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Exactly, I strongly recommended my friends and familyto stay away from Windows 10 and stick to older version of Windows and hopefully the market-share of Windows 10 will stay in 2x forever and force Microsoft to realize their mistakes. Because sometimes it s forced upon them, such as at work where some companies will require all machines to be running Windows 10, while others are sticking to Win7 instead.

com picpick download and paint. net, so I may get over with it, but still I like to have it s exe being available to me for my portable software suit. But running paint. exe from windows folder opens paint 3D, can anyone explain this to me. The launcher code is built-in right in the mspaint. exe It launches the Paint 3D app itself. Let s see who is next. calculator paint File explorer wordpad notepad internet explorer. I looked into image hijacks section of autoruns and found paint 3D isn t hijacking it actually.

File Explorer - Universal File Explorer in Windows 10 Internet Explorer - Edge Notepad and Wordpad are the next. Such hacks unfortunately become mandatory for the former. After that then Windows is just another toy OS like Android and iOS, but WITHOUT ecosystem. We need another productive OS for mouse and keyboard users for replacement as soon as possible. I understand them adding a new Paint 3D app, but I never got why remove access to the old one.

Oh well, I wish the Linux subsystem was available in Windows 8. 1 it has Hyper-V, and the new task manager which I use a lot as wellI would just use that instead of this toy OS. They remove the old one because they are currently aggressive to promote the UWP and wish they can build up an ecosystem to compete with Android and iOS, but sadly it seems there won t have space anymore for a third ecosystem. As a long time Windows user, I wish they will not too late to realize that and return to the right path.

I feel like that s the problem, I m no marketing expert but instead of trying to go up against the competition, it would probably be better in this case to work around the competition instead. Nintendo would definitely not be with us today if they decided to get into games and consoles by taking on the heavyweights like Sony and Microsoft. Paint is still perfectly accessible to me by clicking on START MENU Windows Accessories Paint.

Everyone s trying to mimic the appearance of their software on these flat designs with less and less features, instead make your own distinctive style so it sticks in people s heads. The truly old school version is what s non-existent the look of Paint from 98 or XP but they ve been gone a fair while. After the recent update, the first thing I noticed that had changed was the Control Panel option, from the right-click menu on the start button. It s still accessible from START MENU Windows System or via Run, but it s surely to be completely removed.

All options will be incorporated into Settings from the metro gui. Having two control panels in 10 showed how much of a mess it really is at present the standard one, and the new Settings option from the metro menu, give access to some of the same identical options. Give it three more years and you ll effectively have a desktop version of Windows that looks like.

Easy to use, polished with that glossy look for the masses, but no doubt a letdown for the computer fans that want their computer to look like something more traditional. I use Gimp portable when I ve no access to Photoshop but for very quick editing I also like to use Pixlr. As Scott mentioned briefly, normal Paint is still accesible. It still appears on my start menu and when I type for it on the search, and this was after installing Creators Update.

If it wasn t because I saw the Enable Classic Paint option on the Winaero Tweaker program, I would ve never knew that Microsoft was removing it. I really, really despise the direction SatNad is taking Microsoft. Shameless data mining he was a cloud guy before becoming CEO and butchering the good old desktop paradigm. Just because Windows phones have utterly failed to compete with Android and iPhones, doesn t mean you have to drag the Windows desktop to the rubbish touch-centric dystopia.

Just because Windows PCs failed to sell as much as during the good old days more like the PC has become yet another household appliance such as the toaster or oven or fridgedoesn t mean that they will sell once you incorporate touch-centric features into them. Don t forget how Windows 10 had butchered the classic bundled games such as Minesweeper, MS Hearts Solitaire. Oh, you have to buy an ad-ridden imitation of the classics from the Microsoft app store, eh.

That means you have to sign up for a Microsoft account. The fact is Microsoft had already butchered the games during the transition from XP to Vista. The games were outsourced and developed by Oberon Games with a revamped look. If you want the classic bundled Windows games, you ll have to copy over files from an installation of WinXP.

Last rant after so many years, Microsoft still can t create a no-nonsense functional file explorer similar to Total Commander by Ghisler. My rant echos yours. I don t need a phone on my desk. I need a computer. Sorry, I m not writing a 500 or 1000 page paper on a touch screen. Not happening. There is not enough alcohol in this world for that.

I wish those who improve all of the toys within Windows and Office actually USED them. The linking features in Word are great. but if you actually use them, the document will crash. Actually it s a good day when it crashes; on a bad day it random changes links for no apparent reason. Numbering an outline was simple until it was made better. I really need Paint to just change the color of a couple hundred pixels. It would be great if I could re-open the graphic when I m done. I put Paint Classic on my Windows 10 PC by our Method 3-Download the setup program for Classic Paint for Windows 10.

