in clean boot state. If a clean boot fixes the problem, there may an incompatible program or driver on your PC.

For more information, click the following links for more information about how to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP or Windows Vista. If this solution fixed the problem, you are finished. If this solution did not resolve the I O problem, go to solution 3. Solution 3 Change the transfer mode for the drive in IDE Channel Properties. If the transfer mode for the drive was changed or is incorrect, Windows cannot transfer data from the drive to the computer.

You can fix this problem by changing to the correct transfer mode. To change the transfer mode, follow these steps. Click the Start button Right click My Computer Select Manage from the resulting menu In the Computer Management window, select Device Manager Expand IDE ATA ATAPI controllers. A subset will open, listing the different IDE ATA ATAPI channels for the computer. If the problem remains, continue to the next paragraph.

Solution 2 Start the computer in a clean boot state. Right-click the channel where the appropriate drive is connected, and then click Properties.

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