I was pleased to get the ability to change my photos back, and proceeded to do some of my graphics photos and saved them as jpegs in the particular Pictures File in my Documents area. But when I went to download them into my social network, or on a document, as soon as I went to save the document or post the photo on my Social Networks the picture disappeared from the final save. And on top of that, when I clicked on any picture in my Picture Files in my documents now, they all come up in a Paint frame for working on the picture.

I have tried a few different things, but nothing works to get the Paint Work-Frame off of every one of my pictures now. And I even noticed that I could not copy image from some article online and paste it into a document I was working on the picture would not come up in my document. What is causing this and how does one remedy it. Two panes side by side, with FTP feature not Onecloud crap. Easy turn off or on hibernation in Windows 10, 8.

To change the Hibernation settings on Windows 10, turn off, turn on, or disable completely if required. and MS Server 2019, 2016. Disable, enable customize, turn off on Hibernate or Sleep in Windows 10 over Power Options. Disable or enable, the Hibernate via the command powercfg in Windows 10. Temporarily disable sleep and standby in windows 10.

Please start the Power-Options Windows-Logo R. And the command control. exe name Microsoft. At this point, you can easy create a desktop shortcut for Windows-10 power-options, via drag and drop. see Image-1 Point 4. Image-1 Windows 10 Power Option CUSTOMIZE. Change plan Settings in Windows-10. and now change the sleep and display setting for Windows-10 computer. see Image-2 Arrow 1 to 4.

Customize the advanced power options settings in Windows-10. Image-1 Customize the power settings in Windows-10. Require a password on wakeup Hard disk Maximum Power Level Turn off hard disk after Internet Explorer JavaScript Timer Frequency Desktop background settings Slide show Wireless Adapter Settings Power Saving Mode Sleep Sleep after Allow hybrid sleep Hibernate after Allow wake timers USB settings USB selective suspend setting Power buttons and lid Power button action PCI Express Link State Power Management Processor power management Minimum processor state System cooling policy Maximum processor state Display Turn off display after Enable adaptive brightness Multimedia settings When sharing media When playing video.

General Info Text for Windows 10 and other Win OS. Image-1 Advanced power options settings in Windows-10. On most PCs, you can resume working by pressing your computer s Power Button. However, not all computers are the same. You might be able to wake your computer by pressing any key on the keyboard, clicking a mouse button, or opening the lid on a laptop. Check the documentation that came with your computer or go to the manufacturer s website.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10 enter in the command prompt powercfg -h on Disable Hibernate in Windows 10 enter in the command prompt type powercfg -h off. Temporarily disable sleep in windows 10. Windows 10 is on ENERGY EFFICIENCY, it may happen that the windows go faster to sleep or hibernatethat is necessary, also if the programs are working and have not completed the tasks or download.

This problem can be solved with the freeware Don t Sleep, without disable or change the energy features setting in Windows -10. If you don t have the freeware Don t Sleep, please download it. download DontSleep is free for commercial, office and home. Image-5 Temporarily disable sleep and hibernate in iqoption reclame aqui 10. Useful Info from Microsoft c. What s the difference between sleep, hibernate, and hybrid sleep.

The Windows 10 Sleep is a power-saving state that allows a computer to quickly resume full-power operation typically within several seconds when you want to start working again. Putting your computer into the sleep state is like pausing a DVD player the computer immediately stops what it s doing and is ready to start again when you want to resume working. The Windows 10 Hibernation is a power-saving state designed primarily for laptops.

While sleep puts your work and settings in memory and draws a small amount of power, hibernation puts your open documents and programs on your hard disk, and then turns off your computer. Of all the power-saving states in Windows 10, hibernation uses the least amount of power. On a laptop, use hibernation when you know that you won t use your laptop for an extended period and won t have an opportunity to charge the battery during that time.

Image-4 Disable or enable, the Hibernate sleep via the cmd. The Window 10 Hybrid sleep is designed primarily for desktop computers. Hybrid sleep is a combination of sleep and hibernate puts any open documents and programs in memory and on your hard disk, and then puts your computer into a low-power state so that you can quickly resume your work. That way, if a power failure occurs, Windows 10 can restore your work from your hard disk.

When hybrid sleep is turned on, putting your computer into sleep automatically puts your computer into hybrid sleep. Hybrid sleep is typically turned on by default on desktop computers. Prevent my windows 10 computer from automatically sleeping or hibernating. You can adjust how long your windows 10 computer waits before sleeping or hibernating or prevent it from turning itself off altogether. On a battery powered laptop, inhibiting sleep or hibernation can result in data loss if the battery dies.

You can prevent unauthorized access by requiring a password to unlock your computer when it wakes from sleep. For more information, see How do I change the password requirement when my Windows-10 wakes from sleep. The examples for sleep, hibernate, and hybrid sleep is also suitable for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Home, Windows 8. 1, Windows 8, Windows-Server 2019, 2016, 2012.

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Binary Option Eu how it s going transportation infrastructure etf. Autohändler Duisburg How it s going bitcoin mining software windows 7 64 bit free. Iq Option Bitcoin Gold How it s going conto broker estero. How it s going handelssysteme die wirklich funktionieren. As we have learned in the school days, that CPU is the brain of a computer.

If you want your operating system to come up with no errors, then there are multiple things about the PC which have been taken care of. How To Check CPU Temperature on Windows 10 Updated 2020. CPU is everything to run computer devices. Getting the operating system update or putting in new software is not the only thing, you should also be aware of the inside body of your PC whether it is in a better place or not.

As you are already aware of what CPU carries to run a computer but are you aware of its temperature range and what appropriate range is required in different versions of the operating systems. Let s talk about the CPU temperature range and how it can be checked. To learn the process of maximum, average and normal CPU Temp Range, visit our page for detailed information. Overview of CPU Temperature in Windows 10. This version is believed to be the most delicate version in the history of Microsoft.

Moreover, the Microsoft team is still working on different angles of Windows 10 to make it better and productive for the users. As already said, CPU temperature can be measured according to the respective operating system, it is really important to check and take care of the CPU temperature when it comes to Windows 10. Due to the high system requirements, there is a major reason where the user needs to face high CPU temperature problems.

And which is why it is really important to measure the CPU temperature of Windows 10 more often. It is coming up with different bug fixes, updates, and more. This may help you protect your computer and face no problem in the future ever. As Windows 10 is the latest version introduced by Microsoft, the version is still in a developing process. Why are you Check CPU Temperature in Windows 10. This is the concern that was mostly raised by the users.

If you are using Windows 10 and you are familiar with the operating system, you will constantly be notified by the system that the computer is overheating. The overheating sign can be in any version such as slow PC performance, blue screen of death, or CPU fan making a bit louder noise than a normal one. Moreover, you can also realize the heat coming out of the CPU.

And this is the time you have to necessarily check the temperature of the CPU. The easiest way to check the temperature of the CPU in Windows 10 is to download the best CPU temperature check application. If you are wondering how the CPU temperature can be checked and how the temperature can be controlled as normal, here we present to you with the process of how the CPU temperature can be checked and get in control.

Still, if you wish to download the application we will recommend you with Core Temp free utility as it is a CPU temperature monitoring application that is small in size and adds on a system tray. You can also check the temperature online without downloading any application to your system. How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 10. Moreover, it provides accurate CPU temperature readings of individual cores.

While downloading Core Temp, the user should go with the option of a standalone version. This application is completely suitable for the Windows 10 operating system, the only thing which users need to take care of Installation of IQ crap. If your operating system has Intel CPU or laptop then download Real Temp. You can quickly check laptop temperature with this small temp software.

CPUID HWMonitor. In addition to checking CPU temperature, as it shows fan speeds, system voltages, CPU power consumption. This application supports all connected hardware on the computer and has sensors. This application CPUID HWMonitor is easily downloadable and displays a wide variety of information by accessing system sensors.

Moreover, HWMonitor is the best GPU temp monitor Windows 10 considered as it not only shows the graphics card model but also measures GPU temperature in Windows 10. We hope that you are satisfied with the information we have delivered to you. It is really important to realize that checking CPU temperature on Windows 10 brings a lot of opportunities for the users running all the applications on the PC.

Also, it is extremely handy and easy to function. Download the applications of checking CPU temperature on your operating system as it is completely secure and error-free. If you have any queries regarding the download of CPU temperature on Windows 10 you can drop down your concern in the comment section and we will get back with the solution in minimum time.

This application is one of the best for checking CPU temperature for laptops having Windows 10 operating systems. The steps required to setup up a static IP address are rather straightforward, but the process is a bit different from Windows Vista and XP. Static IPv4 Configuration in Windows 7. Select the Windows 7 Orb on the bottom left-hand corner and select the control panel option as shown below. There are several views which are available for the control panel; by default the category view is used.

This can be done in one of two ways; the first way to access it is via the control panel. The first thing that must be done is to gain access to the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7. When using the category view the option that you need to select is called View network status and Tasksas highlighted below. This will bring you to the Network and Sharing Center. Let s go through the steps now and configure a static IPv4 address in Windows 7. The second way to gain access to the Network and Sharing Center is to utilize the network icon which is displayed in the system tray when a network interface has been enabled.

When this icon is right-clicked the option to open the Network and Sharing Center is given as shown below. Once the Network and Sharing Center is open there is an option which allows the change of adapter settings which is shown in the upper left hand corner of the window. This is shown highlighted in the following figure click on the image to enlarge. In the following example, both a wired and wireless interface are shown as examples. By right-clicking on the correct interface a sub-menu is shown; from this menu select the properties option.

Once in the Network Connections window, an interface must be selected which is going to be configured with the static IP address. Once the properties option is selected the interface properties windows will be displayed. This screen gives the option to configure a number of different network parameters. Since we want to change the interface IPv4 IP address this option must be selected from the window.

Once this option is selected the properties button will be enabled; press the properties button. Once the properties button is pressed the IPv4 properties window is displayed which shows that the interface is currently configured to obtain both its IP address and its DNS server information automatically. In order to change to a static IP address the option to Use the following IP address must be selected; once this is done the option to enter the IP address parameters is enabled and the Use the following DNS server addresses option is selected.

100 is used with a subnet mask of 255. 0 and a default gateway of 192. The DNS server which will be configured is 4. These options are shown in their correct locations in the following figure. If you re still running a Vista system, here s where you can learn how to configure an IP address in Windows Vista. For the purposes of this article the wired interface will be used as the interface being given a static IP Address.

Once these options have been entered on the screen simply press Ok on both property screens and the configuration of a static IP is complete. Start this Windows 7 test now. Sean Wilkins. The knowledge of static IP configuration is vital in modern organizational environments as many do not completely utilize automatic IP assignment; it is also vital knowledge when trying to troubleshoot IPv4. Sean Wilkins is an accomplished networking consultant who has been in the IT field for more than 20 years, working with several large enterprises.

He is a writer for infoDispersion and his educational accomplishments include a Master s of Science in Information Technology with a focus in Network Architecture and Design, and a Master s of Science in Organizational Management. For the purpose of this article the IP address 192. Sean holds certifications with Cisco CCNP CCDPMicrosoft MCSE and CompTIA A and Network. Ready to test your skills in Windows 7. How to delete a protected EFI system partition with Windows 10, 8, or 7. Password-protect and hide personal files and folders with Folder Guard for Windows 10,8,7, and XP.

If you ve bought an external drive in a store, the preparation has probably been already done by the iqoption reclame aqui manufacturer. For example, you may want to re-format the drive, or change the partitions that it has. However, what if you want the drive to be prepared differently. The way to do such tasks in Windows is to use the Disk Management tool that comes preinstalled with Windows.

To get to the Disk Management tool, click on the Start button, right-click on Computer, and choose Manage from the menu. If you use Windows 10, right-click on the Start button, and choose Disk Management from the menu instead. As you probably know, in order to be able to store files on a hard drive, it needs to be prepared just right it needs to be initialized, partitioned, and formatted just the right way. Before you continue, first things first Disk Management is a very powerful tool, and with great power comes great responsibility.

If you are not very experienced with computers, you can look, but better not touch and let someone more knowledgeable to do the job. Because with Disk Management it s very easy to destroy your partitions and lose your filesif you don t know what you are doing. Take control of your files and folders with AB Commander file manager for Windows 10,8,7,Vista, and XP.

The most important thing when using the Disk Management tool is to make sure you can identify the disk you want to manage in the list. Usually you can do it by the total size of the disk displayed, although it may be confusing. For example, in this example, a hard drive that s described as a 60 GB drive by the manufacturer, is shown to have only 55. 89 GB by Windows. Apparently, the disk manufacturers and Windows have a different understanding of what a gigabyte is. Also, if you have several disks of the same size attached, it may get even more confusing.

If in doubt, better unplug all external drives except for the one you actually want to work with, to make sure you are not accidentally erasing data on a wrong disk. In our case, the 60 GB disk shown as 55. 89 GB disk in the list is Disk 4 let s remember this number, we will need it a bit later. It has two partitions, one is a 200MB EFI partition that has no drive letter assigned, and another NTFS partition of the size 55. 69 GB, that has the label test and the drive letter F.

Although these two partitions looks similar, they are treated very differently by Windows. If you right-click on the normal NTFS partition, you should see the normal menu that lets you perform various tasks on that partition, including the Delete Volume command. However, if we right-click on the first EFI partition, the menu we get is completely disabled. As you can see, the system partition is protected in such a way that even the powerful Disk Management tool cannot do anything to it. Note that it s not because the partition is EFI, it s because the tool that created that partition had marked it in a way that prohibits other tools to tamper with it.

However, what if we want to delete the EFI system partition and re-initialize the disk from scratch. While the Disk Management tool is helpless in this situation, fortunately Windows offers yet another tool, DISKPART, that can do things to the disks that Disk Management can t. The tricky part is, that DISKPART is a command-line tool, that requires us to type commands into its command prompt to make it do what we want. To get access to the DISKPART tool, first let s open the Windows command prompt in the administrator mode.

We can do that by clicking the Start button and entering cmd in the search box. If you use Windows 8 that has no Start Menu, you can get our StartFinity utility to get the Start Menu back. Make sure that cmd is highlighted on the menu above, but do not press the Enter key yet. Instead, press the Ctrl and Shift keys together, and while keeping them depressed, press Enter.

The Ctrl Shift combination makes the command prompt to open in the administrator mode. To start the DISKPART tool, enter the diskpart command into the command prompt window. This should display the DISKPART command prompt. The first command we should use is list disk that should display the list of the disks currently connected to the computer. Encrypt and password-protect external drives with USBCrypt encryption software for Windows 10,8,7, and XP.

Again, it s very important to properly identify the disk we want to work with in the list. Our 60 GB disk is still listed as Disk 4 with the capacity 55 GB. Once we are sure that this is the disk we want to re-initialize, we need to select it, by entering the command select disk 4 yes, that s how selection is usually done when using the command line tools.

Then, let s use the list disk command again, to confirm that the disk in question is indeed now selected. After double-checking that Disk 4 is now selected it should have the star character in front of its labelit s time to finally issue the command that will erase everything on the disk 4, including the protected partition.

The command that does that is clean. Note that this command erases everything on the selected disk, all partitions, protected or not. If you still have files on other partitions of disk 4 that you want to keep, you should exit now and backup those files, because after using the clean command all such files will be erased without a trace. After the clean command iqoption reclame aqui done it should take no more than a few secondswe get a fresh disk with all partitions erased.

We can exit the DISKPART command prompt by typing exit into its command lineand go back to the Disk Management tool see above how to open it. When it starts, it automatically detects the presence of the clean disk and prompts us to initialize it. Press OK and the newly cleaned disk will appear in the list. The difference is, the protected EFI partition is gone.

The normal NTFS partition that used to be on the disk 4, is gone, too. The disk is now ready for you to start creating partitions, formatting them, and do other things as needed. Note that if you are trying to erase the system disk that hosts the C drive where Windows itself is installed and running, then even the powerful DISKPART command can t work Windows simply refuses to erase the drive from which it is running.

To erase such a disk, you need to physically remove it from the computer, attach it to another computer as an external drive, and then use DISKPART on that computer to erase the disk. Happy disk managing. If you want to link to this articleyou can use this HTML code How to delete a protected EFI disk partition. Solved How to add Group Policy and Local Security Policy to Windows 10 Home File too large for USB drive. Here is how to fix it.

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How to show drive letters first in AB Commander and Windows Explorer What is my IP address. Why can t I copy large files over 4GB to my USB flash drive or SD card. Test the strength of your password with USBCrypt How to set up an external text editor for AB Commander How to restrict Internet Explorer from downloading programs from the Internet Personal vs business license for USBCrypt Use Folder Guard to restrict access to Control Panel Compare MySecretFolder and Folder Guard Hide folders and make files invisible with Folder Guard WINEXIT vs ActiveExit automatically log off users from Windows 10 Password protect folders, lock files and folders with passwords How to restrict access and lock external drives with Folder Guard How to password-protect Dropbox folder with USBCrypt How to set up Folder Guard to stop downloading from the Internet Is Wipe the content the same as Secure Delete.

How to encrypt and protect the system C drive with USBCrypt Make it easier to return your lost encrypted drive USBCrypt for users of Microsoft Office How to start programs elevated from a batch file How to make elevated programs recognize network drives How to disable hibernation with AB Commander Using names and labels to organize USBCrypt drives How to password-protect a USB flash drive Always have a backup of your important files.

If you vae a boot disk or a recovery disk you need to use soeonme elses computer and load the disk onto a flash drive. Look on ebay there are a few people that sell the boot disk loaded onto a flash drive. It will work only if it is copied right. Otherwise there is nothing you can do unless you take it in to have soeonme to look at it and take care of it for you. As a Newbie, I am constantly searching online for articles that can benefit me. Thanks for the diskpart tutorial.

You re a godsend. I updated something that looked like Adobe reader and clicked with out thinking. It took the C drive and converted it to GPT disk. That was not fun. I receive error Data error Cyclic redundancy check after issue clean command. Andrew most probably, your disk has a hardware problem. You may want to visit the manufacturer s web site and see if they offer a tool that could check the drive for errors. Thanks alot, this was a good article that helped me alot. Notis, i was needed to disconnect and reconnect my external HDD and restart the Disk Management to be abel to get this Initialize Disk promt.

Thanks, want to get Hackintosh Lion off one of my Harddrives. It was fun testing and messing around with it but I ran into problems like only getting two speakers out of my 5 speaker set to work. Also, Safari worked poorly. I think with my 2nd harddrive I m going to try a Linux OS call Pear 6. Nice tutorial. i have a big prob. a vaio laptop with OS Win8, at the fisrt day i wanted to make a pertition using Eseus pertition master but i think a did a mistake to using it.

after reboot windows is not statìrting because does not recognise the boot disk, now when i start the pc it shows me to select keyboard layout language and a recovery utilitis etc. but using them i get error that there is no disk or something like that. but i can access somehow on diskpart and can show the disk lists the fisr time it shows me two pertitions one has raw file system and another is ntfs which will be boot disk and changed file system when i tried to pertitioning.

what i have to do or how can i make to recognise it by windows using only diskpart only way i have. secret there could be many possible reasons for the disk to become unbootable. Unfortunately, we cannot help you without being able to physically access your computer and analyze the disk. You may want to take it to your local computer repair shop for the analysis and help. thanks for the help, very straight forward clear tutorial. thank you for a clear and well presented answer to an otherwise frustrating problem.

Amazing solved my problem when others didn t. Thanks so much for the information, easy to read, and extremely helpful. Your help got me out of a bad situation. superior work Thanks. Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent tutorial. It got me out of a bad situation whereas other solutions didn t work at all. Now, I have a fully functioning SSD once again. u are awesome, great tutorial. You are the bomb, thanks alot, nice tuts and to the point, how can i get to know you guys more.

I want to delete a partition that had my previous windows version. now i installed my newer windows version on a different partition. i currently tried the above said diskpart command but. in the listing my whole hard disk drive was shown in a single piece. which ofcourse no fool would delete is there any possible way to delete only that particular partition f my drive by the way i tried directly to format from both explorer and disk management in my newer version of my windows but it proved futile.

Thanks a lot, great job. nice work, simple and accurate. thanks this was dead on what was wrong for me i accidentally converted an SSD into a GPT and it wont let me install OS s on a GPT so thanks again. thanks for making it so simple and informative. For view the partion just run diskpart as amindnistrator in cmd diskpart than type than went you see the volume listed there type can be a Ltr or after that went you got the volume selected next command gonna be with out the.

it did help me great way B. Very good tutorial exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the clear instructions. Installing WIN8 brings trouble on HDD and multiboot. I have definitly removed WIN8 and with your very clear tutotial remove EFI partition. I am back to a stable situation. Never gain Win8. Many thx to you. i tried every damn method to delete partition on my sd card including yours it gets formatted too. but when i reinsert the sdcard then partitions comes back and everythng returns to normal.

whats the problem. its a headache for me else i have to throw my sdcard coz i cant download or install anythng on sdcard. medgeek Could it be that you have accidentally locked the SD card using its Lock switch. If this is not the case, then yes, it looks like the card is damaged and needs to be replaced. you saved my disk. it work for me. It worked perfectly just be VERY careful you pick the correct disk to CLEAN. Saved my day.

I received a USB Stick which contains some bigger files from a friend by mail. The stick has an 200 MB EFI system partition and a big primary partition, where the files are probably located. Unfortunately I have no access to this primary partition, i. I can t assign a drive-letter or anything even in administrator mode. The right-click menu is completely disabled besides the delete volume option. As I want to access the data I can t just delete the drive. Any idea how to access the data.

Thanks a lot Fabian. Fabian if your friend just copied the files on to the USB stick, they should appear in a regular partition, with a drive letter. If you don t see that, it could be that the USB device is malfunctioning. Ask your friend to send you another one. Thank you for these clear and simple instructions. Drive now perfectly useable. saving my butt when i forget my basic command line, thanks a bunch.

The diskpart commands allowed me to reclaim the lost space on my thumbdrive. It s doesn t work at after I typed clean. But when I redoing it starts from disk list to clean finally did. You saved my day man. i tried almost everything and this windows 8. 1 really sucks. I purchased a win 7 pro pc then upgrade it to win 8 and later to 8.

1 but as not all softwares run on 8. 1, I tried to again go for win 8. 1 but nothing concrete is availbale anywhere. I did boot from my win 7 CD but could not delete partitions so i did format them and then i lost even the running windows. That means, i could not use the disk management tool to play with disks. There, the diskpart to disk select to clean command thing worked for me and i could finally get my windows pro 7 back. hi, i had borrowed to a friend my 16GB USB 2. 0 flash disk.

it had some movies in it. When he came back with the disk after 2 weeks, i was shocked that i could not format it,it always said and still saying The Disk is write protected, so i don t see any option, i tried inserting the write protect files iqoption reclame aqui registry changing either ways but could not work. Exactly what I needed, step for step.

Love the math problem method. I like to think that I m pretty good with computers but uninstalling Win 8 and putting in Win 7 took me for a ride. This helped tons. thank you for the tutorial very helpful. Grate strait forward tutorial well explain. Thank you so much, it really solved my problem. I am very much pleased by this article. It really helped me a lot. 750 gigs regained. I lost a huge amount of information because I scanned and did not read slowly this tutorial.

I m crying on the inside right now. New people I URGE you to get a coffee take your time and follow this great tutorial. So, is there no way to delete just a SINGLE PARTITION on the drive. Must I bomb the WHOLE DRIVE. Surely there must be a way to FORCE DELETE a single partition, and not everything. Thanks, but this doesn t work or me. Yes, there is a way to delete just a single partition. Using Disk Management tool, you can view all volumes. It lists each disk individually and also breaks them down by partition.

To delete a single partition first verify the physical disk that the partition is on, then right click said partition. As long as it is not BootCrash Dumpor Page File partition you should have the option to delete the volume. Actually this tutorial was really valuable for me thanks a million. It worked perfectly. Thank you, you are a life saver. Good and very useful information. The other tutorials only talked about the delete partition override method, which wasn t working for me.

This worked perfectly with one command. you re cool man. if youre nearby i would like to buy you a lunch D. Thanks man i thought i will have to throw my pen drive away. Spent an hour reading all the usual sources and none provided the info as clearly as this. This worked without any hassle our issues. Well done sir. Well, it was actually a little to wordy but the information is accurate so it works perfectly.

Thanh you very much. My problem was solved. Excellent thanks a ton worked perfectly. Perfect, A lot of thanks, Solved in 3 minutes. Worked very well. I got an error after doing the clean command but i just tried it again and it worked. Thank you thank you thank you Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Worked Perfectly. I skipped the CTRL Shift combo Great Little Shortcut As Wellso I had access error, which makes sense. This worked perfectly on Windows 8 as well.

Hi, none of the recommendations above actually works for wiping my SSD drive. It was working under MAC OSX with Firevault 2 but due to some strange reason it does not accept my passcode anymore or I may have it wrong and do not remember the correct one so I just want to delete all partitions. I also already tried eraseUS partition manager but nothing seems to be able to delete these partitions. Sometimes I get the message that it is done but then thes epratitions just re-appear.

Thank you very much you are a star. Great tutorial huge thanks to you. You saved me from a lot of computer-trouble. Thank you just solved my problem. I had forgotten the Clean Command. hav nt used cmd for many years, after reading your tutorial brought it all back. AWESOME information. This got me through opening formatting a protected partition great and every step was spot on even on this POS VISTA unit we use as a spare PC.

Thanks for the great write up. cant clean disk. information is the request couldnt be performed because of an I O device error. Well, this response was helpful to the person who has his windows os n the efi to be deleted on different disks. i was tryin for a dual boot of windows 8. 1 and fedora, but my laptop boots directly to win without even the grub loading up.

i noticed 2 efi partitions created, on the same disk, which has my windows os. how can i delete these efi partitions which are on the same disk as the windows os. That helped a lot. Thanks, helped me to fix my porblem. That was a big help, thanks. This was great, but you have several disks here. What happens when you have only one disk disk 0.

You cant clear it since it has the O. S system running on it. So explain what is that healthy EFI partition doing in front to the left of the primary partition. I am sure if you right clicked that 200mb healthy partition, you have no options to extend, create etc just help option. So my question is why is it there. It was nice to have the flexibility of cleaning it up, but with one drive, that option is not acceptable. Thanks for being so clear and direct, not everyone who knows something can teach it to others, even if the wanted.

click save website to favourites. 11 10 Will submit to your superior knowledge and extremely organised way of conveying information again. efi was the pain of my life for 2 days thanks a million. Very impressive. Hey, I had the problem that i couldn t delete the 10gb partition that i made to boot kali linux on from the disk management.

So I tried the DISKPART but the 10gb partition doesn t show when i type list disk it only shows my main disk being 600gb. Please be my hero. Excellent instructions and advice. This is just what I needed. I want to thank the author and host for taking your time to help people like me in need. Amazing tutorial and website. Thanks for a very clear tutorial. I had an old HDD full of files and partitions, and now it s all clear and doing something useful as a backup disk.

Thanks, works great. I got worried because my Kingston 16GB SD card was being recognized as a 64MB drive and I couldn t do anything with Disk Management. This was a nice refresher of how to use disk utility. Force thank you my Master. your instructions saved my life. believe in me. you saved a life. Now my external hard drive is accessible.

hiya, I like the way you explain things, you assume the person reading has very little knowledge and then explain very carefully the what s and whys of things, This technique worked perfectly and saved my 8Gig Sd card, which also just happened to be disk 4 lol. By mistake I formatted a partition as EFI. Used MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Install, mark the EFI partition Delete Apply and done. Best of all it s free. Thank you for this, took me hours tearing out what little hair I have left getting nowhere. Absolutely AWESOME GOUGE. Fantastic help. thank you for your help sir. This is a solution I ve been after for a while. Worked a treat and makes me think I really should learn a bit more dos. Omg, Thank you so much, been using Microsofts operatingsystems and DOS itself for many years. and ofcourse i had problems removing a partition from a SD-card never used Diskpart before.

Didnt even know it existed, so easy and so logic to use. You have saved my bacon. Brilliant, informative iqoption reclame aqui helped me out. Look forward to using other tutorials you have. This info is great. Hi Spotmau Bootsuite is a very good utility where you don t have to take the hard drive out. Thought this might be helpful. This was EXACTLY what I needed. Unfortunately it sees the USB drive has failed.

But thank you for this detailed and easy to follow write up. Worked perfectly for my, purchased used, 128GB 1000x CF card. Thx alot Sir, i recover my 16gb. I cant delete it. It say Virtual Disc Service Error Clean is not allowed on disk containing the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump, or hibernation volume. When I install windows I chose other HDD and name partition on it with C. I was formated this disk, but it looks like I not do it wright. I can t reinstall Win again, is there chance to delete this disk part somehow.

And is there any way to change disk number. Because this disk is Disk 0 and disk with C partition is Disk 2. Alex even if you choose to install Windows on another disk, it will still store some system information on disk 0, that s why it does not let you delete it. The only way to solve such a problem is to physically disconnect disk 0 while installing Windows on another disk, then reconnect it again, after the install is finished.

It s been a long time since I used DOS, and was trying to use FDISK which evidently is a command no longer used. Thank you for your article helped me out this morning. Saved me from further madness. Excellent, just the advice I needed. Much better than the Windows site. Will definitely use your site for future advice. Just migrated my Windows 10 Home OS to a newly installed SSD and kept the old SATA boot drive for additional storage.

For the life of me I could not figure out how to get rid of the old partitions until I found this article, which ended up working perfectly. Excellent help article. Perfect documentation, thank you very much. Thanks big was about to throw away my 16gb. u just saved it. Very useful, this is exactly what I was looking for. What a wonderful guide to help us novices out of a jam. Well written, well explained and a relative doddle to complete.

I wish I d this 2 days ago I would have been saved a great deal of gnashing teeth, unmentionable cursing and all round frustration. Thank you for your input, time and expertise in providing this much appreciated. I just have to say thank you. I knew this but couldn t rememeber until I read your instructions. Thank you for concise and specific infomation THAT WORKED yeah. Really thanks Regards M. Worked beautifully. This helped me a lot. Great command i forgot about. Thanks for this solution, I have data on that drive I want to save, can I just make this EFI partition accessible and convert it back to NTFS the way it was before.

I don t know why it changed to EFI as of two days ago, maybe windows 10 update. No Need to delete the entire disk. just select disk Select volume or partition find the EFI volume by size. and use delete partition override exit. Like some above I also had an old HD that I wanted to turn into a backup drive after I transitioned to a SSD. I used Disk Management to delete all of the partitions on it but the recovery partition wouldn t budge. Tried every Diskpart command I could find delete partition override which did nothingdelete volume which kept failing and dumping me to a new CMD window.

Clean was the only one to work for me. I know it s silly to worry about having a 786MB partition I can t use on an otherwise empty 1TB drive but it would have nagged at me anytime I looked at disk management. I tried to delete the WINMAGIC boot partition using diskpart but i get I O error. I was trying to clear it on Samsung SSD Drive. Worked for SDcard as well. Even though error warning Diskpart. clean Access denied.



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